Cultural Club



To make students and faculty members active and healthy which gives a inner peace and satisfaction, professionally or unprofessionally with the representation of a culture


1) One of the major aims of the cultural club, sgbit is to keep students in touch with the cultural values and traditions of our country.

2) To give a platform to creativity and participation.

3) To develop the intellectual, organizational and social skills of the students.

4) To help the students to know them self better their interests, abilities and opportunities.

5) To organize various competitions, annual functions and internal celebrations.

6) To keep students active, healthy, competative and stress free.


1) Work for a common goal.

2) sense of responsibility.

3) Increase in level of confidence.

4) Cooperation between the people in a group.

5) Learn to face the challenges.

6) Provides a social recognition.

7) Meets the definition or main motto.


1) Prof. Manjunath Sharanappanavar,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering, SGBIT,
Secretary, Cultural Club.
2) Prof. Soumya Halagatti,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SGBIT,
Executive Member, Cultural Club.
3) Prof. Anand Potdar,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, SGBIT,
Executive Member, Cultural Club.
4) Prof. Shivanand Pujar,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science Engineering, SGBIT,
Executive Member, Cultural Club.
5) Prof. Akshata Solasi,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Basic Science, SGBIT,
Executive Member, Cultural Club.


National Youth Day January 12
Army Day January 15
Republic Day January 26
MaatraBhaasha Divas Celebration February 21
International WomensDay March 08
World Water Day Celebration March 22
Earth Day April 22
World Environment Day Celebration June 05.
International Yoga Day Celebration June 21
Kargil Vijay Diwas July 26
Independence Day August 15
World Photography Day August 19
Teachers Day Celebration September 05
Engineers Day Celebration September 15
Gandhi Jayanti October 02
Education Day November 11
Farmer’s Day (Kisan Divas) December 23
All the Events Under Cultural Club and Other Clubs of SGBIT Like Sports, Technical and NSS
Online Singing Competition
Pick and Speak Competition
Theme Base Painting Competition
Bridal Makeup Competition