Dr. B. S. Halakarnimath

The department has an undergraduate program in Computer Science Engineering with an intake of 60, increased to 120 in 2020 and enhanced to 180 from the academic year 2021 - 22. Since its inception, the department believes and focuses on outcome-based education. The department has a well-qualified, experienced staff and well-equipped infrastructure to fulfill the needs of learners in academics and the IT emerging areas. The unique department features make students involved in the learning process actively during the course period. The department conducts workshops and training programs to prepare our students to be competent in solving real-world problems.
The students are trained in all aspects to become skilled in their careers and professional activities. The students are inspired to take up interdisciplinary issues to solve and become multi-domain technocrats. Our students are placed in reputed IT companies like IBM, TCS, Infosys, Robert Bosch, Mind Tree, Wipro, etc. The department is recognized as the research centre by the VTU, Belagavi. We in the CSE department at SGBIT are very excited to associate with learners, industries and premier institutes to be a part of the information revolution of this current era.

Instructional area

# Type Area in Sq. M.
Instructional Area
1 Lecture Hall – 1: E-101/LH 75.36
2 Lecture Hall – 2: E-102/LH 75.36
3 Lecture Hall – 3: E-103/LH 75.36
4 Lecture Hall – 4: E-104/LH 75.36
5 Lecture Hall – 5: E-201/LH 75.10
6 Lecture Hall – 6: E-202/LH 75.10
7 Lecture Hall – 7: E-301/LH 75.10
8 Lecture Hall – 8: E-302/LH 75.10
9 Lecture Hall – 9: E-303/LH 75.10
10 Lecture Hall – 10: E-305/LH 77.25
11 Aavishkar: E-110/Lab 78.08
12 Koushalya: E-111/Lab 75.28
13 Sutantra: E-108/Lab 74.85
14 Tantramsha: E-109/Lab 75.39
15 Tejomayi: E-203/Lab 75.10
16 Ojas: E-204/Lab 73.10
17 Sankalpa: E-205/Lab 116.90
18 Ganak: E-112/Lab 104.57
19 Utkarsha: E-107/Lab 85.25
20 Seminar Hall: E-401/SH 231.00
Administrative details
1 HoD Cabin: E-105/HoD 32.94
2 Faculty Room: E-106/FR 47.22
3 Faculty Room: E-304/FR 97
4 Faculty Room: E-115/FR 84.35
5 Store Room: E-105/SR 8.43


"To strive for excellence in imparting knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering to produce IT professionals committed to human values".


Mission 1: Impart quality education in cutting edge technologies to achieve excellence in computer science and engineering to solve real-world problems.
Mission 2: Imbibe human values and ethical responsibilities in professional endeavors.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: To prepare graduates to succeed in IT-enabled professional careers, higher studies and research by providing a contextually appropriate academic environment.
PEO2: To prepare graduates to be independent and adapt to the changing technologies by inculcating life-long learning ability, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills.
PEO3: To prepare graduates to be committed citizens with social, ethical, and professional concerns.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1: To analyze and resolve the engineering problems related to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics for efficient design of a computer-based system of varying complexity.
PSO2: To design, develop, and arrive at the optimal solution for complex computer science engineering problems with synthesized optimal hardware and software.
PSO3:Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge of computer science and engineering to resolve societal, health, safety and environmental problems.

Teaching Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering Department

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. B. S. Halakarnimath Professor & Head B. E., M. Tech., Ph. D. ,
2 Dr. Sunil F. Rodd Professor B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D,
3 Dr. S. R. Mangalwede Professor B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D,
4 Dr. Karuna C Gull Professor B.E., M.Tech. , Ph.D. ,
5 Dr. Satish Bhojannawar Associate Professor BE, M.E., Ph.D,
6 Dr. Yasmeen Shaikh Associate Professor BE, M. Tech, Ph.D,
7 Dr. Basayya Mathad Associate Professor B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D,
8 Dr. Shivanand Hiremath Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D,
9 Mrs. Shaheen Mujawar Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D),
10 Mrs. Sahana Bisalapur Assistant Professor B.E., M.TECH,
11 Ms. Kangana W. M. Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech,
12 Mrs. Jaya Pattanshetti Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
13 Mr. Shivanand Patil Assistant Professor BE, M Tech,
14 Mrs. Arpita Patil Assistant Professor BE, Mtech,
15 Mrs. Sushiladevi B Vantamuri Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
16 Mrs. Pooja patil Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
17 Mr. Abhinandan P. Mangaonkar Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech,
18 Mrs. Sheetal Patil Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D),
19 Ms. Rajeshwari Kisan Assistant Professor BE, MTech,
20 Ms. Umadevi Navalgund Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
21 Mrs. Sushmita N. Nesarikar Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
22 Mr. Sushant M. Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech , (Ph.D.),
23 Mrs. Vidya Shahapurkar Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech,
24 Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Patil Assistant Professor BE, Mtech ,
25 Mrs. Sheetal Dharwadkar Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech,
26 Mr. Vivekanand Koparde Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech,
27 Mrs. Keerti Yadwad Assistant Professor BE, Mtech,
28 Mrs. Akilabanu Pathan Assistant Professor M.TECH, B.E, DIPLOMA,
29 Mrs. Laxmi Hosamani Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech.,
30 Mrs. Neha Mysore Assistant Professor BE, MTECH,
31 Mr. Suresh Halemani Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
32 Mr. Shivkumar B. N. Assistant Professor M.Tech,
33 Mr. Santosh Naduvinamani Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,


# Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Pramod Alappanavar System Analyst MCA
2 Ms. Ashwini P. Bendigeri Programmer B.E.
3 Mrs. Bhagyashri N. Indi Programmer B.E.
4 Mr. Rajesh. M. Shegavi Foreman Diploma
5 Mr. Manjunath A Sunagar Instructor Diploma
6 Mr. Sachin Kush Navagekar Instructor Diploma
7 Mr. Pankaj Shahapurkar Instructor Diploma
8 Mrs. Soumya P. Bagi Asst. instructor P.G.D.C.A.
9 Mr. Sourab Sutar Asst. instructor Diploma


Events 2020-21

# Topics Resource Date Targeted Audience Number of participants Platform Used
1 Application and opportunities in Big Data Technologies Mr. Mithun B N Assistant Professor Christ University, Bengaluru 14/09/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 60 Microsoft Teams
2 Soft Computing and its Application in Agriculture Dr. Gaurang S. Patkar, Head of Computer Engineering Dept, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Margao, Goa. 25/09/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 50 Microsoft Teams
3 DevOps Mr.Aditya Garg Enterprise Agile and DevOps Consultant ant Mumbai 30/09/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 30 Microsoft Teams
4 Data Science: Career Path for Engineers Mr. Basavaraja Analytics Associate Manager, Accenture Bengaluru 07/11/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 42 Microsoft Teams
5 What’s Next After CS Engineering Dr. Rajlaxmi Ghatkamble,Associate Professor,East Point College of Engineering and Technology. 12/05/2021 3rd,5th and 7th semester 69 Microsoft Teams
6 Opportunities for Network Engineers Mr. Naveen Chander C Asst. Manager, Concentrix India Pvt Ltd. & Founder of 3Q Sutantra 15/05/2021 3rd,5th and 7th semester 121 Microsoft Teams
7 Flutter App Development Mr. Ashlesh Patil Chief Technology Officer UILATECH, Belagavi And 6th Semester Student SGBIT, Belagavi 4th,6th,7th June 2021 4th, 6th and 8th semester 90 Microsoft Teams
8 Do It Mr.Mohammed Qhizer Jameel Co-Founder and CEO at Mantiqh Technologies, Bangalore Urban 05/07/2021 4th ,6th and 8th semester 50 Microsoft Teams

webinar 2019-20

Event Resource Person Date Targeted Audience Number of participants Platform Used
Technical Talk on” Data Science and Machine Leaning” Mrs.Chetana Patil Founder of Jigyasa Infonautics,Belagavi 20/9/2019 3rd,5th and 7th semester 70 Microsoft Teams
Seminar on “Soft skills and Personality Development Ms Nausheen Pathan Alumini of SGBIT 21/9/2019 3rd,5th and 7th semester 55 Microsoft Teams
Technical talk and Career Guidance on Cyber Security Mr. Mir Zaheer Abbas and Mr. Robinson Dsouza, Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, Department of IT & BT, Govt of Karnataka 23/10/2019 3rd,5th and 7th semester 40 Microsoft Teams
Technical talk on “Software testing tools and career options in software testing” Mr. Rajesh Deshapande Founder, Endeavor Marketing Pune. 24/2/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 42 Microsoft Teams
Webinar on “Block Chain Technology” Mr.Shah Rajendra Tech Tirth Solutions Pune 10/5/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 69 Microsoft Teams
Webinar on “Cyber Defence Attack” Dr.CRS Kumar M.E,PhD,Professor and COE 16/5/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 110 Microsoft Teams
Webinar on “Overview of Japan –India Startup Ecosystem. Dr.Suhas Bhargava Business Segment Head Indo-Japanese Joint Venture IT Company Tokyo,Japan 3/6/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 60 Microsoft Teams
Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights” Mr.Harsh Pangi Agent with the intellectual Property Office,India 17/6/2020 3rd,5th and 7th semester 70 Microsoft Teams


# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU19CS004 Mr. Amruta Bachikar SLK Software
2 2BU19CS010 Ms. FalaqIliyas K. Saudagar SLK Software/CrimsonLogic
3 2BU19CS024 Ms.Pradnya Payannavar SLK Software
4 2BU19CS041 Ms. Shivani Ramarao Ravilla SLK Software
5 2BU19CS049 Ms. Sushma Suresh Budihal SLK Software
6 2BU19CS055 Mr. Vinayak Kamble . SLK Software/CrimsonLogic
7 2BU20CS405 Ms. Safa Mahek Shaikh SLK Software
8 2BU19CS009 Ms. Ashwini. B. Toranagatti Acmegrade
9 2BU19CS014 Ms. Laxmi G Shivannanavar Acmegrade
10 2BU19CS019 Ms. Nivedita A Patil Acmegrade/TCS
11 2BU19CS027 Ms.Priya Umesh Shamboji Acmegrade / TAP Academy
12 2BU20CS409 Ms. Ummeruman Quadri Acmegrade
13 2BU20CS410 Ms.Rashmi.R.Ingalagi Acmegrade
14 2BU19CS018 Mr. Nikhil B Matti CrimsonLogic
15 2BU19CS045 Ms. Soumya Ramesh Bailkeri TCS/Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited
16 2BU19CS036 Mr. Satvik B Walikar Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited / Kodnest
17 2BU19CS052 Ms. Trupti Hegade Mavenberg Innovations India Private Limited
18 2BU20CS404 Mr. Omkar Pawar Spacegraph
19 2BU19CS022 Ms.Pallavi Nimbargi Concentrix
20 2BU19CS038 Ms. Shambavi Belagali Concentrix
21 2BU19CS039 Ms. Sharanya Sakri Concentrix
22 2BU19CS021 Mr. Omkar J Patil Analytic Edge
23 2BU19CS043 Ms. Smita Patted Analytic Edge
24 2BU19CS051 Mr. Tejas Biradar Analytic Edge
25 2BU20CS406 Mr. Shreyas S. Karadiguddi b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
26 2BU18CS054 Mr. Hanumant Patil b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
27 2BU20CS401 Mr. Chaitanya R. Patil b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
28 2BU19CS020 Mr. Omkar K. Havaldhar b+m surface systems India Pvt. Ltd.
29 2BU19CS046 Ms. Spoorti S Koshavar Kodnest
30 2BU19CS015 Ms. Madhushri Wadki Kodnest
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU18CS025 Mr. Omkar M Sambrekar TCS
2 2BU18CS045 Ms. Tazeem Umra I Rajgolkar TCS /Wipro/Capgemini/Tech Mahindra/Hitachi
3 2BU18CS028 Mr. Prajwal Hiremath TCS
4 2BU18CS012 Ms. Gauri Kakati TCS/NTT Data/Capgemini
5 2BU18CS027 Ms. Pooja R Topannavar TCS/Mindtree
6 2BU18CS014 Ms. Jyoti Yuvraj Patil. Wipro/NTT Data/Mindtree
7 2BU18CS021 Ms. Muskan Allahkhan Wipro / Infosys/ Capgemini
8 2BU18CS022 Mr. Muzamil Mulla Wipro/ Mindtree
9 2BU18CS032 Mr. Rajaram G Pednekar Wipro
10 2BU18CS039 Mr. Sahil Mokashi Wipro/TCS/Persistent
11 2BU18CS040 Mr. Santosh Nellagi. Wipro/Mindtree
12 2BU18CS029 Ms. Pratidnya Kittur IBM/Capgemini
13 2BU18CS035 Ms. Ruksar Mokashi IBM/Capgemini/ Wipro
14 2BU18CS047 Ms. Vaishnavi U. Kalled. IBM/TCS/NTT Data
15 2BU18CS023 Ms. Namita Dandin Intel
16 2BU18CS034 Mr. Ramesh WIPRO/TCS/Mindtree
17 2BU18CS033 Ms. Rajinigandha WIPRO/Capgemini
18 2BU18CS010 Mr. Darshan Morkar WIPRO / Infosys/ Tech Mahindra
19 2BU18CS004 Mr. Aman N Maniyar Persistent
20 2BU18CS006 Mr. Ashlesh Patil NTT Data/Tech Mahindra
21 2BU18CS049 Mr. Vijay I Angadi NTT Data / Infosys
22 2BU19CS408 Ms. Pooja P. Basarikatti Persistent
23 2BU18CS005 Mr. Anil Ashok Horatti Capgemini/Wipro
24 2BU18CS036 Ms. Rutuja Yallappa Patil Capgemini
25 2BU18CS042 Ms. Smita Ghugretkar Capgemini/Wipro
26 2BU18CS002 Ms. Aditi Mahuli Infosys
27 2BU18CS007 Ashwini Inchal Zensar Technologies / Wipro/ Infosys
28 2BU18CS008 Bhagyalaxmi Shetti Infosys
29 2BU18CS058 Mohammad Azeem Hosur Wipro
30 2BU18CS041 Shrusti.S.Bongale Infosys/Wipro
31 2BU18CS018 M Vinay Wipro
32 2BU19CS404 Keerti S. Bhagavantanavar Skolar/Tata communications
33 2BU19CS405 Komal Jadhav Skolar
34 2BU19CS400 Anam Mulla Wipro
35 2BU18CS017 Laxmi Kotabagi Zensar Technology/Capgemini
36 2BU18CS031 Priyanka Govind Kadakol Zensar Technology
37 2BU19CS410 Sakshi Bhatkande Global quest technologies
38 2BU18CS043 Sonali Wipro
39 2BU19CS411 Sneha Patil Wipro
40 2BU18CS015 Karthik Gowda BirlaSoft Ltd
41 2BU18CS013 Hrithik Usulkar Capgemini
42 2BU18CS056 Shaktima .M.Tuppad Capgemini
43 2BU18CS050 Vijaykumar S Chabbi Capgemini
44 2BU18CS038 Sachin V M Capgemini
45 2BU18CS011 Firdos Sayyad Capgemini, Tech Mahindra
46 2BU18CS059 Preetu Ashi Iope/kodnest and GyanSys Infotech
47 2BU18CS057 Saniya bukhari kodnest
48 2BU18CS051 Vijaylaxmi I Angadi Tech mahindra/Iopex
49 2BU18CS044 Supriya Basavaraj Tuppad Tech Mahindra
50 2BU18CS016 Komal Revankar HUDL
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU17CS031 Mr. Nitesh Ramesh J TCS
2 2BU17CS043 Mr. Sangram R P TCS
3 2BU17CS054 Ms. V. N. Chandana TCS, Capgemini
4 2BU17CS038 Ms. Rajini Accenture, Cognizant
5 2BU17CS030 Ms. Nikita B. Infosys, Cognizant
6 2BU17CS055 Mr. Vinayak K. Infosys, Cognizant
7 2BU17CS026 Ms. Megha W. FIS Global, Capgemini
8 2BU17CS034 Ms. Poorvita M. H. Harman, Wipro
9 2BU17CS047 Ms. Shivani Mastamardi Skolar
10 2BU17CS022 Ms. Lamiya Verzeo
11 2BU17CS002 Mr. Adtiya Capgemini
12 2BU17CS042 Mr. Sampreet Hiremath Accenture, Capgemini
13 2BU17CS032 Ms. Nooresaba Momin TCS, Mindtree, Cognizant, Verzeo
14 2BU17CS010 Ms. Apoorva Divate Cognizant
15 2BU17CS057 Ms. Yashoda Toravi Cognizant
16 2BU17CS024 Ms. Laxmi Teggi Cognizant
17 2BU17CS004 Ms. Akshata Teli UGAM
18 2BU17CS025 Ms. Megha Angadi SKOLAR
19 2BU18CS401 Ms.Mala Gowda Verzeo
20 2BU17CS013 Mr.Faraz Shaikh Verzeo/ Yellow.ai
21 2BU17CS009 Ms.Aporva Birje Verzeo
22 2BU18CS410 Mr.Yuvraj Godase Infosys
23 2BU17CS015 Ms.Janhavi Dharmatti NTT DATA
24 2BU17CS020 Kirti Sataraddi Infosys
25 2BU18CS402 Ms. Mamata Inchal Skolar
26 2BU17CS008 Ms. Annapurna H. Accenture
27 2BU17CS003 Ms. Akshata Boni Skolar
28 2BU17CS033 Ms. Pavitra Hiremath Skolar
29 2BU17CS039 Mr. Rohit Savadatti ATOS
