Mr. Pasala Naresh

Mr. Pasala Naresh

  • Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 9844290620
  • Email: pasala.naresh@sgbit.edu.in
  • Teaching Experience: 5.5 Years
  • Industry Experience: NIL
  • Research Experience: 4.0 Years
B.E Power Systems UBDTCE, Davanagere VTU Belagavi
M.Tech Power Systems UBDTCE, Davanagere VTU Belagavi

Membership of Professional Bodies:

IAENG(Membership No- 205804)

IEEE(Membership No- 92849712)

Current Research

Optimal coordination of overcurrent relays in electrical distribution systems with Distributed Generation. Overview of Research Emission of greenhouse gases and depletion of fossil fuel reserves are two key drivers, which are forcing the mankind to generate the future energy demand from the renewable energy resources. These resources are generally distributed in nature and are directly integrated at distribution levels. Increasing penetration of the distributed energy resources in distribution power networks creates additional operational and control issues. These are mostly regulatory, economical load dispatching, power quality and protection issues. Generally power distribution systems are protected with the help of dedicated over current based protection schemes. But increasing share of distributed energy resources penetration in electric utilities poses a serious threat to the existing protection coordination schemes of the distribution systems. Distributed energy resources connected distribution networks become interconnected in nature and protection coordination schemes, which are designed for unidirectional flow of fault currents become ineffective/non-functional. Therefore, new protection coordination schemes are required for providing the adequate protection coordination for distributed energy resources connected electric power networks. In the available literature, the protection coordination schemes for radial distribution systems and developments in the area of protection coordination. The limitations and research gaps in the area of protection coordination schemes are also presented in this review article. The aim of this research work is to bring all the available research in the area of relay coordination on one platform, so that it will help the emerging researcher to identify the future scope of relay coordination application for distributed energy resources connected distribution systems.


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National Journals:

No. of National Journals Publications:2

1. Optimal Over Current Relay Coordination of IEEE 9 Bus System using Mipower” in “International Journal of Recent Technology & Engineering (IJRTE)” with ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume 8, Issue 05, pp. 1-6, Jan 2020.

2. Designing and Implementation of Bidirectional Isolated Full Bridge Converter in “International journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research

International Conferences:

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SGBIT International E- Conference on Applications of Intelligent Applications held in S.G, Balekundri Institute of Technology, Belagavi on 27-28 Dec 2020.

National Conferences:

No. of National Conferences :2

1. Optimal placement of Multi DGs in radial Distribution System” for National Conference in Power System Engineering (NCPSE) held in SDMCE Dharwad on 1-2, July 2020.

2. Study of Optimal Relay Coordination for Overcurrent relay using Genetic Algorithm” in the 2nd National Conference on “Recent Trends in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Architecture & Science” held on 10th & 11th March 2017.

Workshop / Seminars

1. Three days online workshop on “Electrical Simulation Studies using Modern Tools”. MODERN RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY”.

2.Conducted Three days workshop on Hands on training using simulation software/Hardware.

3.Faculty Development Program on Next Generation Energy Technologies.


5.Power system Simulation studies using CYME.

6.New Model Curriculum for first year BE/B.Tech-CBCS Detailed

7.Syllabus (2018-2019) as per outcome-based education (OBE) format including course outcomes and Blooms taxonomy

8.Power system Simulation studies using Mi-Power.

9.Conducted a workshop on MATLAB & SIMULINK. Introduction to MATLAB.

10.FDP on Advanced Power Electronics.

11.Workshop on Research Methodology & Latex.

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