Dr. K. B. Prakash
Professor and Head of the Department
Cell Number : 9448267374
E Mail : hod-civil@sgbit.edu.in

Address :
The department of Civil Engineering,
S. G. Balekundri Institute of Technology
Belagavi - 10, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone : 08312407-152
Head of the Department Extension Number : 532

Instructional area

Sl.No Description Type Area in Sq. M.
1 III & IV Sem. E-110/ CE- LH 78.08
2 V & VI Sem. E-111/ CE -LH 75.39
3 VII & VIII Sem. E-112/ CE- LH 74.85
4 Mtech 1st / 2nd Sem E-117/ CE- LH 49.26
5 Dept. Seminar Hall Seminar Hall 80.00
6 Dept. Library E-006D/ CE-DLIB. Dept Library 55.50
7 NBA Record Room E-105/ CE-NRR. 39.37
8 Civil Engineering Museum E-006D/ CE-MES 95.50
Sl.No Name of the laboratory Carpet Area (in Sq. M.) Investment as on 31.08.2021
1 Building Materials Testing Laboratory 179.75 Rs.14,61,000/-
2 Concrete Laboratory 123.50 Rs.15,73,000/-
3 Transportation Engineering Laboratory 91.55 Rs.3,99,924/-
4 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 127.02 Rs.21,96,900/-
5 Environmental Engineering Laboratory 85.89 Rs.6,52,000/-
6 AutoCAD Laboratory 59.34 Rs.15,70,640/-
7 Surveying Practice Laboratory 33.00 Rs.10,79,483/-
8 Engineering Geology Laboratory 56.02 Rs.66,625/-
9 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machines Laboratory 248.90 Rs.9,58,595/-
10 Structural Engineering Laboratory 48.19 Rs. 14,88,810/-



"To Produce Civil Engineers to Meet Industrial and Societal Requirements with strong commitment to Professional and Ethical Values".


M1: To Produce Civil Engineers with sound technical knowledge and skills by enhancing the students competency.
M2: Build Industry-Institute interaction to address societal problems.
M3: To inculcate ethical and social responsibilities to be successful Civil Engineers.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs):

PEO1: To enable the graduates to develop technical skills to stay abreast with infrastructural development.
PEO2: To enable the graduates to possess professional quality and capability to accomplish higher studies/employment.
PEO3: To enable the graduates to promote innovative projects which address societal problems in sustainable manner.

Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs):

PSO1: To implement relevant codes of practice, materials & latest techniques for Civil Engineering services.
PSO2: To Develop the Capability to analyze & design various structures by using Civil Engineering software.
PSO3: To impart management principles for working effectively as a member/leader in different fields of Civil Engineering.

Teaching Faculty of Civil Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr.B.R.Patagundi Professor & Principal B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.,
2 Dr. K. B. Prakash Professor & Head
3 Dr. Shreedhar R. Professor Ph.D., M.TECH., B.E.,
4 Dr. Prashant B Bhagawati Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D,
5 Mrs.Sweta Chougule Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
6 Mr. Sagar Waghmare Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Sc., NNRMS,
7 Dr. Santosh Chikkabagewadi Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D,
8 Mr.Vivekanand Korishetti Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
9 Mr. C. B. Hiremath Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
10 Mr.Parasharam Sawant Assistant Professor B.E, M.TecH,
11 Mr. Manjunath Sharannappanavar Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
12 Mr.Akshay Umare Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech.,
13 Mrs.Shweta Vantamuri Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
14 Mr. Anand Bankad Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech., Ph.D,
15 Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech. , Ph.D.(Pursuing),
16 Prof. Siddika Y Kazi Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Shradha Hiremath Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Padmini Utawale Assistant Professor
19 Prof. Srilaxmi Patil Assistant Professor


Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Vijay Mathapati Foreman
2 Mr. Akshay Alagi. Instructor
3 Mr. S. G. Jadhav Instructor
4 Mr. Mahendra Patil Instructor
5 Mr. Vishal Angrolli Instructor
6 Mr. Madhu P. Asst. Instructor
7 Mr. Mouneshwar S Badiger Instructor


