Dr. Uday Veerappa Wali

Dr. Uday Veerappa Wali

  • Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Designation: Professor
  • Phone: 9972638499
  • Email:
  • Teaching Experience: 30 Years
  • Industry Experience: 25.0 Years
  • Research Experience: 20.0 Years
Ph.D Computer Aided Design of Switched Capacitor networks IIT Kharagpur
B.E EEE BVCET, Hubballi Karnataka University Dharwad

Membership of Professional Bodies:

1. Fellow, Institute of Engineers (CS branch)

2. Life Member, ISTE

3. Member, Center for Science Technology and Public Relations, VTU Belagavi




Current Research

1. Processor Design for Neural Networks

2. Robotic Motion Control

3. Auto Resonance Network and Its Applications

4. Cognitive Radio

5. Bio Medical Image Processing


Distinguished Engineer award by Institute of Engineers, Belagavi, on 16.09.2018

Grants Received Research/Projects Guided (Beyond Academic)

No Grants Details Found.

International Journals:

No. of International Journals Publications:20

There are many publications in the list (can be found on https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=RsnqqqoAAAAJ&hl=en)

Few of them are listed here:

1.            On the modified nodal approach to network analysis, UV Wali, RN Pal, B Chatterjee, Proceedings of IEEE, Vol 72, No. 3, 1985

2.            Compact modified nodal approach for analysis of switched capacitor networks, UV Wali, RN Pal, B Chatterjee, IEEE Transactions of CAD of ICS, Vol. CAD-5, No. 3, 1986

3.           Switched Capacitor Networks for Voice Communication U.V.Wali, R.N.Pal and P. Sriram, Journal of IETE, 1986

4.            Modeling and Simulation of Shift in Resonant Frequency of Cross-Beam Resonator, Vaishali BM, Uday Wali, International Journal of Engineering Research & Industrial Automation, Vol. 2, No. IV, 2009




No National Journals Found.

International Conferences:

No. of International Journals Conferences:15

1. Pathnet – A neuronal model for robotic motion planning, 3rd Int Conf on Cognitive Computing and Information Processing, CCIP-2017, Dec 2017, Bangalore, Also available in Springer CCIS 

2. Automated Path Search and Optimization of Robotic Motion using Hybrid ART-SOM Neural Networks, V M Aparanji, Uday Wali and R Aparna, Int Conf on Recent Advancement in Computer and Communications, ICRAC-2017, Bhopal, Also available in Springer LNN

3. Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Fixed-Fixed beam RF MEMS resonator, Vaishali BM, Uday Wali, 12th IEEE VLSI Design and Test Symposium, Bangalore, 2008

4. Performance Comparison of Serial and Parallel Multipliers in Massively Parallel Environment”, In 3rd International Conference on Electronics, Communication, Computer Technologies and Optimization Techniques, Mysore, IEEE Xplore Digital Library (In press), (Dec. 2018)

There are many other conferences in the list (can be found on https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=RsnqqqoAAAAJ&hl=en)


No National Conferences Found.

Workshop / Seminars

No Workshop/Seminar Details Found.

Projects and Exhibitions


 PhD Projects

(i).    Shilpa Mayannavar : Hardware Accelerators for Neural Processing (2016-2020)

(ii).    Bahubali Shiragpur:  PAPR Reduction in OFDM systems (2019)

(iii).    Sujata Patil,:       Classification of Human Embryo (2019)

(iv).    V M Aparanji : Humanoid Motion Control (2018)

(v).    Vaishali B Mungarwadi:  Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Resonators (2012)


In progress:

1.    Nagaraj Aiholli, Squarer unit for Security applications

2.    Sandeep Bidwai, Cognitive Radio

3.    Ashwini Desai   Simulated Annealing for Physical Layout of VLSI

4.    Uma Kulkarni    Control System for Induction Furnace


PG Projects

(i)            B. Shweta, Design of MEMS Devices (C#)

(ii)          V M Aparanji, Implementation of CQCAN protocol (ARM 7)

(iii)         Savita Patil, Implementation of a CAN analyzer using PIC-18.

(iv)         Bharati A., Network Simulation (C#), Token Ring and IEEE802.3

(v)          Chetana Patil, Biometric Monitor using PIC interfaced to PC.

(vi)         Chetana W., Lineprobe Routing (C#)

(vii)        Snehal P. Simulated Annealing solution for Placement of blocks (C#)

(viii)      Anupama B. Design of CAN Controller (Verilog)

(ix)         Gouri K. Software for layout design of VLSI circuits (C#)

(x)          Mangala Kittur. Software tool for Digital VLSI Testing

Research Done

(i)         SWITA, a SPICE like circuit simulator for Switched Capacitor Networks (IIT, KGP)

(ii)        Development of data translator for Intergraph and Syscan GIS Sytems (Rolta and Intergraph)

(iii)      Development of ERP system for Sugar Industries (Including support for Kannada font server)

(iv)      CQOSP – a protocol for development of distributed database applications over internet.

(v)        CQCAN – a plug and play capable protocol for device control networks on CAN hardware layer.

(vi)      Modeling of MEMS Devices - Curled Cantilever, Cross beam and other MEMS Structures

(vii)     Development of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for academic community.



MSc by Research VM Aparanji, Implementation of A Plug and Play Higher Layer Protocol for CAN Bus (2011)

Other Info

(i)            Worked as Principal of KLECET (2004-05)

(ii)          Was a Member of BOS, VTU and BVB

(iii)         Member, Center for Science, Technology and Public Relations, VTU, Belgaum

(iv)         Proprietor, C-Quad, Belgaum

Other Activities

Commercial Products

(i)            CIS – an ERP software developed by C-Quad and implemented in several sugar factories in North Karnataka, Currently in active use, since 1996

(ii)          HIMS – A Hospital Management Software by C-Quad, Implementations in Karnataka and Maharashtra,  Currently in active use since 1997

(iii)         CQOSP - Messaging protocol for internet based distributed database systems development. Core software for PGCET Counceling at VTU.  Currently in active use in CIS.NET

(iv)         CQCAN – A plug and play protocol on CANBus, still under development (3 years)

(v)          PGCET Counseling software for VTU Belgaum 2004-2010

(vi)         Web based application for VTU Affiliation Proces Automation - 2014