Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ph.D Program

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a VTU recognized Research Centre since the year 2020. Currently, the research scholars are orchestrating their collective efforts to bring in new knowledge and innovations in many of the broad themes such as: Power System Protection, Power System Dynamics and Stability, Power System Restructuring and Deregulation, Distributed Generation Technologies, Wide Area Measurements and Applications, AI Techniques and Optimization in Power System, Control systems, Power Electronic converters, Electrical Vehicular Technologies, Battery Technology and Battery Management etc.

The Research Centre motivates the scholars and faculty to register for patents, copyrights, publications in journals and conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. Further, through the central Research and Development Cell, the research centre provides a formal framework for the research activities which are executed at the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Research activities are always the main focus of the department. The faculty members also collaborate with researchers in many industrial labs as well as academic institutions to pursue interdisciplinary topics. The department also looks forward to get actively involved in consultancy projects for industries. The department has a licensed power system simulation tool namely Power World Simulator for unlimited nodes.

Currently, the research scholars who are pursuing Ph.D degree in the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering are:

# Name of the Candidate USN Guide Year of Registration
1 Pasala Naresh 4UB17PEA03 Dr.Sudharshana Reddy 2017
2 Lalitha Darbha 145093EE14P01 Dr.Parthiban P 2014

The Research Centre in the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at SGBIT can be contacted at: hod-ee@sgbit.edu.in;phone No:08312407172; Ext:512