Webinars Organized by the Department

Sr. No Title of Webinar Name of Resource person Date Timing Target Audience Number of Participants Platform Used
1 Application of Precast & Prestressed Concrete in Building Dr. Manamohan R Kalgal Technical advisor, UltraTech Cements Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru 02/05/2020 10.00am to 11.00am Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 231 Cisco Webex
2 Reinforced Concrete Design - Practical Aspects Er. P Suryaprakash Managing Director, Satyavani Projects and Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 12/05/2020 04.30pm to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 148 Cisco Webex
3 Lessons learnt from Structural failures Prof. Deepak Patil Assistant Professor Dept. of Civil Engg. SGBIT, Belagavi 16/05/2020 04.30pm to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 214 Cisco Webex
4 IoT in Construction Industry Dr. Sidramappa V. Itti Chairman IEI Local Chapter Belagavi & Principal, SGBIT Belagavi 23/05/2020 04.30pm to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 181 Cisco Webex
5 Floods and Flood Zone Mapping Dr. B. Venkatesh Scientist F National Institute of Hydrology, Belagavi 30/05/2020 5.00pm to 6.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 98 Cisco Webex
6 Nondestructive Evaluation of Pavement Dr. Aravind Krishna Swamy Associate Professor IIT, Delhi 31/05/2020 04.30pm to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 228 Cisco Webex
7 Climate Change-Impacts & Reponses Dr. K. S. Lokesh Registrar, JSS Science & Technology University Campus Mysuru 05/06/2020 04.30pm to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 111 Cisco Webex
8 Water and Climate Change Er. C. B. Hiremath Superintending Engineer (Rtd) KPWD & ID 29/06/2020 04.00pm to 05.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 67 Cisco Webex
9 Smart & Sustainable Cities in India- Issues & Challenges Dr. M. N. Sreehari Advisor to Govt. of Karnataka for Transportation & Infrastructure, & Founder, Indian Smart Cities Development Organisation 21/09/2020 11.00am to 12.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 120 MS-Teams
10 Design of Bridges -An Industrial approach Er. ArunkumarGnanasekaran Assistant Manager, Analysis & Design of Bridges/ Highways Division, RITES Ltd., Kolkata 03/10/2020 11.00am to 12.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 96 MS-Teams
11 Housing for All- Mass Housing Construction Technology Er. Nagesh Puttaswamy Zonal Head, White Topping Ultra Tech Cement Bengaluru 07/10/2020 05.30pm to 06.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 63 MS-Teams
12 Protecting Planet with Standards Er. Shiva ShankarMugali Scientist E/Director (Rtd) Bureau of Indian Standards 14/10/2020 04.30 to 05.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 57 MS-Teams
13 RC Beam Slab System Dr. Devdas Menon Professor, IIT Madras 13/11/2020 11.00am to 12.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 194 MS-Teams
14 Recent Advancement in Civil Engineering Dr. C. J. Jagadeesha Scientist, ISRO-NRCS-RRSC Bengaluru 08/12/2020 10.30am to 12.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 67 Zoom
15 Job Opportunities in Civil Engineering Dr. Sanjay Govind Patil Associate Dean, RICS, Bombay 01/04/2021 04.00pm to 06.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 92 MS Teams
16 Geotechnical Challenges in Infrastructure Development Prof. Satyanarayana Murty Professor, IIT Bombay 03/05/2021 04.00pm to 06.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 72 MS Teams
17 Geoinformatics Opportunities In Water Resources Engineering Dr. Dwarakeesh, Professor, Applied Meechanics Department, NITK Surathkal 20/05/2021 02.30-03.30pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 71 MS Teams
18 Numerical Analysis For Predicting The Concrete System Properties” Dr. N. Aravind,Asst. Professor,Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engg.College of Engineering National University of Science & technology, Oman 04/06/2021 11.00-12.00PM Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 77 MS Teams
19 Advancement in Concrete Technology Er. Rabi S. Basak, Technical Sales Engineer, Ha-Be Middle East FZE, Sharjah, UAE 08/10/2021 03.00-4.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 72 MS Teams
20 Preparing Future Engineers to Tackle Climatic Change and Sustainable Developmentt Dr. Deepak Singh, Professor & Research Scientist, RIHN, Motoyama, Kamigami, Kyoto, Japan 28/10/2021 03.00-4.00pm Students, Faculty, Research Scholars 148 MS Teams

Placement Details

Sr. No Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name On Campus/Off Campus
1 2BU20CV014 Priyadarshini Gonda Prism RMC, Bangalore On campus
2 2BU21CV405 Apoorva Halleppagol Prism RMC, Bangalore On campus

