Definition of Hostel:

A hostel is a place where students usually live and which is managed or controlled by administration. Hostel is basically for those who have to shift to other cities for their studies.

After schooling, student moves towards colleges, it may be possible that colleges in which they want to study, may be in the same city or not. If colleges of their choice are not in the same city, then they have to visit into other city for their study.


To grow student emotionally, mentally, psychologically


The objectives of Hostel are as following-

1. To provide a home for students and to help new arrivals to become adjusted to the new environment

2. To offer the right atmosphere for study and interchange of thoughts and ideas

3. To create awareness to social and moral values for improving the quality of life through education

4. Hostel life taught student to live independently, and how to deal with the other students and roommates.

5. Hostel life also makes students more ambitious, those students who have stayed in hostels are more self-reliant and confident than other students.

6. In hostels students learns audacity, bravery, daring from other student, which may help students to face the practical life more confidently.

7. Hostel life is a mixture of different cultural backgrounds, where student learns to live with different cultured background people.

8. A most popular quotation “Times change people changes”. It is best applicable for the hostel students. Hostel life change the way a student is, it effect on the personality behaviour, thinking, and dressing and many more.

9. Hostel life teaches a student regularity and punctuality.

Duties, Responsibilities and Authorities of Warden

* Responsible for allotment of rooms to the students.

* Responsible for maintenance of the hostels.

* Looks after the quality of food served in the hostels.

* Keeps strict discipline among students of the hostels.

* Reports to the Director in case of any indiscipline or misbehavior by the students.

* Looks into the grievances/complaints of the students if found genuine.

* Arranges for first-aid in case of any emergency and arrange for hospitalization of student/staff, if required.

* Warden is custodian and in-charge of all the hostel properties. Warden has to verify the stock periodically.

Allotment of Rooms

* At the time of admission of a student into the hostel and at the beginning of every year, each resident is required to submit a duly completed Hostel Admission Form containing local guardians’ address and phone number etc. Email of the student and parent should also be provided. Any change of address / telephone number of the parent / local guardian, at any point of time, has to be intimated to the hostel office in writing.

* The Hostel administration will generally provide for each occupant one bed, reading table, chair, almirah, fan, tube light (or compact florescent lamp), net connection point once for an academic session at the time of allotment. However damage in any of the thing mentioned above except tube light could be repaired /replaced. On arrival, student will report to the ward boy/hostel attendant and will take possession of the room after signing the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room.

* Room once allotted to a student for an academic year will not be changed, except in special situations with the permission of Warden/Assistant Warden.

* If the status of any student changes during the period of stay in the hostel, he/she is required to inform the Warden/Assistant Warden immediately and should vacate the hostel. If the Hostel administration finds that any hostel resident is not eligible for hostel accommodation and is residing in the hostel without due permission from the Warden/Assistant Warden, disciplinary action will be taken against such illegal occupants.

* Before vacating the rooms, the electrical installations including fan should be handed over intact, in addition to the furniture to the ward boy/hostel attendant. The student should fill up the Room Vacating Slip in duplicate and take no dues on one slip from the office assistant.

Code of Conduct:

All residents are required to maintain standards of behavior expected from the students of a prestigious institution of national repute. They are expected to behave courteously and fairly with every one inside and outside the University campus.

* All residents are required to always carry their valid Department Identity Card and Hostel Identity Card issued to them by the University and hostel administration respectively.

* The rooms, common areas and surroundings of the hostel should be kept clean and hygienic. Notices shall not be pasted on walls and walls shall not be scribbled on.

* Rooms are allotted to each student on his/her personal responsibility. He/she should see to the upkeep of his/her room, hostel and its environment. If anything is found is damaged the student along with his/her partner shall be solely responsible.

* Students should bring to the notice of the ward boy/hostel attendant any pending maintenance work (civil, carpentry, electrical, sanitation etc.) to be carried out in rooms, corridors, toilets or other areas in hostel premises.

* Students should co-operate in carrying out maintenance work and vacate their rooms completely when the Hostel administration requires the rooms for the purpose mentioned above. On such occasions, the Hostel administration will try to provide alternate accommodation. If any maintenance work is to be carried out when the room is under occupation, it is the occupant’s responsibility to make the room available for the maintenance work.

* The students should not carry unauthorized/illegal movies in their rooms. Any violation will be dealt severely.

* The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during his / her occupancy of that room and will be required to replace/repair at their own cost the damage, if any.

* In case of damage to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible for such damage or loss, if identified, or from all the students of the wing/hostel, as decided by the Wardens/Assistant Warden on the report of ward boy/hostel attendant.

* The resident shall not move any furniture from its proper allotted place and also not damage them in anyway. If there are any additional items other than the above belonging to the hostel in a room, the occupant of the room shall handover them to the ward boy/hostel attendant, failing which he/she will be charged a penal rent as decided by the Wardens.

* The resident shall not remove any fittings from any other room or common area and get them fitted in his/her room.

