Dr. Ashok M. Hulagabali

At present Dr. Ashok M. Hulagabali is heading the department of Basic Science and Humanities. Hallmark of Basic Science and Humanities Department is its consistent academic performance. Range of activity based learning is initiated to bridge the gap between academics and industry. We have inculcated project-based learning to enhance hypothetical knowledge with pragmatic experience. Our distinguished faculty have modeled the teaching learning process with academic excellence, dedication, and hard work.

The fundamental courses offered being Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental Science. Department is having highly potential faculties in various fields and will definitely enhance advanced academic teaching.

Engineering Chemistry Department

Teaching Faculty of Chemistry Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. S.C Mali Associate Professor B.Sc., M.Sc. ,Ph.D
2 Prof Sushma Mulagunda Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc ,B.Ed
3 Ms. Pooja K Donawade Assistant Professor BSc, MSc
4 Ms. Rashmi P. Dhaduti Assistant Professor MSC,

Engineering Physics Department

Teaching Faculty of Physics Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Mrs. Suvarna M. Patil Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Sc. ,BEd
2 Prof Kaveri C Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc ,B.Ed
3 Mr. A. D. Tigadi Assistant Professor BSc, MSc
4 Deepa G. Shivayogimath Assistant Professor BSc, MSc

Engineering Mathematics Department

Teaching Faculty of Mathematics Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Pallavi Kalmath Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Sc. ,B.Ed. ,Ph.D
2 Prof. Amruta Haibatti Assistant Professor BSc, MSc
3 prof.Soumya Ghodke Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc ,B.Ed
4 Prof. Seema Kangralkar Assistant Professor BSc, MSc
5 Prof.Shridevi H Assistant Professor BSc, MSc
6 Ms. Priyanka M. Kapali Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc ,B.Ed
7 Ms. Asha D. Navi Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc

Humanities Department

Faculty of Humanities Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Sanmati Tagari Assistant Professor B.A, M.A ,B.Ed
2 Prof. sarojini M Assistant Professor BA, MA


# Name of Staff Designation Qualification
1 Ms. Deepa Kulkarni Instructor B.Sc.
2 Ms. Manisha Supatil Instructor B.Sc.
3 Mr. Basavaraj Chougale Attender PUC
4 Ms. Bharati chougle Attender PUC
5 Ms. Savita Lokale Attender SSLC

Infrastructure Details

# Room Type Code Carpet Area in terms of Sq.M.
1 Classroom 1 C-101/ME-LH 92.2
2 Classroom 2 C-102/ME-LH 90.64
3 Classroom 3 C-103/ME-LH 90.64
4 Classroom 4 D004/FY-LH 90.64
5 Classroom 5 D-101/CE-LH 75.36
6 Classroom 6 D-102/CE-LH 75.36
7 Classroom 7 D-103/CE-LH 75.36
8 Classroom 8 D-104/CE-LH 75.36
9 Classroom 9 D-128/CS-LH 55.72
10 FYC CABIN B-017/AC-CO 35.5
11 FACAULTY ROOM - 118.26


# Name of the Laboratories Code Carpet Area Total Investment
1 Physics Lab B-012/FY-PHYL 156.28 Rs.8,69,243
2 Chemistry Lab C-003/FY-CHEL 120.8 Rs.4,60,687



Faculty Achievements

# Faculty Name Paper Published Book/Book Chapter Publications and patent
1 Prof. S. C. Mali 01 -
2 Dr. Deepa V. B. 02 -
3 Dr. Basayya Mathad 18 2 Book, 3 Chapters and 1 Patent
4 Prof. Pallavi Kalmath 06 -

Best Practices

• Student Induction Program at the beginning of the semester.

• Strong Mentoring system is in place to counsel students, address issues and help them to improve.

• WhatsApp group of students and parents are created to update the information in digital form.

• Parent Meet to discuss the performance of their wards.

• The Class coordinator, class representatives and few students from class as members will meet on regular basis to discuss the shortfalls/issues related to academics, ambience/facilities in Class-Pe-Charcha meeting.

• Uploading Class and Lab Videos in YouTube and Microsoft Teams.

• Visit to Historical Places.

• Department semester toppers are encouraged by giving rewards.

• Appreciation letters will be given to Teachers for getting good feedback from students.

• Students are encouraged to take up SWAYAM / NPTEL courses.