Faculty Achievement

1 Solar Based Automatic Irrigation System Prof. Mangesh P Bastwadkar Ms. Karishma A Saewad
Ms. Pooja B Kamble
Ms. Sabahat S Hafeez
Mr. Satish B Sidalinge
2 A Study On Behaviour Of Concrete Using Solid Waste And Liquid Waste Prof. Manjunath Sharanappanavar Mr. Afshan S Naik
Mr. Khadar M Choudhari
Mr. Mohammadarkam Rhongal
Mr. Mohammadwaqas Mmanur
3 An Experimental Investigation On Pervious Concrete Dr. B.R. Patagundi Mr. Abhishek S Salimath
Mr. Abhishek.A Biradar
Ms. Akshata M Pattar
Ms. Nidhi A. Bendigeri
4 Nstalation Of Solar Panels On Canal Prof. Deepa Hiremath Mr. Vinayak Uppar
Ms. Vanishree Zalaki
Ms. Rekha U Peerannavar
Ms. Shruti.C
5 An Experimental Investigation On Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate By Shredded Rubber Tyre In Concrete Dr. B. R. Patagundi Ms. Padmavati D
Mr. Akshaykumar B
Mr. K R Mayan
Ms. Prathima D M
6 Study On Design And Fabrication Of Smart Bin For Smart City (Awarded as Best Project of the Year by KSCST) Prof: Manjunath Sharanappanavar Mr. Sagar. C. Kuri
Mr. Rahul V. Pujari
Mr. Sagar B Janganavar
Mr. Vikas V.S Amaje
7 Waste Water Purifiation By Root Zone Method Prof. Deepa Hiremath Mr. Ramesh N Hosatti
Mr. Sourabh Sudhir Patil
Mr. Raju
Mr. Sagar P Magadum
8 Experimental Study On Papercrete Concrete With Addition Of Plastic Fibers Prof. Parasharam Sawant Mr. Shreyas S Valasang
Mr. Mohammedmaaz Kalarkop
Mr. Ghulame Madani I Gundkalli
Mr. Zoaib B Ghori
9 Potential Use Of A Plastic Waste As A Construction Material Prof. Sandeep Kulkarni Mr. Sanju M Hugar
Mr. Omkar Avalakki
Mr. Darshan Kalghatkar
Mr. Sardeep P Hanagandi

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning


In order to improve students’ teaching experience apart from traditional classroom teaching, the department uses different innovative techniques with following goals:

The department will continuously strive to:

* To augment student’s learning by innovative techniques
* To develop students’ skills
* To strengthen the student’sperspective of use and developing technologies in academics, by innovative approaches.
*To motivate students to innovatively think, formulate and perform through different activities.

List of initiatives in teaching and learning process followed by the department:

1) Association Activities: The department is a member of different professional’s bodies which provide a good platform for students to participate actively in the various competitions and lectures. Also department has its own Civil Engineering Students Association activities which include guest lectures, quiz competitions, debate competition, soft skill lectures, and celebrations of Teachers day, Engineers day, etc…

2) Working Models/Knowledge Wall: Faculty members use models to increase students’ interest and level of learning. The main goal of this is to engage students in an active learning environment.

3) E Content On YouTube: Some faculty members have also created their own YouTube channels where they post study materials for their specific subjects. The links are distributed to the students, and the content is available to all.

4) Industry Institute Interaction: Improving interaction between institute and industry is essential in today’s world, and it provides a good platform for innovative teaching. The goal of industry-institute interaction is to improve the quality of technical education to meet the needs of the industry. Industry Institute Interaction improves teaching-learning processes, raises student awareness of the industry environment, provides practical knowledge to students, and develops student’s self-confidence to become entrepreneurs. In addition, the department has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with a number of companies. Students can gain industrial knowledge through this collaboration.

5) NPTEL- Swayam: In department students are encouraged to enrol NPTEL course. The faculty constantly guides and mentors the students in completing NPTEL course. Students complete the course by watching video lectures.

6) Flipped Classroom: A flipped classroom provides better environment where they watch lectures and complete assignments in the classroom. Introducing more technology in the classroom to create a blended mode of teaching where students experience technologies as they feel in the real world.