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU15CS044 Ms. Soumya P. Kadadi TCS/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
2 2BU16CS039 Ms. Sejal S. Patil NTT DATA/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
3 2BU16CS027 Ms. Namita C. NTT DATA/INFOSYS/ Cognizant Technology
4 2BU16CS042 Ms. Snehal Jituri INFOSYS/IBM
5 2BU16CS015 Ms. K. Mounika INFOSYS
6 2BU16CS032 Ms. Prajna G. INFOSYS
7 2BU16CS055 Ms. Vrunda V. K. INFOSYS
8 2BU16CS017 Ms. Komal Dilip K. Tech Fortune
9 2BU16CS019 Ms. Malati S. K. QSPIDER/TRICENT
10 2BU16CS021 Ms. Meghana U. N. Tech Fortune
11 2BU16CS028 Ms. Nivedita B. P. Tech Fortune/Qspider/Sonata Software
12 2BU16CS029 Ms. Nivedita N.D Qspider/Tech Fortune
13 2BU16CS036 Ms. Revati N. Tech Fortune/ THOMSON REUTERS
14 2BU16CS045 Ms. Spurthi W. Tech Fortune/ Marlabs
15 2BU16CS054 Mr. Vinayak Warimani Tech Fortune
16 2BU16CS004 Mr. Amol K. Cognizant Technology
17 2BU16CS014 Mr. Harish Kotre Cognizant Technology
18 2BU 16CS052 Mr. Vaibhav Teli Qspider/Amdocs
19 2BU16CS030 Mr. Ninad Patil PENTAGON SPACE Qspider/IBM
20 2BU16CS020 Mr. Mansi Jadhav Qspider/CAPGEMINI
21 2BU16CS034 Mr. Rahil Sanadi Qspider
22 2BU16CS022 Mr. Mohdsaifullah Sadiq I. Qulaitas Technology
23 2BU16CS038 Mr. Sanket Honashetti PENTAGON SPACE Qulaites
25 2BU16CS050 Mr. Vaibhav Teli QSPIDER
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU15CS024 Ms. Karishma S Naik Wipro, Pune
2 2BU15CS057 Mr. Vardhaman A B Infosys, Bangalore
3 2BU15CS009 Mr. Arham S. Infosys, Bangalore
4 2BU15CS023 Ms. Jyoti Totagi Wipro,Bangalore
5 2BU15CS032 Ms. Nauseen Pathan ABC Tech/mba,jain
6 2BU15CS042 Ms. Rutuja Desai TCS, Bangalore
7 2BU15CS027 Ms. Kshama Kabbe Techfortune/Amazon,Bangalore
8 2BU14CS022 Ms. KOMAL MELGE Qspiders,Bangalore
9 2BU15CS006 Ms. ANNAPOORNESHWARI KARADI Mindtree, Bangalore
10 2BU15CS015 Ms. BHARGAVI KULKARNI Team Lease, Bangalore
11 2BU15CS028 Ms. MAYURI MAJUKAR Team Lease /Techify India, Bangalore
12 2BU15CS039 Ms. RAVEENA SAVADI Team lease, Bangalore
13 2BU14CS007 Ms. Ankita Shah Qspider, Bangalore/Amazon
14 2BU14CS026 Ms. Laxmi Munnoli Qspider, Bangalore
15 2BU15CS004 Ms. Ankita Tarale Qspider/, Bangalore
16 2BU15CS037 Ms. Pooja Nirakari Qspider/, Bangalore
17 2BU15CS012 Ms. Ashwini Patil Qspider, Bangalore
18 2BU15CS058 Mr. VISHAL BARABARI Elcamino Software Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru/ Acurate/ Quadilar
19 2BU15CS035 Ms. Pooja A. Kudale Quadilar
20 2BU15CS020 Ms. Furquana Anagolkar Prosoft e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum
21 2BU15CS048 Mr. Shubham B. Mindtree
22 2BU15CS038 Mr. Pradeep Nooli Travelyaari
23 2BU15CS002 Mr. Akhil Lingeri Broadridge, Bangalore
24 2BU16CS409 Mr. ROHIT SAWANT Bristlecone, Pune
25 2BU16CS410 Ms. Seema Goral Tech Mahendra,Pune
26 2BU16CS400 Mr. Asim Mujawar Elcamino Software Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru
27 2BU15CS021 Ms. Geeta Raikar Padmajeet Infotech, Belgaum
28 2BU16CS412 Mr. Shubham Pattar PSP innovators Pvt. Ltd.
29 2BU15CS011 Ms. Arshiya Dhakani IBM, Bengaluru
30 2BU15CS046 Ms. Shilpa Hebballi Venn India Pvt. Ltd.
# Student USN Student Name Company Name
1 2BU14CS048 Sriraksha Bhat UNISYS
2 2BU14CS052 Ms. Sushmita Mallannavar Cerner
3 2BU14CS036 Pooja Hirekodi TATA ELXSI
4 2BU14CS053 Tahseen Shaikh Bhilwara
5 2BU15CS414 Tabassum Mulla ELCAMINO
6 2BU14CS043 Ms. Shivani Chikon Cognizant
7 2BU14CS001 Ms. Aishwarya Shah SYNTEL
8 2BU14CS014 Ms. Asmita Benalkar TCS
9 2BU14CS047 Ms. Soumaya Patil Zensar Tech
10 2BU14CS045 Ms. Snehal Chougle Cognizant
11 2BU14CS002 Ms. Akkamahadevi Yendigeri ATOS
12 2BU14CS037 Ms. Preethi Kadadi SYNTEL
13 2BU14CS009 Ms. Annapurna C CGI
14 2BU15CS403 Mr. Sulabhanand Desai Teknorix
15 2BU14CS046 Ms. Soujanya Mahishale Mphasis
16 2BU15CS412 Ms. Sneha Patil Capgemini
17 2BU14CS004 Ms. Akhsata Bathkande SYNTEL
18 2BU14CS056 Ms. Vaheedabegum K N Capgemini
19 2BU14CS017 Ms. Chetana Skycliff IT pvt Ltd
20 2BU14CS400 Ms. Akshata Patil Jain Heritage School
21 2BU14CS040 Ms. Sangeeta Koli TEK Systems
22 2BU14CS414 Ms. Sandeep Chavan Techify, Belagavi
23 2BU14CS039 Ms. Priyanka Meenakeri Bharat Electronics Ltd.
24 2BU14CS023 Ms. Komal Shah BYJU's
25 2BU14CS406 Mr. Mohammed Idrees Khaleel KOCH business solutions
26 2BU13CS032 Mr. Sachin Swamy Learnbay
27 2BU14CS013 Ms. Aasiya Kittur HCL
28 2BU15CS405 Mr. Vinayak Kalkhambakar Reliance Jio
28 2BU14CS038 Ms. Preeti Singhan SUBEX
# Student Name Company Name
1 Arshiya Sheikh Amazon, Bangalore
2 Satyamoorti Gaonkar ABC Group, Bangalore
3 Keerthi Lotlekar ABC Group, Bangalore
4 Sushma K Qspiders, Bangalore
5 Bhagyashree Savadkar Qspiders, Bangalore
6 Aishwarya Qspiders, Bangalore
7 Vidya M Qspiders, Bangalore
8 Pooja Dhotre Qspiders, Bangalore
9 Pooja Dhotre Vee Technologies, Bangalore
10 Prayuja Patil Vee Technologies, Bangalore
11 Aishwarya Patil Vee Technologies, Bangalore
12 Pooja Dhotre Amrut Software's, Belgaum
13 Prayuja Patil Amrut Software's, Belgaum
14 Sushma Katkar Amrut Software's, Belgaum
15 Sumit Patil Career Prime, Bangalore
16 Sana Jamadar Elcamino, Bangalore
17 Shabnam Hawaldar Elcamino, Bangalore
18 Vinayak Bharirnatti Elcamino, Bangalore
19 Aditi Lagare Elcamino, Bangalore
20 Kavya Kolhapur ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
21 Aishwarya A Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
22 Ramya Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
23 Sumit Patil ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
24 Shahabaz Desai ASAP Solutions, Bangalore
25 Aishwarya Patil Seventh sense, Bangalore
26 Shahabaz Desai Seventh sense, Bangalore