SGBIT_official You Tube Channel for Class and Lab Videos.

EASY MATHS EASY TRICKS You Tube channel for Engineering Mathematics

KANNADA EXAM GURU You Tube channel for Aptitude Training

Departmental Activities





# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU19CS004 Mr. Amruta Bachikar SLK Software
2 2BU19CS010 Ms. FalaqIliyas K. Saudagar SLK Software/CrimsonLogic
3 2BU19CS024 Ms.Pradnya Payannavar SLK Software
4 2BU19CS041 Ms. Shivani Ramarao Ravilla SLK Software
5 2BU19CS049 Ms. Sushma Suresh Budihal SLK Software
6 2BU19CS055 Mr. Vinayak Kamble . SLK Software/CrimsonLogic
7 2BU20CS405 Ms. Safa Mahek Shaikh SLK Software
8 2BU19CS009 Ms. Ashwini. B. Toranagatti Acmegrade
9 2BU19CS014 Ms. Laxmi G Shivannanavar Acmegrade
10 2BU19CS019 Ms. Nivedita A Patil Acmegrade/TCS
11 2BU19CS027 Ms.Priya Umesh Shamboji Acmegrade / TAP Academy
12 2BU20CS409 Ms. Ummeruman Quadri Acmegrade
13 2BU20CS410 Ms.Rashmi.R.Ingalagi Acmegrade
14 2BU19CS018 Mr. Nikhil B Matti CrimsonLogic
15 2BU19CS045 Ms. Soumya Ramesh Bailkeri TCS/Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited
16 2BU19CS036 Mr. Satvik B Walikar Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited / Kodnest
17 2BU19CS052 Ms. Trupti Hegade Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited
18 2BU20CS404 Mr. Omkar Pawar Spacegraph
19 2BU19CS022 Ms.Pallavi Nimbargi Concentrix
20 2BU19CS038 Ms. Shambavi Belagali Concentrix
21 2BU19CS039 Ms. Sharanya Sakri Concentrix
22 2BU19CS021 Mr. Omkar J Patil Analytic Edge
23 2BU19CS043 Ms. Smita Patted Analytic Edge
24 2BU19CS051 Mr. Tejas Biradar Analytic Edge
25 2BU20CS406 Mr. Shreyas S. Karadiguddi b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
26 2BU18CS054 Mr. Hanumant Patil b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
27 2BU20CS401 Mr. Chaitanya R. Patil b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
28 2BU19CS020 Mr. Omkar K. Havaldhar b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
29 2BU19CS046 Ms. Spoorti S Koshavar Kodnest
30 2BU19CS015 Ms. Madhushri Wadki Kodnest
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU18CS025 Mr. Omkar M Sambrekar TCS
2 2BU18CS045 Ms. Tazeem Umra I Rajgolkar TCS /Wipro/Capgemini/Tech Mahindra/Hitachi
3 2BU18CS028 Mr. Prajwal Hiremath TCS
4 2BU18CS012 Ms. Gauri Kakati TCS/NTT Data/Capgemini
5 2BU18CS027 Ms. Pooja R Topannavar TCS/Mindtree
6 2BU18CS014 Ms. Jyoti Yuvraj Patil. Wipro/NTT Data/Mindtree
7 2BU18CS021 Ms. Muskan Allahkhan Wipro / Infosys/ Capgemini
8 2BU18CS022 Mr. Muzamil Mulla Wipro/ Mindtree
9 2BU18CS032 Mr. Rajaram G Pednekar Wipro
10 2BU18CS039 Mr. Sahil Mokashi Wipro/TCS/Persistent
11 2BU18CS040 Mr. Santosh Nellagi. Wipro/Mindtree
12 2BU18CS029 Ms. Pratidnya Kittur IBM/Capgemini
13 2BU18CS035 Ms. Ruksar Mokashi IBM/Capgemini/ Wipro
14 2BU18CS047 Ms. Vaishnavi U. Kalled. IBM/TCS/NTT Data