7) Animation and video presentation for theory and lab: Videos for lab experiments can improve the students and they can understand clearly and confidently to do the experiment in final lab exam

Student Achievement

Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU22CV401 Abhishek Shivaray Sutagatti III 82.50
2 2BU21CV001 Ambika M Kesapur III 79.50
3 2BU22CV406 Arati Vijayanand Shinde III 78.25
4 2BU22CV406 Arati Vijayanand Shinde IV 92.50
5 2BU22CV401 Abhishek Shivaray Sutagatti IV 88.30
6 2BU22CV441 Sunny Mintu Desai IV 86.40
7 2BU21CV413 Karuna Jakkane V 94.12
8 2BU21CV414 Ketan Patil V 87.75
9 2BU21CV427 Sahil Desai V 85.75
10 2BU21CV413 Karuna Jakkane VI 86.88
11 2BU21CV414 Ketan Patil VI 82.88
12 2BU20CV015 Pruthvi V VI 82.63
13 2BU19CV011 Chandrika Yaragatti VII 82.88
14 2BU20CV422 Monica C VII 82.63
15 2BU19CV007 Arun Yogappa Chavan VII 81.38
16 2BU20CV432 Priyanka Shapur VIII 92.60
17 2BU20CV422 Monica C VIII 90.80
18 2BU19CV011 Chandrika Yaragatti VIII 89.00
Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU21CV414 Ketan Patil 3 70.00
2 2BU21CV413 Karuna Jakkane 3 69.63
3 2BU21CV414 Ketan Patil 4 69.63
4 2BU21CV413 Karuna Jakkane 4 72.13
5 2BU19CV011 Chandrika Yaragatti 5 81.00
6 2BU20CV432 Priyanka Shahapurkar 5 84.13
7 2BU19CV005 Anaraj S Waggi 5 74.88
8 2BU19CV011 Chandrika Yaragatti 6 83.38
9 2BU20CV432 Priyanka Shahapurkar 6 76.88
10 2BU19CV005 Anaraj S Waggi 6 84.00
11 2BU18CCV015 Atufa S Sayed 7 89.40
12 2BU18CV049 Prapti V Mudbhatkal 7 86.60
13 2BU18CV073 Shriraj N Patil 7 86.20
14 2BU18CCV015 Atufa S Sayed 8 83.88
15 2BU18CV049 Prapti V Mudbhatkal 8 85.50
16 2BU18CV073 Shriraj N Patil 8 85.25
Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU20CV432 Ms. Priyanka Shahapurkar 2 81.25%
2 2BU19CV011 Ms. Chandrika Yaragatti 2 80.25%
3 2BU19CV005 Mr. Anaraj Waggi 2 79.06%
4 2BU18CV024 Ms. Firdousnaaz Mulla 3 84.69%
5 2BU18CV009 Ms. Akshata Dhanyal 3 81.06%
6 2BU18CV023 Ms. Divya Pujar 3 80.25%
7 2BU17CV023 Ms. Gouri Savalgir 4 85.13%
8 2BU17CV004 Ms. Akshata Pattarr 4 84.75%
9 2BU17CV059 Ms. Shashikiran Danannavar 4 80.38%
U.G. Toppers List
Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU19CV419 Mr. Nadeem Tapiwale 2 75.48%
2 2BU18CV049 Ms. Prapti V. M. 2 73.13%
3 2BU19CV431 Mr. Rohit Bhadagave 2 73.08%
4 2BU17CV004 Ms. Akshata Pattar 3 90.10%
5 2BU17CV023 Ms. Gouri Savalgi 3 85.75%
6 2BU17CV008 Mr. Anand Myageri 3 84.45%
7 2BU16CV009 Ms. Amruta Adgunkar 4 86.96%
8 2BU16CV005 Ms. Akshata Pattarr 4 86.69%
9 2BU16CV080 Ms. Sangeeta Givari 4 85.14%
VTU Rank Holders
Sr. No Name of Student USN Result
1 Mr. Mohd. Mira Itagi 2BU17CSE01 9th Rank VTU in M.Tech Structural Engineering
U.G. Toppers List
Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU17CV004 Akshata M Pattar 2 81.75%
2 2BU17CV059 Shashikiran Danannavar 2 79.94%
3 2BU17CV023 Gouri Savalagi 2 79.75%
4 2BU16CV060 Pramoda Nirwanamath 3 83.94%
5 2BU16CV009 Amruta Adgunkar 3 80.13%
6 2BU16CV113 Vijayashree Badiger 3 79.06%
7 2BU15CV074 Saraswati Kujji 4 89.16%
8 2BU15CV017 Avadhut Kogale 4 87.59%
9 2BU15CV063 Roopa Kotur 4 87.31%
VTU Rank Holders
Sr. No Name of Student USN Result
1 Miss. Kiran Shindigar 2BU16CSE04 4th Rank VTU in M.Tech Structural Engineering
U.G. Toppers List
Sr. No USN Name of Student Sem Percentage/ CGPA
1 2BU16CV087 Shankar Kittur 2 77.71%
2 2BU16CV080 Sangeeta Givari 2 74.9%
3 2BU16CV040 Meghana B S 2 74.31%
4 2BU15CV061 Rahul Sidda 3 82.75%
5 2BU15CV017 Avadhut Kogale 3 81.92%
6 2BU15CV074 Saraswati Kujji 3 79.44%
7 2BU14CV011 Anushri Javali 4 84.52%
8 2BU14CV038 Megha Jiddimani 4 79.99%
9 2BU14CV062 Pranoti Kage 4 79.44%
Sr. No Name of Student and Score Batch
1 Ms. Smita Lad (80.26%) 2012-2016
2 Mr. Md. Ismail Garg (78.70%) 2013-2017
3 Ms. Anushree Javali (83.68%) 2014-2018
4 Ms. Saraswati Kujji (81.31%) 2015-2019
5 Ms. Sangeeta Givari (74.76%) 2016-2020
6 Ms. Akshata Pattar (86.40%) 2017-2021
7 Ms. Prapti Mudbhatkal (79.5%) 2018-2022
8 Ms. Priyanka Shahapurkar (84.49%) 2019-2023
VTU Blue
  1. 1. Kavya Jadhav- 2017-18
  2. 2. Gouri savagi – 2017-18
  3. 3. Kavya Madagouda – 2018-19
  4. 4. Ajay Patil – 2019-20
Gold Medal
  1. 1. Kavya Jadhav- Taekwondo – 2017-18
  2. 2. Abhishek Pawashe-Physic Body Building – 2018-19
  3. 3. Gouri Savalgi - Taekwondo – 2019-20
  4. 4. Nagaraj Lohar –Clay Modelling 2019-20
Bronze Medal
  1. 1. Abhishek Pawashe – Body Building – 2018-19
Silver Medal
  1. 1. Abhishek Pawashe- Body Building – 2019-20
KSCST Funded Projects for the AY 2021-22