Faculty Achievements

List of Faculty undergone courses

Academic year 2018-19

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Course Course Name
1 Ms. Kangana W. M. Udemy Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
Udemy Introduction to Python Programming

Academic year 2019-20

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Course Course Name
1 Ms. Kangana W. M. Udemy Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) for Java
Udemy Python: Hands On Introduction For Beginners
Udemy Getting started with C Programming
SWAYAM-NPTEL Python: Hands On Introduction For Beginners
SWAYAM-NPTEL Python for Data Science
2 Mrs. Chitrashree Kurtkoti SWAYAM-NPTEL Python for Data Science

Academic year 2020-21

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Course Course Name
1 Mrs. Jaya Pattanashetti NPTEL Internet of Things
NPTEL Python for Data Science

Student Achievements

# Name of the Student Percentage Batch
1. Ms. Vidyashree C. U` 76.95 2008-2012
2. Ms. Bhavana Wali 80.11 2009-2013
3. Ms. Shweta Hanchinal 77.70 2010-2014
4. Mr. Abhijit Tarale 77.36 2011-2015
5. Ms. Snehal Kangralkar 74.08 2012-2016
6. Ms. Shushma Katkar 72.58 2013-2017
7. Ms. Pooja Hirekodi 75.07 2014-2018
8. Ms. Karishma Naik 80.19 2015-2019
9. Ms. Sejal Patil 79.53 2016-2020
10. Ms. Kaveri Timmapur 85.46 2020-2021
11. Ms. Vaishnavi U. Kalled 85.55 2021-2022
12. Ms. Sushma S. Budihal 85.18 2022-2023
KSCST SPP Series Project reference No Project Title Name of the Guides(s) Name of the Students(s) Amount in Rs
47th 47S_BE_0283 Solar Powered-Water Desalination And Livestock Watering System For Rural India Mrs. Sheetal Patil
Dr. P. B. Bhagawati
Mr. Shubham Reddy
Ms. Aishwarya Sulgekar
Mr. Shivaraj Sheelvant
Ms. Syeda Asra Anjum
47th 47S_BE_0284 Ai-Based Legal Document Analysis For Judiciary Mr. Shrinivas Mangalwede Mr. Samarth M. Sanikoppa
Mr. Viraj R. Kulkarni
Ms. Prachita P. Khandekar
Mr. Sammed V. Patil
47th 47S_BE_0329 Smart Voice Assistant With Driven Voice-Based Email System For Visually Impaired Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Jamadarkani
Dr. P. B. Bhagavati
Mr. Dandavate Omkar Hanmant
Mr. Akshay S. Upashi
Mr. Bharatkumar Naik
Ms. Laxmi B. Wakkundmath
47th 47S_BE_1692 Railway Emergency Detection And Response System Using Iot Mr. Sushant Mangasuli
Mr. Vivek Koreshetty
Mr. Mohammad Awais Mulla
Mr. Nadeem Jamadar
Mr. Izhan Soudagar
Mr. Kartik Mastiholi
46th 46S_BE_1659 Predicting rupture strength of concrete Mrs.Sheetal B.Patil
Prof. Santosh b. chikkabagewadi
Mr. Satvik B Walikar
Mr. Amit K Yadawadi
Mr.Sankarshan S Joshi
Mr. Pruthviraj Shindhe
46th 46S_BE_3421 EYE SPY Shaheen mujawar Afaan S Attar
Umar Jamadar
Mohammed Zaki Pathan
Alfiya I Naikwaidi
46th 46S_BE_4690 Augmented Reality In E-Learning Ms. Kangana W. M. Vinayak Kumar Kamble
Patil Sayojya
Sudarshan Siddappa Hundre
Trupti A. Hegade
46th 46S_BE_5108 Dhvani:-A Sign Language Translator For Deaf-Mute Dr.Vinayak Joshi
Ms. Kangana W. M.
Mr. Nikhil B Matt
Mr. Omkar J Patil
Ms. Ranjita Gouri
Mr. Swaraj Dayanand Khichadi
45th 45S_BE_1283 ECO Gram Dr. B. S. Halakarnimath
Dr. Vinayak B. joshi
Mr. Aftabhusen Kamatanoor
Ms. Preetu
Mr. Mohammad Azeem HosurK
45th 45S_BE_1847 Sign Language Traslator- Bridge Between Differently Able and Normal People Mr. Abhinandan P. Mangaonkar M Vinay
Sachin V M
45th 45S_BE_2309 Real Time Emotion Recongnition Using Artifical Intelligence Mrs. Shaheen Mujawar Ruksar Mokashi
Tazeem Umra I Rajgolkar
Supriya Basavaraj Tuppad
Pratiksha Somashekhar
45th 45S_BE_3009 Blockchain for Securing IoT Data Mr. Mahantesh Laddi Rajnigandha Nilajkar
Rutuja Yallappa Patil
Smita Ghugretkar
44th 44S_BE_0872 Cardiac Disease Detection Using Artificial Intelligence Based Wearable System Prof. Kangana W. M.
Prof. Shaheen M
Mr. Abhishek D S
Mr. Prayag M
Ms. Lamiya Sanadi
Ms. Rajeshwari K
43rd 43S_BE_2844 Gesture Control Robot Dr. Dinesha H.A
Prof. Mahantesh L
Ms. Malati Kulkarni
Ms. Apurva Naik
Ms. Mansi Jadhav
Ms. Snehal Jituri
41st 41S_BE_0715 Development Of Onboard Digital Fuel Gauge For Fuel Monitoring Mrs. Pratibha Biradar Ms. Tabassum Mulla
Ms.Tahseen M.
Ms. Savita Sanadi
Ms. Seema H.
Semester Name NPTEL Course AY -Year
VI Vaibhav Patil Data structures and programming Using Python March 2019
VI Namita Chougule Data structures and programming Using Python March 2019
VI Sejal Patil Data structures and programming Using Python March 2019
VI Nikitha Bendigeri Python for Data Science March 2020
VI Sangram Patil Python for Data Science March 2020
VI Vinayak Koppad Python for Data Science March 2020
# Project Name Mentors Participants Year
1 Engagement management system(EMS)Through an application for desktop and mobile app 1. Asst. Prof. Shaheen Mujawar 1.Rohit A.Sawant
2. Pradeepkumar S. Nooli
3. Sriraksha R. Bhat
4. Karishma N. Naik
5. Sachin Swamy
6. Aseem Mujawar
2 Low cost asset tracking system. 1.Prof. Dinesha H. A.
2.Prof. Chitrashree K.
1.Sana Jamadar
2. Sameena J.
3. Sahar Auti
4. Sumita Patil
3 Android application to connect farmer and retailer 1.Prof. Shivanand U.
2.Prof. Shreedhar N.
2. Vinayak
3. Raeesahammad
4. Saif Mujawar
5. Sandeep C.
6. Sanchin S. T.
4 Train requirement forecasting. 1.Prof. Varsha H 1.Kavya K
2. Keerti L. S.
3. Shraddha
4. Aniket K
# Academic Year Sem Name of the Students USN Percentage
1 2017-2018 III
Ms. Sejal Santosh Patil
Ms. Karishma S Naik
Ms. Pooja Hirekodi
Ms. Sejal Santosh Patil
Ms. Karishma S Naik
Ms. Akshata A B
2 2018-2019 IV
Ms. Kaveri Timmapur
Ms. Soumya Kadadi
Ms. Karishma S Naik
Mr. Nitesh Ramesh Jadhav
Ms. K.Mounika
Ms. Karishma S Naik
3 2019-2020 III
Ms. Vaishnavi U K
Ms. Kaveri Timmapur
Ms. Mansi Jadhav
Ms. Vaishnavi U K
Ms. Kaveri Timmapur
Ms. Spurthi S Walishetti
4 2020-2021 III
Ms. Sushma Budihal
Mr. Ramesh Gurav
Ms. Akshata Teli
Ms. Smita Patted
Ms. Sushma Budihal
Ms. Vaishnavi Kalled
Ms. Apporva Divate
5 2021-2022 III
Ms. Geeta V. P.
Ms. Pradnya M. Payannavar
Ms. Ashwini Inchal
Ms. Sejal Kadolkar
Ms. Pradnya M. Payannavar
Mr. Anil Ashok
6 2022-2023 III
Mr. Prathamesh A. Kolli
Ms. Komal C. S.
Ms. Sushma B.
Mr. Rahul V. Somangoudar
Ms. Preti Laxman K.
Ms. Sushma B.
List of Visveswaraya Technological University Blues
# Name USN Event Year
1 Ms. Manila. Kamkar 2BU14CS027 Women Boxing 2016
2 Ms. Rashmi D Upadhye 2BU13CS029 Women Ckricket (3 time) 2014-15

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

1 Vidhushi Innovation Solutions, Pune 01/01/2024
2 JFork Technology Services 10/03/2023
3 EXCELR Solutions 29/05/2023
4 Khechari Technologies Pvt Ltd Belagavi 04/07/2019
5 Tech Fortune Technologies, Bengaluru 27/07/2019