* Ragging of any kind is severely punishable as per the Supreme Court directives leading to expulsion from the hostel as well as from the University. Any violation of this rule by any student will be dealt with very severely as per the Supreme Court guidelines and University norms issued from time to time by the competent authorities.

* Fresher should report incidents of ragging immediately. Those who do not do so even when being witnesses or victims, will be considered to be part of this practice, and will also be punished accordingly.

* When the students committing or abetting the crime of ragging are not identified, collective punishment on suspected group could be resorted to as a possible deterrent measure, as it would ensure community pressure on the potential raggers not to indulge in ragging.

* All students either hostellers or day scholars, are required to sign an Anti-Ragging Undertaking form as per UGC guidelines and submit to office of Warden/Assistant Warden.

* In the hostel premises, following are strictly prohibited –

  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks/drugs
  • Gambling
  • Intimidation or violence
  • Willful damage to property
  • Entering the hostel premises in intoxicated state
  • Moving in the colony sector or near the Girls hostel premises after 07:00pm.
  • Shouting and using abusive language in their own hostel or in other hostel premises and campus.
  • Employing unauthorized persons for personal work such as washing clothes, etc.
  • Cooking in room
  • Using immersion rods, electric kettle, electric iron, heater, induction cooker etc.
  • Creating noise through loudspeakers.

* Room services are strictly prohibited. However, sick diet may be served in room after taking permission from Warden/Assistant Warden.

* Residents should not participate in any anti-national, antisocial or undesirable activity in or outside the campus.

* The use of electrical appliances such as immersion rods, electric stove /heaters, iron, electric kettle etc. and such other items which are prohibited by the Proctorial Board from time to time are not allowed in the rooms. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 500.00 will also be imposed.

* The uses of audio systems which may cause inconvenience to other occupants are not allowed. The students should not keep objectionable videos.

* No student is allowed to keep two wheeler/four wheeler in the hostel campus. However the student may keep bicycle for local transport.

* When the students go out of their room they should switch off all the electrical / electronic appliances, and keep the room locked. The student shall be held responsible for any damage in his/her room. Violations will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by authorities.

* In case any student has to stay out of hostel for a day or more for any reason, he has to inform the Warden/Assistant Warden and take his/her permission.

* All inmates of the hostels must make entry in the In Out register available with security guard and hostel entry gate (for girls) whenever they go outside and come inside. They are also required to make entry in mess register in morning and evening.

* The last time for in and out of the inmates would be decided by the respective Warden/Assistant Warden of the hostel in consultation with the Chief Warden.

Guests and Visitors

* No overnight guests are allowed in a students’ room without permission of the Warden/Assistant Warden.

* However in boys’ hostels, the parents (only father)/guardian of students may be allowed only in respective hostel’s guest room. The parent/guardian will be allowed only for a maximum period of two nights and one day. This will be permitted twice in a year. Provided the Chief Warden may permit for more than the period specified.

* Male students/visitors/parents/guardians are strictly prohibited inside the girls’ hostel. However mother may be allowed to stay inside of the inmate for a limited period of time depending upon the discretion of Warden/Assistant Warden.

* Female students/visitors/parents/guardians are strictly prohibited inside the boys’ hostels.

* Violation of any of the above rules regarding stay in the hostels will lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.

Members of Boys and Girls Hostels SGBIT Belagavi

Boys Hostel




1 Dr. B R Patagundi Principal
2 Dr. Sidramappa Alur Student Welfare Officer
3 Mr.Anandraddi Naduvinamani Boys Hostel Warden
4 Mr. Suresh Teli Boys Hostel Supervisor

Girls Hostel




1 Dr. B R Patagundi Principal
2 Dr. Sidramappa Alur Student Welfare Officer
3 Ms.. Kaveri Chavalagi Girls Hostel Warden
4 Mrs. Sanjana S. Girls Hostel Supervisor

College Hostel


Modern residential facilities are available to give the students a ‘home away from home' experience. Three well-furnished and aesthetically designed hostels have been constructed for girls and boys with a view to provide best possible facilities to the students. Students staying in 2/3 sharing Girls Hostel, situated in the college campus and Students staying in 2/3 sharing Boys Hostel is situated 500 m from the campus. For leisure and recreation, both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are made available in the hostels.Allotment of accommodation for the girl students is on first come first served basis. Limited Boys Hostel facility is available. However,pvt hostel facility available within vicinity can be explored.

Sl. No.


Girl's Hostel(Total Seats:477)

Boy's Hostel (Total Seats:140)

1 Type Owned Owned
2 Occupancy 3 per Room 2 per Room
3 Electricity Back Up DG Set DG Set
3 Electricity Back Up DG Set DG Set
3 Electricity Back Up DG Set DG Set
4 Hot Water Boiler Solar + Heater Coil
5 Wi-Fi Yes Yes
6 Drinking Water Water Coolers Water Coolers
7 Dining Hall Yes Yes
8 Security Yes Yes
9 House Keeping Yes Yes
10 Warden Yes Yes
11 Allotment Preference First come first basis First come first basis