KSCST Funded Projects for the AY 2022-23

KSCST Funded Projects for the AY 2023-24

The students Mr. Rahul Gadaveer and Mr. Pradeep Amboji of 3rd semester have won the top positions in various national level technical fests and exhibitions in the following event and presented the Technical papers in various National Level Conferences across the India...!!
• 3rd prize in Sustainable Design Building Competition at Belcon exhibition on 23rd February 2024.
• 3rd prize in Paper presentation competition in event POINEER 2024 at KIT, Kolhapur on 26th February 2024.
• 1st prize in Paper presentation competition in PRAXIS 2024 at KLE, Chikkodi on 29th February 2024.

Civil Consultancy Services


SGBIT Consultancy Cell at SGBIT Belagavi, was inaugurated on 23rd January 2020 to serve in the field of Engineering, Specially Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science and Engineering by consistently delivering the superior valued services to our clients, architects & everyone in the network in all our endeavors. Competent by selecting & integrating complex technologies from various value based disciplines to design, that are simple, safe & economical by use of latest technologies and system enables us to offer integrated services to satisfy requirements of our clients.



  • • Structural Consultancy
  • • Geotechnical Investigation
  • • Geological Investigations
  • • Environment Engineering
  • • Water Resource Engineering
  • • Surveying, RS & GIS
  • • Concrete and Highway Engineering
  • • Quality Assurance

  • • Bio Fuel Testing
  • • Aero Dynamic Testing using Wind Tunnel
  • • Machine Design

  • • Electrical Auto CAED
  • • Electrical system design, estimation and cost calculation
  • • PCB Design

  • • VLSI Design
  • • Design & Verification of digital trainer kits
  • • Signal/Image Processing

  • • Web design & app development
  • • Software & ERP Development
  • • Smart City Consultation (ICT, Networking & Cyber Security)
  • • Cybercrime and forensic Investigation

    • To consistently strive to perform to the best of our ability in meeting the expectations of our clients.
    • To provide, maintain and sustain high quality services to clients.
    • To achieve outstanding customer relations by attending timely to client’s needs and requirements.
    • To provide best-in-class systems and solutions that are subjected to continuous improvement.
    • To co-operate and partner with other players within the industry with the view of sharing knowledge and experience.
    • To operate with high levels of integrity in pursuit of customer satisfaction.
    • To honor our social responsibility by contributing to needy, charity organizations, etc. as and when the need arise.
    • To involve students and staff in the Consultancy activities to enhance the knowledge in the domain.
    • To give the exposure to the non-teaching staff by involving them in the consultancy work.