Best Practices

• Gold medal and awards for the batch topper

• Financial assistance to the staff and students for technical events

• Mentoring for students and Class-pe-Charcha

• Parents' and Alumni meet

• Koushalya mini-project exhibition

• Encouragement to undergo MOOC course certifications

• Encouragement to participate in technical events

• An active presence on Social media for department activities

• Celebration of important days

• Newsletter Prakalpa


1 Soumyashri Melinmani 2012 Software Engineer Robert Bosch ltd
2 Amogh Varahmurty 2013 Senior Software Engineer Nagra Kudelski Pvt Ltd
3 Veeresh Pattar 2013 Software Engineer ORIANT Solution Pvt Ltd
4 Sangapp Kuragod 2014 PSI KSP
5 Pooja Mathapati 2014 Senior Software Engineer Dell
6 Vishal tumbal 2014 Engineer Shell India markets pvt ltd.
7 Abhinandan Chandrakant Nasalapure 2015 Software engineer Tata consultancy services Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 Rohit Balekundri 2015 Engineer Capgemini Bangalore
9 Safiul Hassan 2015 Senior Engineer ETISALAT UAE
10 Shivashankar Shindigeri 2016 IT Specialist DevOps DXC Tehnologies, Banglore
11 Satyamoorti Ganapati Gaonkar 2017 Senior Programmer Unikaihatsu Softwares Private Limited Bangalore
12 Pooja Awati 2017 Product Analyst Snapbizz Cloudtech Pvt Ltd,
13 Sandeep Chavan 2018 CEO Techify India, Belagavi
14 Pooja S Hirekodi 2018 Engineer Tata Elxsi Bangalore
15 Sushmita S Mallannavar 2018 Production Software Engineer IT in Healthcare solutions
16 Snehal P Chougale 2018 Software analyst Cognizant
17 Chetana M Yannikoppa 2018 Final checker (data analyst) Anmerkung solutions private limited
18 Vardhaman Appasab Boraganve 2019 System Engineer INFOSYS
19 Jyoti Totagi 2019 Engineer Wipro Limited
20 Pradeep Kumar Nooli 2019 Software engineer Mantis Technology Pvt ltd.
21 Karishma Naik 2019 System Engineer Wipro Technologies Pune
22 Ms. Sejal S. Patil 2020 System Engineer Infosys
23 Namita C. 2020 Program senior associate NTT DATA
24 Soumya P. Kadadi 2020 System engineer Cognizant

Add-on courses List

SN Activity (CBS) Date Course Coordinator Relevance to POs, PSOs
1 AI and ML Laboratory 15-09-2023 to 15-02-2024 Mr. Prasad Mathapati and Mr. Sushanth Mangasule PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO9, PO12
2 Big Data Laboratory 3-10-2023 to 4-12-2023 Mrs. Sushmita Nesarikar PO1, PO2, PO3, PO5, PO9, PO12
SN Activity (CBS) Date Range Course Coordinator Relevance to POs, PSOs
1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Laboratory 29/09/2022 to 18/11/2022 Dr. Karuna Gull PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO9, PO12
2 Programming in JAVA Laboratory 12-12-2022 to 21-04-2023 Mr. Sushanth Mangasule PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO8, PO9, PO10, PO12
3 Web Technology and its Application Laboratory 20-03-2023 to 30-06-2023 Dr. S.F.Rodd PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO8, PO9, PO12
SN Activity (CBS) Date Range Course Coordinator Relevance to POs, PSOs
1 Web Development using Modern Tool 27-06-2022 to 02-07-2022 Mr. Vidyadheesh Pandurangi PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO8, PO9, PO11, PO12



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Department Advisory Board

SN Name Designation Mobile Number Email-ID
1 Dr. B.S. Halakarnimath Department HOD 9620014958 hod-cs@sgbit.edu.in
2 Dr. Ashok Hulagbali Central NBA/ Academic Coordinator 9480563550 academics@sgbit.edu.in
3 Prof. Angad Naik Central Exam Coordinator 9480388278 exam@sgbit.edu.in
4 Dr. Satish Bhojannawar Department Academic Coordinator 7353073801 satishsb@sgbit.edu.in
5 Prof. Shaheen Mujawar Department NBA Coordinator 9742771004 shaheenm@sgbit.edu.in
6 Mr. Mohammed Qhizer Jameel Mantiqh Technologies Pvt Ltd, Belagavi 8884612342 jameel@mantiqh.com
7 Mr. Mallikarjun V. S. CEO, Tech Fortune Technologies, Belagavi 9591687143 mvk@tech-fortune.com
8 Dr. Sharanbasavaraj H. Angadi External Academician 9448980874 shangadicse@gmail.com
9 Mrs. S. C. Mali Parent 9901498978 shailajakakati@gmail.com
10 Mr. Rizwan Gokakkar Parent 9844031358 rizwanbelgaum1974@gmail.com
11 Ms. Namrata Hebballi Alumni 9036350190 Namratah.rk@gmail.com
12 Mrs. Abhinandan Alumni 8884570731 abhimangaonkar123@gmail.com
13 Mr. Shubham Reddy Student 7259018964 shubhamreddy951@gmail.com
14 Mr. Prathmesh Udoshi Student 7022896176 prathameshudoshi@gmail.com
15 Ms. Nandita Patil Student 8296835186 nanditapatil46@gmail.com
16 Mr. Abhay Patil Student 7026000565 gpabhay03@gmail.com
17 Mr. Prathamesh K Student 7676180227 prathameshkolli86@gmail.com
18 Mr. Steven Noronha Student 8095918461 stevennoronha9@gmail.com
19 Mr. Omkar Dandavate Student 9380251770 dandavateomkar@gmail.com


