Dr. S. A. Alur

Dr. S. A. Alur

  • Department: Mechanical Engineering
  • Designation: Professor
  • Phone: 9686856029
  • Email:
  • Teaching Experience: 27 Years
  • Industry Experience: NIL
  • Research Experience: 14.0 Years
B.E Mechanical Engineering P.D.A College of Engineering , Gulbarga Gulbarga University, Gulbarga
M.E Thermal Power Engineering P.D.A College of Engineering, Gulbarga Gulbarga University, Gulbarga
Ph.D Compact Heat Exchangers N.I.T.Rourkela , Orissa State N.I.T.Rourkela , Orissa State

Membership of Professional Bodies:

 1. Life member of Indian Society of Technical Education ( LMISTE) (LM29498)

 2. Life member of Indian Cryogenics Council (LMICC) (LM676) 

Current Research


(a) Research Topic : 

Effect of Combustion Chamber Shapes , Injector Nozzle Geometry and EGR on the performance and emission characteristics of single cylinder Biodiesel Fuelled C.I. Engine 

(b) Research Scholar : 

Mahantesh. M.Shivashimpi 

(c) Date of registration 

December 2014 

(d) Status 

Ph.D Thesis submitted 


(a) Research Topic : 

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Phenomena using Graphene- Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Nano fluids  

(b) Research Scholar : 


(c) Date of registration 

December 2014 

(d) Status 

Comprehensive Viva Voce Examination completed  


(a) Research Topic : 

CFD analysis and experimental studies on performance of Solar PV/T system through Thermal Energy Management  

(b) Research Scholar : 

Malagouda Patil  

(c) Date of registration 

November 2015  

(d) Status 

Comprehensive Viva Voce Examination completed   






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International Journals:

No. of International Journals Publications:18

1. Scopus Indexed Journals /Conference Proceedings 

(i) Mahantesh M. Shivashimpi, N. R. Banapurmath, S. A. Alur & B. M.Dodamani (2019): Optimisation of nozzle geometry in the modified common rail direct injection biodiesel-fuelled diesel engine, International Journal of Ambient Energy, DOI:10.1080/01430750.2019.1670726

(ii)  Shivashimpi Mahantesh M., S. A. Alur, S. N. Topannavar, and B. M. Dodamani. "Combined effect of combustion chamber shapes and nozzle geometry on the performance and emission characteristics of CI engine operated on Pongamia." Energy, 154 (2018): 17-26

(iii) Malagouda Patil, Dr. Alur Sidramappa, Rajashekhargoud Angadi. Experimental Investigation of Enhancing the Energy Conversion Efficiency of Solar PV Cell by Water Cooling Mechanism. IOP Conf. Series, Materials Science and Engineering 376 (2018) 012014 doi:10.1088/1757- 899X/376/1/012014

iv) Sameer.S. Gajgate , C.Y.Seemikeri , S.A.Alur., Need of Microchannel for high heat flux electronics cooling A survey, IEEE digital explorer library, 978-1-4673-6725- 16/$31.00


2. Publications in UGC approved journals 

(i) Jaffar Sadiq M Mulla,Dr.S.A.Alur, .Malagouda Patil " The Experimental Investigation of Photo Voltaic Cell Performance with PCM cooling System " paper published in volume 6 , issue 2 ,November 2019 issue of International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews ( IJRAR)

(ii) Pritam Prakash Tippannavar , Mahantesh M. Shivashimpi, S. A. Alur, "Combined effect of Toroidal combustion chamber shapes and nozzle geometry on the performance of Biodiesl fueled CI engine ." A Journal Of Composition Theory” page No 84-89, volume XII , Issue VI , June 2019 ( ISSN 0731-06755 )

(iii) Mahantesh M Shivashimpi, Dr. S.A. Alur ,Jagadish. A., M.R.Ingalagi,R.S.Ellur “Effect of  Nozzle geometry on the performance and emission characteristics of C.I Engine operated on Palm  oil Methyl Ester” Paper published in Volume 5, issue 8, August 2018 of the Journal of Emerging Technologies & Innovative Research , ( ISSN 2349 -5162 )

(iv) R.S.Ellur., S.A.Alur.,Santhosh Rathod., Experimental Investigation of pressure drop in stationary square channel with 90o ribs ,Journal of Advances in Science & Technology, volume 12,issue Number 25 (Special Issue) ,page number 576-581, December 2016 ( ISSN 2230-9659 ) (http: // ignited. in/1/a/4473)

National Journals:

No. of National Journals Publications:1

1. Balaji Kr Choudhury., S.A.Alur., R.K.Sahoo., Sunil Kr. Sarangi. Optimization Analysis of Liquefaction Cycles for Nitrogen., Indian Journal of Cryogenics,37(1-4), pp 34,2012, Serial Number 566 of the supplementary list of UGC approved list of Journals 

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