15 2BU18CS023 Ms. Namita Dandin Intel
16 2BU18CS034 Mr. Ramesh WIPRO/TCS/Mindtree
17 2BU18CS033 Ms. Rajinigandha WIPRO/Capgemini
18 2BU18CS010 Mr. Darshan Morkar WIPRO / Infosys/ Tech Mahindra
19 2BU18CS004 Mr. Aman N Maniyar Persistent
20 2BU18CS006 Mr. Ashlesh Patil NTT Data/Tech Mahindra
21 2BU18CS049 Mr. Vijay I Angadi NTT Data / Infosys
22 2BU19CS408 Ms. Pooja P. Basarikatti Persistent
23 2BU18CS005 Mr. Anil Ashok Horatti Capgemini/Wipro
24 2BU18CS036 Ms. Rutuja Yallappa Patil Capgemini
25 2BU18CS042 Ms. Smita Ghugretkar Capgemini/Wipro
26 2BU18CS002 Ms. Aditi Mahuli Infosys
27 2BU18CS007 Ashwini Inchal Zensar Technologies / Wipro/ Infosys
28 2BU18CS008 Bhagyalaxmi Shetti Infosys
29 2BU18CS058 Mohammad Azeem Hosur Wipro
30 2BU18CS041 Shrusti.S.Bongale Infosys/Wipro
31 2BU18CS018 M Vinay Wipro
32 2BU19CS404 Keerti S. Bhagavantanavar Skolar/Tata communications
33 2BU19CS405 Komal Jadhav Skolar
34 2BU19CS400 Anam Mulla Wipro
35 2BU18CS017 Laxmi Kotabagi Zensar Technology/Capgemini
36 2BU18CS031 Priyanka Govind Kadakol Zensar Technology
37 2BU19CS410 Sakshi Bhatkande Global quest technologies
38 2BU18CS043 Sonali Wipro
39 2BU19CS411 Sneha Patil Wipro
40 2BU18CS015 Karthik Gowda BirlaSoft Ltd
41 2BU18CS013 Hrithik Usulkar Capgemini
42 2BU18CS056 Shaktima .M.Tuppad Capgemini
43 2BU18CS050 Vijaykumar S Chabbi Capgemini
44 2BU18CS038 Sachin V M Capgemini
45 2BU18CS011 Firdos Sayyad Capgemini, Tech Mahindra
46 2BU18CS059 Preetu Ashi Iope/kodnest and GyanSys Infotech
47 2BU18CS057 Saniya bukhari kodnest
48 2BU18CS051 Vijaylaxmi I Angadi Tech mahindra/Iopex
49 2BU18CS044 Supriya Basavaraj Tuppad Tech Mahindra
50 2BU18CS016 Komal Revankar HUDL
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU17CS031 Mr. Nitesh Ramesh J TCS
2 2BU17CS043 Mr. Sangram R P TCS
3 2BU17CS054 Ms. V. N. Chandana TCS, Capgemini
4 2BU17CS038 Ms. Rajini Accenture, Cognizant
5 2BU17CS030 Ms. Nikita B. Infosys, Cognizant
6 2BU17CS055 Mr. Vinayak K. Infosys, Cognizant
7 2BU17CS026 Ms. Megha W. FIS Global, Capgemini
8 2BU17CS034 Ms. Poorvita M. H. Harman, Wipro
9 2BU17CS047 Ms. Shivani Mastamardi Skolar
10 2BU17CS022 Ms. Lamiya Verzeo
11 2BU17CS002 Mr. Adtiya Capgemini
12 2BU17CS042 Mr. Sampreet Hiremath Accenture, Capgemini
13 2BU17CS032 Ms. Nooresaba Momin TCS, Mindtree, Cognizant, Verzeo
14 2BU17CS010 Ms. Apoorva Divate Cognizant
15 2BU17CS057 Ms. Yashoda Toravi Cognizant
16 2BU17CS024 Ms. Laxmi Teggi Cognizant
17 2BU17CS004 Ms. Akshata Teli UGAM
18 2BU17CS025 Ms. Megha Angadi SKOLAR
19 2BU18CS401 Ms.Mala Gowda Verzeo
20 2BU17CS013 Mr.Faraz Shaikh Verzeo/ Yellow.ai
21 2BU17CS009 Ms.Aporva Birje Verzeo
22 2BU18CS410 Mr.Yuvraj Godase Infosys
23 2BU17CS015 Ms.Janhavi Dharmatti NTT DATA
24 2BU17CS020 Kirti Sataraddi Infosys
25 2BU18CS402 Ms. Mamata Inchal Skolar
26 2BU17CS008 Ms. Annapurna H. Accenture
27 2BU17CS003 Ms. Akshata Boni Skolar