Semseter:VII and VIII               Mentor name : Prof. Shaheen Mujawar
# Name USN
1 Kiran Basavaraj Karlingannavar 2BU17CS019
2 Kirti Sataraddi 2BU17CS020
3 Komal D. Patil 2BU17CS021
4 Lamiya I. Sanadi 2BU17CS022
5 Laxmi Payannavar 2BU17CS023
6 Laxmi Teggi 2BU17CS024
7 Megha Basavaraj Angadi 2BU17CS025
8 Megha Walki 2BU17CS026
9 Mehjabeen Mohammadsadiq Matte 2BU17CS027
10 Messbha Aaisha Kudchi 2BU17CS028
11 Nagaratna Jagadish Patil 2BU17CS029
12 Nikita B. Bendigeri 2BU17CS030
13 Nitesh Ramesh Jadhav 2BU17CS031
14 Nooresaba Momin 2BU17CS032
15 Pavithra M Hiremath 2BU17CS033
16 Poorvita Ganiger 2BU17CS034
17 Prayag P. Masurkar 2BU17CS035
18 Qismat Nisha Khan 2BU17CS036
19 Rajeshwari Madiwalappa Kullolli 2BU17CS037
20 Rajini C. Koorse 2BU17CS038
21 V.N.Chandana 2BU17CS054
22 Yashodha T 2BU17CS057
23 Jagadeesha Mahendrakar 2BU16CS404
Semseter:VII and VIII               Mentor name : Prof.Kangana W.M.
# Name USN
1 Mujammil aslam mulla 2BU16CS023
2 Abhishek s. 2BU17CS001
3 Aditya patil 2BU17CS002
4 Akshata boni 2BU17CS003
5 Akshata teli 2BU17CS004
6 Aniket kore 2BU17CS005
7 Anita s. 2BU17CS006
8 Annapurna s. 2BU17CS007
9 Annapurna k. H. 2BU17CS008
10 Apoorva a. B. 2BU17CS009
11 Apoorva d. 2BU17CS010
12 Aruna w. 2BU17CS011
13 Faraz s. 2BU17CS013
14 Ganga s.a 2BU17CS014
15 Janhavi 2BU17CS015
16 Jyoti k. 2BU17CS016
17 Keshav 2BU17CS018
18 Kaveri 2BU17CS017
19 Vinayak k 2BU17CS055
20 Vindod U 2BU17CS056
21 Sachin.B.Mattikopp 2BU17CS410
22 Kousar S Jamadar 2BU14CS024
Semseter:VII and VIII               Mentor name : Prof.Mahantesh Laddi
# Name USN
1 Rohit S 2BU17CS039
2 Saba D 2BU17CS040
3 Sahana B 2BU17CS041
4 Sampreet H 2BU17CS042
5 Sangram P 2BU17CS043
6 Seema J 2BU17CS044
7 Shivali S 2BU17CS046
8 Shivani M 2BU17CS047
9 Spoorti 2BU17CS049
10 Sushma P 2BU17CS050
11 Sushmita P 2BU17CS051
12 Swati 2BU17CS052
13 Triveni 2BU17CS053
14 Jyothi R Desai 2BU17CS403
15 Basavaspoorti B V 2BU18CS400
16 Mala Gouda 2BU18CS401
17 Mamata Inchal 2BU18CS402
18 Praveen Yaragatti 2BU18CS403
19 Priyanka S. Gorpade 2BU18CS404
20 Rashmi Aralimatti 2BU18CS405
21 Soyaraj Shinde 2BU18CS406
22 Swapnil Aptekar 2BU18CS407
23 Yuvaraj Y Godase 2BU18CS410
24 Akshay Salvi 2BU17CS400
Semseter:VII and VIII               Mentor name : Prof.Mahantesh Laddi
# Name USN
1 Aditi Mahuli 2BU18CS002
2 Aman Maniyar 2BU18CS004
3 Anil H 2BU18CS005
4 Aashlesh Patil 2BU18CS006
5 Ashwini Inchal 2BU18CS007
6 BhagyalaxmiShetti 2BU18CS008
7 Darshan Rajput 2BU18CS009
8 Darshan Morkar 2BU18CS010
9 Firdous Sayyad 2BU18CS011
10 Gauri Kakati 2BU18CS012
11 Karthik Gowda 2BU18CS015
12 Laxmi Kotbagi 2BU18CS017
13 Komal Revankar 2BU18CS016
14 Hrthik Usulkar 2BU18CS013
15 Jyoti Patil 2BU18CS014
16 Vijay Angadi 2BU18CS049
17 Vijayakumar S C 2BU18CS050
18 Namita R. D. 2BU18CS023
19 Dhanajay Prabhu 2BU17CS012
20 Sharanam 2BU17CS045
21 ShaktimaTuppad 2BU18CS056
22 Mohammad Azeem Hosur 2BU18CS058
Semester: V and VI               Mentor name : Prof. Shushila V.
# Name USN
1 Omkar S 2BU18CS025
2 Pooja T 2BU18CS027
3 Pratidnya Kittur 2BU18CS029
4 Pratiksha H 2BU18CS030
5 Priyanka K 2BU18CS031
6 Rajaniganda N 2BU18CS033
7 Rajaram P 2BU18CS032
8 Ramesh G 2BU18CS034
9 Ruksar M 2BU18CS035
10 Rutuja Patil 2BU18CS036
11 Saba S 2BU18CS037
12 Sahil Mokashi 2BU18CS039
13 Santosh Nellagi 2BU18CS040
14 Shrusti B 2BU18CS041
15 Smita G 2BU18CS042
16 Sonali I 2BU18CS043
17 Supriya T 2BU18CS044
18 Tazeem I R 2BU18CS045
19 Vaishnavi K 2BU18CS047
20 Sachin V Mantur 2BU18CS038
21 Prajwal Hiremath 2BU18CS028
22 Vidyalaxmi Jagajampi 2BU18CS048
23 Pawan Kajagar 2BU18CS026
Semester: V and VI               Mentor name : Prof.Shankarayya Shastri
# Name USN
1 Umar Momin 2BU18CS053
2 Anam J M 2BU19CS400
3 Azim Talikoti 2BU19CS401
4 FaizM.Akkiwat 2BU19CS402
5 Jyoti P Tarale 2BU19CS403
6 Keerthi S B 2BU19CS404
7 Komal P Jadhav 2BU19CS405
8 Mahak R Nadaf 2BU19CS406
9 Pooja P Basarikatti 2BU19CS408
10 RuhmaKesari 2BU19CS409
11 Sakshi B 2BU19CS410
12 Sneha Patil 2BU19CS411
13 Vardhafareen Mulla 2BU19CS412
14 M Vinay 2BU18CS018
15 Maya M. K. 2BU18CS019
16 Muskan A. A. 2BU18CS021
17 Muzamil N. M. 2BU18CS022
18 VijayalaxmiAngadi 2BU18CS051
19 Srishti Katte 2BU16CS047
20 Vijaylakshmi D 2BU18CS409
21 Vaishnavi Naragatti 2BU18CS408
22 Dipti Bisen 2BU18CS055
23 Saniya Bukhari 2BU18CS057
Semester: III and IV               Mentor name : Prof.Jaya Patil
# Name USN
1 Pradnya M Payannavar 2BU19CS024
2 Pranay R Jakkanawar 2BU19CS025
3 Pratik 2BU19CS026
4 Priya U Shamboji 2BU19CS027
5 Pruthivraj Sunil Shinde 2BU19CS028
6 Ranjita J Gouri 2BU19CS029
7 Ritu M Sansuddi 2BU19CS030
8 Rutu Hooli 2BU19CS031
9 Rutuja R Gurav 2BU19CS032
10 Sadik B Dandwar 2BU19CS033
11 Sagar S Hiremath 2BU19CS034
12 Sankurshan S Joshi 2BU19CS035
13 Satvik B Walikar 2BU19CS036
14 Seema Badiger 2BU19CS037
15 Shambavi Belagali 2BU19CS038
16 SharnayyaSakri 2BU19CS039
17 Shikhar S Shetty 2BU19CS040
18 Shivani Ramarao Ravilla 2BU19CS041
19 Shraddha Belavi 2BU19CS042
20 Smita S Patted 2BU19CS043
21 Soujanya B Janaj 2BU19CS044
22 Soumya 2BU19CS045
23 Spoorti Sagar Kashavar 2BU19CS046
24 Sudarshan S Hundre 2BU19CS047
Semester: III and IV               Mentor name : Prof.Shivanand Pujar
# Name USN
1 Amit B. Malagoudanavar 2BU19CS002
2 Amit K Yadawadi 2BU19CS003
3 Amruta A Bachikar 2BU19CS004
4 Anusha Bhilawadi 2BU19CS005
5 Anusha Teggi 2BU19CS006
6 Arfa I Torgal 2BU19CS007
7 Arzoo M Bagnan 2BU19CS008
8 Ashwini B Toranagatti 2BU19CS009
9 FalaqIliyas Khan Saudagar 2BU19CS010
10 HemaKundargi 2BU19CS011
11 Isha Udagndgi 2BU19CS012
12 Kartik Sangappa Gudageri 2BU19CS013
13 Laxmi G Shivannanavar 2BU19CS014
14 Madhushri J Wadki 2BU19CS015
15 Mohammad zaki Pathan 2BU19CS016
16 Neha S Sawant 2BU19CS017
17 Nikhil Matti 2BU19CS018
18 Nivedita A Patil 2BU19CS019
19 Omkar K Havaldhar 2BU19CS021
20 Omkar J Patil 2BU19CS020
21 PallaviNimbargi 2BU19CS022
22 SayojyaPatil 2BU19CS023
23 Ummeruman Quadri 2BU20CS409
Semester: III and IV               Mentor name : Prof.Srikant Athanikar
# Name USN
1 SuhanaBagwan 2BU19CS048
2 Sushma Suresh Budihal 2BU19CS049
3 Swaraj Dayanand Khichadi 2BU19CS050
4 Tejas Annasaheb Biradar 2BU19CS051
5 TruptiHegade 2BU19CS052
6 Trupti S Malannavar 2BU19CS053
7 Umar M Jamadar 2BU19CS054
8 Vinayak R Kamble 2BU19CS055
9 Vishant U Patil 2BU19CS056
10 Vivek AjitTigadi 2BU19CS057
