About SGBIT Consultancy Cell

SGBIT Consultancy Cell at SGBIT Belagavi, was inaugurated on 23rd January 2020 to specially serve in the field of Engineering, Specially Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science and Engineering by consistently delivering the superior valued services to our clients, architects & everyone in the network in all our endeavors. Competent by selecting & integrating complex technologies from various values based disciplines to design, that are simple, safe & economical by use of latest technologies and system enables us to offer integrated services to satisfy requirements of our clients.


1. To consistently strive to perform to the best of our ability in meeting the expectations of our clients.
2. To provide, maintain and sustain high quality services to clients. To achieve outstanding customer relations by attending timeously to clients’ needs and requirements.
3. To provide best-in-class systems and solutions that are subjected to continuous improvement.
4. To co-operate and partner with other players within the industry with the view of sharing knowledge and experience.
5. To operate with high levels of integrity in pursuit of customer satisfaction.
6. Honor our social responsibility by contributing to needy, charity organizations, etc. as and when the need arise.
7. Involve students and staff in the Consultancy activities to enhance the knowledge in the domain.
8. Give the exposure to the non-teaching staff by involving them in the consultancy work.

Services Offered:

1. Structural Consultancy
2. Geotechnical Investigation
3. Geological Investigations
4. Environment Engineering
5. Water Resource Engineering
6. Surveying, RS & GIS
7. Concrete and Highway Engineering
8. Quality Assurance

1. Bio Fuel Testing
2. Aero Dynamic Testing using Wind Tunnel
3. Machine Design

1. Electrical Auto CAED
2. Electrical system design, estimation and cost calculation
3. PCB Design
4. Energy System Sizing

1. VLSI Design
2. Design & Verification of digital trainer kits
3. Signal/Image Processing

1. Web design & app development
2. Software & ERP Development
3. Smart City Consultation (ICT, Networking & Cyber Security)
4. Cybercrime and forensic Investigation


1. Providing detailed types of consultancy work w.r.t. their allotted streams.
2. Assuring the quality and ethics while carrying out consultancy works.
3. To carry out consultancy work as per codal provisions and regulatory bodies.
4. Professional communication with clients.
5. In time submission of the test reports with codal specifications if necessary.
6. Maintain relevant codes in soft/hard copy.
7. Empanelment with different industries and departments.

Responsibility of consultancy coordinator

1. Identification of faculty or group of faculty, who are having expertise in particular field.
2. To make necessary arrangement to the faculty members involving in the consultancy service work.
3. To coordinate the consultancy work and have communication between faculty members, head of department and principal.
4. Conduction of meetings and discussion about consultancy work progress with faculty members in presence of head of the department.
5. To coordinate with faculty members and make sure projects are completed in time.


1. Dr. B.R.Patagundi - Chairman
2. C.B.Hiremath - Coordinator
3. Prof.DeepakPatil-Member
4. Ms.RenukaPatrut-Member


1) Dr. Sidramappa V. Itti, Principal, SGBIT Visited a Site of Someshwar Sugars under the SGBIT Consultancy Services On 04-12-2020.

2) Dr. Sidramappa V. itti, Principal, SGBIT Checked the Under Reamed Pile Foundation Designed for the Hotel Project at Hipparagi (TQ. Jamkhandi) under SGBIT Consultancy Services On 21-11-2020

3) Ongoing Project Inspection at Someshwar Sugar Factory, BailhongalUnder SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 25-10-2020.

4) Third Party Inspection at BasavanKudchi, Cement Concrete Roads, Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 02-03-2021.

5) Third Party Inspection at Bailhongal, Construction of street and laying of pavers, Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 10-11-2020.

6) Third Party Inspection at Bailhongal, laying of drinking water pipe line, Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 10-01-2021.

7) Site Visit for M.Tech. 1st year students at 3rd gate Fly over, Belagavi, Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 11-02-2021.


Ongoing Projects:

1. Post metric boys hostel(400 capacity) at bagalkot town.
2. Design of vertical slide gate for bridge cum barrage at diggewadi village.
3. Truck tippler at someshwara and markhandeya sugar factories.
4. Molases tank at markhandeya sugar factory.
5. Cooling tower at markhandeya sugar factory.
6. Food court at sgbit college campus.
7. Open air theatre at sgbit college campus.
8. Restaurant at hippargi.

Major clients:

1. Public Works Department, Govt. of Karnataka
2. KNNL, Govt. of Karantaka Enterprise.
3. Panchayat Raj Engineer, Govt. of Karnataka
4. Shri Someshwar, SSKN, Bailhongal
5. The Markhandeya Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd., Belagavi
6. Institute of Engineers, Belagavi