28 2BU17CS033 Ms. Pavitra Hiremath Skolar
29 2BU17CS039 Mr. Rohit Savadatti ATOS
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU15CS044 Ms. Soumya P. Kadadi TCS/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
2 2BU16CS039 Ms. Sejal S. Patil NTT DATA/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
3 2BU16CS027 Ms. Namita C. NTT DATA/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
4 2BU16CS042 Ms. Snehal Jituri INFOSYS/IBM
5 2BU16CS015 Ms. K. Mounika INFOSYS
6 2BU16CS032 Ms. Prajna G. INFOSYS
7 2BU16CS055 Ms. Vrunda V. K. INFOSYS
8 2BU16CS017 Ms. Komal Dilip K. Tech Fortune
9 2BU16CS019 Ms. Malati S. K. QSPIDER/TRICENT
10 2BU16CS021 Ms. Meghana U. N. Tech Fortune
11 2BU16CS028 Ms. Nivedita B. P. Tech Fortune/Qspider/Sonata Software
12 2BU16CS029 Ms. Nivedita N.D Qspider/Tech Fortune
13 2BU16CS036 Ms. Revati N. Tech Fortune/ THOMSON REUTERS
14 2BU16CS045 Ms. Spurthi W. Tech Fortune/ Marlabs
15 2BU16CS054 Mr. Vinayak Warimani Tech Fortune
16 2BU16CS004 Mr. Amol K. Cognizant Technology
17 2BU16CS014 Mr. Harish Kotre Cognizant Technology
18 2BU 16CS052 Mr. Vaibhav Teli Qspider/Amdocs
19 2BU16CS030 Mr. Ninad Patil PENTAGON SPACE Qspider/IBM
20 2BU16CS020 Mr. Mansi Jadhav Qspider/CAPGEMINI
21 2BU16CS034 Mr. Rahil Sanadi Qspider
22 2BU16CS022 Mr. Mohdsaifullah Sadiq I. Qulaitas Technology
23 2BU16CS038 Mr. Sanket Honashetti PENTAGON SPACE Qulaites
25 2BU16CS050 Mr. Vaibhav Teli QSPIDER
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU15CS024 Ms. Karishma S Naik Wipro, Pune
2 2BU15CS057 Mr. Vardhaman A B Infosys, Bangalore
3 2BU15CS009 Mr. Arham S. Infosys, Bangalore
4 2BU15CS023 Ms. Jyoti Totagi Wipro,Bangalore
5 2BU15CS032 Ms. Nauseen Pathan ABC Tech/mba,jain
6 2BU15CS042 Ms. Rutuja Desai TCS, Bangalore
7 2BU15CS027 Ms. Kshama Kabbe Techfortune/Amazon,Bangalore
8 2BU14CS022 Ms. KOMAL MELGE Qspiders,Bangalore
9 2BU15CS006 Ms. ANNAPOORNESHWARI KARADI Mindtree, Bangalore
10 2BU15CS015 Ms. BHARGAVI KULKARNI Team Lease, Bangalore
11 2BU15CS028 Ms. MAYURI MAJUKAR Team Lease /Techify India, Bangalore
12 2BU15CS039 Ms. RAVEENA SAVADI Team lease, Bangalore
13 2BU14CS007 Ms. Ankita Shah Qspider, Bangalore/Amazon
14 2BU14CS026 Ms. Laxmi Munnoli Qspider, Bangalore
15 2BU15CS004 Ms. Ankita Tarale Qspider/, Bangalore
16 2BU15CS037 Ms. Pooja Nirakari Qspider/, Bangalore
17 2BU15CS012 Ms. Ashwini Patil Qspider, Bangalore
18 2BU15CS058 Mr. VISHAL BARABARI Elcamino Software Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru/ Acurate/ Quadilar
19 2BU15CS035 Ms. Pooja A. Kudale Quadilar
20 2BU15CS020 Ms. Furquana Anagolkar Prosoft e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum
21 2BU15CS048 Mr. Shubham B. Mindtree
22 2BU15CS038 Mr. Pradeep Nooli Travelyaari
23 2BU15CS002 Mr. Akhil Lingeri Broadridge, Bangalore
24 2BU16CS409 Mr. ROHIT SAWANT Bristlecone, Pune
25 2BU16CS410 Ms. Seema Goral Tech Mahendra,Pune