11 Sneha Dharnatti 2BU17CS048
12 Hajra Zeba Tallur 2BU19CS059
13 Alfiya Naikwadi 2BU19CS058
14 Hanumant Patil 2BU18CS054
15 Afaan S Attar 2BU20CS400
16 Chaitanya R Patil 2BU20CS401
17 Faheem Patil 2BU20CS402
18 Faizan Mujawar 2BU20CS403
19 Omkar Pawar 2BU20CS404
20 Safa Mahek H Shaikh 2BU20CS405
21 Shreyas S Karadiguddi 2BU20CS406
22 Siddesh S Kapolkar 2BU20CS407
23 Swapnil Chimanappagol 2BU20CS408
24 Rashmi Ingalgi 2BU20CS800
Mentor: Prof. Veena M.
# Name USN
1 Malati Kulkarni 2BU16CS019
2 Vandana Kundargi 2BU16CS052
3 Swati bhajantri 2BU15CS054
4 Vrunda kadam 2BU16CS055
5 Varsha Dayanand Rotti 2BU16CS053
6 K Mounika 2BU16CS015
7 Kshitij Kurne 2BU14CS029
8 Laxmi N Sampagavi 2BU16CS018
9 Yashodha Gokak 2BU15CS061
10 Komal kamble 2BU16CS017
11 Yadannavar Rishika S 2BU15CS060
12 Vishal Adiyandra 2BU15CS059
13 Vaibhav Shankar Patil 2BU16CS050
14 Vinayak warimani 2BU16CS051
15 Vaibhav Jayant Teli 2BU16CS054
16 Harish G Kotre 2BU16CS014
17 Approva S 2BU16CS008
18 Nachiket S.V 2BU14CS029
19 Manasi Jadhav 2BU16CS020
Mentor : Prof. Sahana Bisalapur
# Name USN
1 Anusha Nagalikar 2BU14CS011
2 Amir Hamza 2BU16CS003
3 Amol Khanolkar 2BU16CS004
4 Annapoorna T 2BU16CS005
5 Apurva Naik 2BU16CS006
6 Asmita Darwandar 2BU16CS007
7 Asmita Nagathan 2BU16CS008
8 Bhagyashree P 2BU16CS009
9 Geeta Navhi 2BU16CS013
10 Sanket Honashetti 2BU16CS038
11 Sejal Patil 2BU16CS039
12 Shruti Mathpati 2BU16CS040
13 Sidhant Khobare 2BU16CS041
14 Snehal Jituri 2BU16CS042
15 Soumya Kadadi 2BU16CS044
Mentor : Prof.Kangana W.M.
# Name USN
1 Muzamil N. M. 2BU16CS024
2 Aniket Kore 2BU17CS002
3 Abhishek S. 2BU17CS001
4 Aditya patil 2BU17CS002
5 Akshata Boni 2BU17CS003
6 Akshata Teli 2BU17CS004
7 Anita S. 2BU17CS006
8 Annapurna S. 2BU17CS007
9 Annapurna K. H. 2BU17CS008
10 Apoorva A. B. 2BU17CS009
11 Apoorva D. 2BU17CS010
12 Aruna W. 2BU17CS011
13 Faraz S. 2BU17CS013
14 Ganga S.A 2BU17CS014
15 Janhavi 2BU17CS015
16 Jyoti K. 2BU17CS016
17 Keshav 2BU17CS018
18 Kaveri 2BU17CS017
19 M Vinay 2BU18CS018
20 Maya M. K. 2BU18CS019
21 Muskan A. A. 2BU18CS021
22 Muzamil N. M. 2BU18CS022
23 Namita R. D. 2BU18CS023
Mentor: Prof. Mahantesh Laddi
# Name USN
1 Ananth Suraj 2BU15CS007
2 Cindrella C 2BU17CS401
3 Deepali M Adhav 2BU17CS402
4 Krupa S D 2BU17CS404
5 Narayana A B 2BU17CS405
6 Neha S P 2BU17CS406
7 Rachita V lagade 2BU17CS407
8 Salveera J Belawadi 2BU17CS408
9 Swanand M Patil 2BU17CS409
10 Jyothi R Desai 2BU17CS403
11 Basavaspoorti B V 2BU18CS400
12 Mala Gouda 2BU18CS401
13 Mamata Inchal 2BU18CS402
14 Praveen Yaragatti 2BU18CS403
15 Priyanka S. Gorpade 2BU18CS404
16 Rashmi Aralimatti 2BU18CS405
17 Soyaraj Shinde 2BU18CS406
18 Swapnil Aptekar 2BU18CS407
19 Yuvaraj Y Godase 2BU18CS410
20 Fazeelat Nandgadi 2BU15CS019
Mentor : Prof. Shankarayya Shastri
# Name USN
1 Umar Momin 2BU18CS053
2 Anam J M 2BU19CS400
3 Azim Talikoti 2BU19CS401
4 Faiz M.Akkiwat 2BU19CS402
5 Jyoti P Tarale 2BU19CS403
6 Keerthi S B 2BU19CS404
7 Komal P Jadhav 2BU19CS405
8 Mahak R Nadaf 2BU19CS406
9 Pooja P Basarikatti 2BU19CS408
10 Ruhma Kesari 2BU19CS409
11 Sakshi B 2BU19CS410
12 Sneha Patil 2BU19CS411
13 Vardhafareen Mulla 2BU19CS412
Mentor : Prof.Jaya Patil
# Name USN
1 Gauri Kakati 2BU18CS012
2 Karthik Gowda 2BU18CS015
3 Laxmi Kotbagi 2BU18CS017
4 Komal Revankar 2BU18CS016
5 Hrthik Usulkar 2BU18CS013
6 Jyoti Patil 2BU18CS014
7 V.N.Chandana 2BU17CS054
8 Yashodha T 2BU17CS057
9 Vinayak K 2BU17CS055
10 Vindod U 2BU17CS056
11 Mohdsaif 2BU16CS022
12 Meghana Neelannavar 2BU16CS021
13 Nalini Kargi 2BU16CS026
14 Namita Chogule 2BU16CS027
15 Ninad 2BU16CS030
16 Pawan C B 2BU16CS031
17 Pradyna Naik 2BU16CS032
18 Prasad C H 2BU16CS033
19 Rahil Sanadi 2BU16CS034
20 Revati Obi 2BU16CS033
21 Rushikesh Tarale 2BU16CS034
22 Niveditapatil 2BU16CS028
23 Nivedita Dusgekar 2BU16CS029
Mentor name : Prof.Chitrashree K.
# Name USN
1 Vijay Angadi 2BU18CS049
2 Vijayakumar S C 2BU18CS050
3 Vijayalaxmi Angadi 2BU18CS051
4 Spurti 2BU16CS045
5 Srijana 2BU16CS046
6 Suman 2BU16CS048
7 Ummeaiman 2BU16CS049
8 Vaibhav Teli 2BU16CS050
9 Rohit S 2BU17CS039
10 Saba D 2BU17CS040
11 Sahana B 2BU17CS041
12 Sampreet H 2BU17CS042
13 Sangram P 2BU17CS043
14 Seema J 2BU17CS044
15 Shivali S 2BU17CS046
16 Shivani M 2BU17CS047
17 Spoorti 2BU17CS049
18 Sushma P 2BU17CS050
19 Sushmita P 2BU17CS051
20 Swati 2BU17CS052
21 Triveni 2BU17CS053
Mentor name : Prof. Shaheen M.
# Name USN
1 Kiran Basavaraj Karlingannavar 2BU17CS019
2 Kirti Sataraddi 2BU17CS020
3 Komal D. Patil 2BU17CS021
4 Lamiya I. Sanadi 2BU17CS022
5 Laxmi Payannavar 2BU17CS023
6 Laxmi Teggi 2BU17CS024
7 Megha Basavaraj Angadi 2BU17CS025
8 Megha Walki 2BU17CS026
9 Mehjabeen Mohammadsadiq M 2BU17CS027
10 Messbha Aaisha Kudchi 2BU17CS028
11 Nagaratna Jagadish Patil 2BU17CS029
12 Nikita B. Bendigeri 2BU17CS030
13 Nitesh Ramesh Jadhav 2BU17CS031
14 Nooresaba Momin 2BU17CS032
15 Pavithra M Hiremath 2BU17CS033
16 Poorvita Ganiger 2BU17CS034
17 Prayag P. Masurkar 2BU17CS035
18 Qismat Nisha Khan 2BU17CS036
19 Rajeshwari Madiwalappa Kullolli 2BU17CS037
20 Rajini C. Koorse 2BU17CS038
Mentor : Prof. Shreedhar N.
# Name USN
1 Rutuja Patil 2BU18CS036
2 Pratidnya Kittur 2BU18CS029
3 Smita G 2BU18CS042
4 Santosh Nellagi 2BU18CS040
5 Sahil Mokashi 2BU18CS039
6 Rajaniganda N 2BU18CS033
7 Vaishnavi K 2BU18CS047
8 Rajaram P 2BU18CS032
9 Priyanka K 2BU16CS031
10 Supriya T 2BU16CS044
11 Tazeem I R 2BU16CS045
12 Sonali I 2BU16CS043
13 Shrusti B 2BU16CS041
14 Pooja T 2BU17CS037
15 Omkar S 2BU17CS025
16 Ruksar M 2BU17CS035
17 Pratiksha H 2BU17CS030
18 Saba S 2BU17CS037
19 Ramesh G 2BU18CS034
Mentor name : Prof. Veena M.
# Name USN
1 Harish 2BU16CS014
2 K Mounika 2BU16CS015
3 Meghan 2BU16CS016
4 Komal 2BU16CS017
5 Laxmi 2BU16CS018
6 Malati 2BU16CS019
7 Mansi 2BU16CS020
8 Vaibhav 2BU16CS051
9 Vandana 2BU16CS052
10 Varsha 2BU16CS053
11 Vinayak 2BU16CS054
12 Vrunda 2BU16CS055
Mentor name : Prof. Sahana Bisalapur
# Name USN
1 Anusha 2BU14CS011
2 Aaliya 2BU16CS001
3 Akhil 2BU16CS002
4 Amir 2BU16CS003
5 Amol 2BU16CS004
6 Annapoorna 2BU16CS005
7 Apurva 2BU16CS006
8 Asmita 2BU16CS007
9 Asmita 2BU16CS008
10 Baagyashree 2BU16CS009
11 Bhuvaneshwari 2BU16CS010
12 Elvister 2BU16CS011
13 Francis J 2BU16CS012
14 Geeta 2BU16CS013
15 Sanket 2BU16CS038
16 Sejal 2BU16CS039
17 Shruti 2BU16CS040
18 Sidhant 2BU16CS041
19 Snehal 2BU16CS042