26 2BU16CS400 Mr. Asim Mujawar Elcamino Software Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru
27 2BU15CS021 Ms. Geeta Raikar Padmajeet Infotech, Belgaum
28 2BU16CS412 Mr. Shubham Pattar PSP innovators Pvt. Ltd.
29 2BU15CS011 Ms. Arshiya Dhakani IBM, Bengaluru
30 2BU15CS046 Ms. Shilpa Hebballi Venn India Pvt. Ltd.
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU14CS048 Sriraksha Bhat UNISYS
2 2BU14CS052 Ms. Sushmita Mallannavar Cerner
3 2BU14CS036 Pooja Hirekodi TATA ELXSI
4 2BU14CS053 Tahseen Shaikh Bhilwara
5 2BU15CS414 Tabassum Mulla ELCAMINO
6 2BU14CS043 Ms. Shivani Chikon Cognizant
7 2BU14CS001 Ms. Aishwarya Shah SYNTEL
8 2BU14CS014 Ms. Asmita Benalkar TCS
9 2BU14CS047 Ms. Soumaya Patil Zensar Tech
10 2BU14CS045 Ms. Snehal Chougle Cognizant
11 2BU14CS002 Ms. Akkamahadevi Yendigeri ATOS
12 2BU14CS037 Ms. Preethi Kadadi SYNTEL
13 2BU14CS009 Ms. Annapurna C CGI
14 2BU15CS403 Mr. Sulabhanand Desai Teknorix
15 2BU14CS046 Ms. Soujanya Mahishale Mphasis
16 2BU15CS412 Ms. Sneha Patil Capgemini
17 2BU14CS004 Ms. Akhsata Bathkande SYNTEL
18 2BU14CS056 Ms. Vaheedabegum K N Capgemini
19 2BU14CS017 Ms. Chetana Skycliff IT pvt Ltd
20 2BU14CS400 Ms. Akshata Patil Jain Heritage School
21 2BU14CS040 Ms. Sangeeta Koli TEK Systems
22 2BU14CS414 Ms. Sandeep Chavan Techify, Belagavi
23 2BU14CS039 Ms. Priyanka Meenakeri Bharat Electronics Ltd.
24 2BU14CS023 Ms. Komal Shah BYJU's
25 2BU14CS406 Mr. Mohammed Idrees Khaleel KOCH business solutions
26 2BU13CS032 Mr. Sachin Swamy Learnbay
27 2BU14CS013 Ms. Aasiya Kittur HCL
28 2BU15CS405 Mr. Vinayak Kalkhambakar Reliance Jio
28 2BU14CS038 Ms. Preeti Singhan SUBEX
# Student Name Company Name
1 Arshiya Sheikh Amazon, Bangalore
2 Satyamoorti Gaonkar ABC Group, Bangalore
3 Keerthi Lotlekar ABC Group, Bangalore
4 Sushma K Qspiders, Bangalore
5 Bhagyashree Savadkar Qspiders, Bangalore
6 Aishwarya Qspiders, Bangalore
7 Vidya M Qspiders, Bangalore
8 Pooja Dhotre Qspiders, Bangalore
9 Pooja Dhotre Vee Technologies, Bangalore
10 Prayuja Patil Vee Technologies, Bangalore
11 Aishwarya Patil Vee Technologies, Bangalore
12 Pooja Dhotre Amrut Software's, Belgaum
13 Prayuja Patil Amrut Software's, Belgaum
14 Sushma Katkar Amrut Software's, Belgaum
15 Sumit Patil Career Prime, Bangalore
16 Sana Jamadar Elcamino, Bangalore
17 Shabnam Hawaldar Elcamino, Bangalore
18 Vinayak Bharirnatti Elcamino, Bangalore
19 Aditi Lagare Elcamino, Bangalore
20 Kavya Kolhapur ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
21 Aishwarya A Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
22 Ramya Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
23 Sumit Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
24 Shahabaz Desai ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
25 Aishwarya Patil Seventh sense, Bangalore
26 Shahabaz Desai Seventh sense, Bangalore