20 Somnath 2BU16CS043
21 Soumya 2BU16CS044
Mentor name : Prof.Kangana W.M.
# Name USN
1 Mujammil Aslam Mulla 2BU16CS023
2 Srishti R Katte 2BU16CS047
3 Abhishek Dattatray S 2BU17CS001
4 Aditya Dattaram Patil 2BU17CS002
5 Akshata Boni 2BU17CS003
6 Akshata Teli 2BU17CS004
7 Aniket Kore 2BU17CS005
8 Anita Solabakkanavar 2BU17CS006
9 Annapurna D. Suryavanshi 2BU17CS007
10 Annapurna H 2BU17CS008
11 Apoorva Arjun Birje 2BU17CS009
12 Apoorva Naresh Divate 2BU17CS010
13 Aruna Shivanand Wali 2BU17CS011
14 Dhananjayprabhu W 2BU17CS012
15 Faraaz Fazal Shaikh 2BU17CS013
16 Ganga Subhas Ankadavar 2BU17CS014
17 Janhavi M. Dharmatti 2BU17CS015
18 Jyoti Mahesh Karoshi 2BU17CS016
19 Kaveri Timmapur 2BU17CS017
20 Keshava Yargolakar 2BU17CS018
Mentor name : Prof. B. S. Halakarnimath
# Name USN
1 Kiran Basavaraj K 2BU17CS019
2 Kirti Sataraddi 2BU17CS020
3 Komal D. Patil 2BU17CS021
4 Lamiya I. Sanadi 2BU17CS022
5 Laxmi Payannavar 2BU17CS023
6 Laxmi Teggi 2BU17CS024
7 Megha Angadi 2BU17CS025
8 Megha Walki 2BU17CS026
9 Mehjabeen Matte 2BU17CS027
10 Messbha Kudchi 2BU17CS028
11 Nagaratna JPatil 2BU17CS029
12 Nikita B. Bendigeri 2BU17CS030
13 Nitesh Ramesh Jadhav 2BU17CS031
14 Nooresaba Momin 2BU17CS032
15 Pavithra M Hiremath 2BU17CS033
16 Poorvita Ganiger 2BU17CS034
17 Prayag P. Masurkar 2BU17CS035
18 Qismat Nisha Khan 2BU17CS036
19 Rajeshwari a Kullolli 2BU17CS037
20 Rajini C. Koorse 2BU17CS038
Mentor name : Prof.Jaya Patil
# Name USN
1 V. N. Chandana 2BU17CS054
2 Vinayak B. Koppad 2BU17CS055
3 Vinod Uppar 2BU17CS056
4 Yashoda 2BU17CS057
5 Meghana 2BU16CS021
6 Mohdsaifullah 2BU16CS022
7 Mujammil 2BU16CS023
8 Nabeela 2BU16CS024
9 Prajot 2BU16CS025
10 Nalini 2BU16CS026
11 Namita 2BU16CS027
12 Nivedita 2BU16CS028
13 Nivedita 2BU16CS029
14 Ninad 2BU16CS030
15 Pawan 2BU16CS031
16 Prajna 2BU16CS032
17 Prasad 2BU16CS033
18 Rahil 2BU16CS034
19 Rahul 2BU16CS035
20 Revati 2BU16CS036
21 Rushikesh 2BU16CS037
Mentor name : Prof.Chitrashree K.
# Name USN
1 Rohit Savadatti 2BU17CS039
2 Saba Salim Dafedar 2BU17CS040
3 Sahana Bahadduri 2BU17CS041
4 Sanpreet 2BU17CS042
5 Sangram RPatil 2BU17CS043
6 Seema S Jagadal 2BU17CS044
7 Sharanam Bandekar 2BU17CS045
8 Shivali Shirish Shinde 2BU17CS046
9 Shivani Mastamardi 2BU17CS047
10 Sneha A Dharnatti 2BU17CS048
11 Spoorti J Erandole 2BU17CS049
12 Sushma Shrishail Patil 2BU17CS050
13 Susmita Patil 2BU17CS051
14 Swati S Gorawade 2BU17CS052
15 Triveni R Kulkarni 2BU17CS053
16 Spurthi 2BU16CS045
17 Srijana 2BU16CS046
18 Srishti 2BU16CS047
19 Suman 2BU16CS048
20 Ummeaiman 2BU16C0S49
21 Vaibhav 2BU16CS050
Mentor name : Prof. Shaheen M.
# Name USN
1 Kiran Basavaraj Karlingannavar 2BU17CS019
2 Kirti Sataraddi 2BU17CS020
3 Komal D. Patil 2BU17CS021
4 Lamiya I. Sanadi 2BU17CS022
5 Laxmi Payannavar 2BU17CS023
6 Laxmi Teggi 2BU17CS024
7 Megha Basavaraj Angadi 2BU17CS025
8 Megha Walki 2BU17CS026
9 Mehjabeen Mohammadsadiq M 2BU17CS027
10 Messbha Aaisha Kudchi 2BU17CS028
11 Nagaratna Jagadish Patil 2BU17CS029
12 Nikita B. Bendigeri 2BU17CS030
13 Nitesh Ramesh Jadhav 2BU17CS031
14 Nooresaba Momin 2BU17CS032
15 Pavithra M Hiremath 2BU17CS033
16 Poorvita Ganiger 2BU17CS034
17 Prayag P. Masurkar 2BU17CS035
18 Qismat Nisha Khan 2BU17CS036
19 Rajeshwari Madiwalappa K 2BU17CS037
20 Rajini C. Koorse 2BU17CS038
Mentor name : Prof. Shreedhar N.
# Name USN
1 Akshat Ashok Kadakol 2BU14CS003
2 Ankita Shaha 2BU14CS007
3 Kousar S Jamadar 2BU14CS024
4 Kshitij C Kurne 2BU14CS025
5 Laxmi Munavalli 2BU14CS026
6 Ashwini Katral 2BU15CS013
7 Bhargavi Kulkarni 2BU15CS015
8 Chaitra B Sannalingappanavar 2BU15CS016
9 Chetana Giragouda Patil 2BU15CS017
10 Erum Kausar Jamadar 2BU15CS018
11 Mohini Suraj Karambalkar 2BU15CS031
12 Nauseen Pathan 2BU15CS032
13 Neha Shivanand Hosamath 2BU15CS033
14 Nirmala B Naroti 2BU15CS034
15 Pooja Anant Kudale 2BU15CS035
16 Aseem Shabbir Mujawar 2BU16CS400
17 Atik Tambakwawle 2BU16CS401
18 Eknath Parashram Kesarkar 2BU16CS402
Mentor name : Prof. S. K. Hiremath
# Name USN
1 Mamata S Inchal 2BU18CS402
2 Rashmi Aralimatti 2BU18CS405
3 Vaishnavi S Nargathi 2BU18CS408
4 Basavaspoorti B Vantamuri 2BU18CS400
5 Vijaylaxmi B Durgappagol 2BU18CS409
6 Suraj 2BU15CS007
7 Fazilal 2BU15CS019
8 Akshay Salvi 2BU17CS400
9 cindrella 2BU17CS401
10 Deepali Adhav 2BU17CS402
11 Jyoti Desai 2BU17CS403
12 Krupa Dandage 2BU17CS404
13 Narayan A Bhatkande 2BU17CS405
14 Neha Peerzadi 2BU17CS406
15 Rachita 2BU17CS407
16 Salveera.J.B 2BU17CS408
17 Swanand M Patilo 2BU17CS409
Mentor name : Prof. Rekha B.
# Name USN
1 Annapoorneshwari 2BU15CS006
2 Apoorva S Savadi 2BU15CS008
3 Arham Soudagar 2BU15CS009
4 Arshiya A Dakhani 2BU15CS011
5 Ashwini Bhimagouda Patil 2BU15CS012
6 Kashmira S Daiv 2BU15CS025
7 Kishori Kallappa Patil 2BU15CS026
8 Kshama Kabbe 2BU15CS027
9 Mayuri Majukar 2BU15CS028
10 Megha Chinchali 2BU15CS029
11 Roopa Saradarsing Rajput 2BU15CS041
12 Rutuja Ramchandra Desai 2BU15CS042
13 Sadhana Anil Patil 2BU15CS043
14 Savita Benakannavar 2BU15CS044
15 Sheetal Subhash Naik 2BU15CS045
16 Vardhaman A Boraganve 2BU15CS056
17 Patil Vishal Ashok 2BU15CS057
18 Vishal Barabari 2BU15CS058
19 Vishal S Adiyandra 2BU15CS059
Mentor name : Prof. Shivakumar B N
# Name USN
1 Komal Melge 2BU14CS022
2 Annath Suraj Girish 2BU15CS007
3 Shilpa Hebballi 2BU15CS046
4 Shubham P Bommannavar 2BU15CS048
5 Shweta H Ronad 2BU15CS049
6 Spurti Singaraddi 2BU15CS050
7 Supriya Arun Hukkeri 2BU15CS053
8 Swati Bhajantri 2BU15CS054
9 Rishika Yadanavar 2BU15CS060
10 Yashoda Gokak 2BU15CS061
11 Parashuram B aKonkeri 2BU16CS406
12 Pranila Uttam Desai 2BU16CS407
13 Priyadarshini S D 2BU16CS408
14 Rohit Desai 2BU16CS409
15 Seema Goral 2BU16CS410
16 Shradha P Karvekar 2BU16CS411
17 Shubham Mohan Pattar 2BU16CS412
Mentor name : Prof. Shivanand U.
# Name USN
1 Nachiket S Vandakudri 2BU14CS029
2 Akhil Lingeri 2BU15CS002
3 Alfiya I Mujawar 2BU15CS003
4 Ankita Arvind Tarale 2BU15CS004
5 Ankita Chougule 2BU15CS005
6 Furqana Angolkar 2BU15CS020
7 Geeta Raju Raikar 2BU15CS021
8 Heda Sayyed 2BU15CS022
9 Jyoti Mahadev Totagi 2BU15CS023
10 Karishma S Naik 2BU15CS024
11 Pooja Mathad 2BU15CS036
12 Pooja Iranna Nirakari 2BU15CS037
13 Pradeepkumar Suresh Nooli 2BU15CS038
14 Raveena Virupaxappa Savadi 2BU15CS039
15 Rida Darga 2BU15CS040
16 Gajanan Patil 2BU16CS403
17 Jagadish Mahendrakar 2BU16CS404
18 Nitesh Desai 2BU16CS405