    • Providing detailed types of consultancy work w.r.t. their allotted streams.
    • Assuring the quality and ethics while carrying out consultancy works.
    • To carry out consultancy work as per codal provisions and regulatory bodies.
    • Professional communication with clients.
    • In time submission of the test reports with codal specifications if necessary.
    • Maintain relevant codes in soft/hard copy.
    • Empanelment with different industries and departments.


    Sr. No Name Designation/instructor Email
    1 Dr. B. R. Patagundi Chairman
    Principal, SGBIT, Belagavi
    2 Er. C. B. Hiremath Executive Member
    Superintending Engineer (Rtd.), Government of Karnataka.
    3 Dr. K. B. Prakash Executive Member
    Head of the Civil Engineering Department


    • Post metric boys hostel (400 capacity) at bagalkot town.
    • Design of vertical slide gate for bridge cum barrage at diggewadi village.
    • Truck tippler at someshwara and markhandeya sugar factories.
    • Molases tank at markhandeya sugar factory.
    • Cooling tower at markhandeya sugar factory.
    • Food court at sgbit college campus.
    • Open air theatre at sgbit college campus.
    • Restaurant at hippargi.


    • Public Works Department, Govt. of Karnataka
    • KNNL, Govt. of Karantaka Enterprise.
    • Panchayat Raj Engineer, Govt. of Karnataka
    • Shri Someshwar, SSKN, Bailhongal
    • The Markhandeya Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd., Belagavi
    • Institute of Engineers, Belagavi


    Moments of Third Part Inspection of various projects of Government of Karnataka for quality assurance being carried out by SGBIT Consultancy Services in and around Bengaluru, Tumukur and Mysoru Districts during the Month of January 2024!!
    Dr. Sidramappa V. Itti, Principal, SGBIT Visited a Site of Someshwar Sugars under the SGBIT Consultancy Services On 04-12-2020.
    Dr. Sidramappa V. itti, Principal, SGBIT Checked the Under Reamed Pile Foundation Designed for the Hotel Project at Hipparagi (TQ. Jamkhandi) under SGBIT Consultancy Services On 21-11-2020
    Ongoing Project Inspection at Someshwar Sugar Factory, Bailhongal Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 25-10-2020
    Third Party Inspection of work, Cement Concrete Roads at Basavan Kudchi, Under the SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 02-03-2021.
    Third Party Inspection of work, Construction of street and laying of pavers at Bailhongal, Under the SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 10-11-2020.
    Third Party Inspection of work, laying of drinking water pipe line at Bailhongal, Under the SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 10-01-2021.
    Site Visit for M.Tech. 1st year students at 3rd gate Fly over, Belagavi, Under SGBIT Consultancy Cell held on 11-02-2021.

    Industry Interaction

    Sr. No Sem Visit Place
    1 3rd Fire Station located Borar waves, Belagavi
    2 5th Karwar and Udupi Ports
    3 3rd The Office of Smart City Belagavi (Buda)
    4 5th Particular Stretch of State Highways Near Kardiguddi

    The Glimes of Industrial tour of 5th semetsre students to the "Karwar and Udupi Ports" on 23 and 24 of February 2024
    The Glimes of Site Visit of 3rd Semester students to the "The Office of Smart City, Belagavi" on 16 of February 2024.



    MoU Signed on 07-02-2019

    Objectives & Scope:

    • Practical exposure through filed/ site visits.
    • Conducting Workshops and seminars on latest advancement in concrete technology
    • Guest lectures on various recent trends in Construction Industry


    MoU signed on 18-01-2020

    Scope & Objectives:

    • Collaborative research by sharing knowledge and laboratory.
    • Conducting workshops/ seminars/ group discussions/ crash courses/ bridge course/ site visits etc.
    • Guiding research and publishing the data.
    • Upgradation of knowledge and technology development.


    MoU signed on 18-01-2020

    Scope & Objectives:

    • Collaborative research by sharing knowledge and laboratory.
    • Conducting workshops/ seminars/ group discussions/ crash courses/ bridge course/ site visits etc.
    • Guiding research and publishing the data.
    • Upgradation of knowledge and technology development.


    MoU Signed on 09-05-2024

    Scope of Services of EHSRDC

    • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.
    • Stack Monitoring
    • Surface & Ground water quality analysis
    • Waste water quality analysis
    • Indoor Noise Level Monitoring
    • Soil Quality Analysis
    • Food and Beverages Tesing
    • Solid and Hazardous Waste Analysis
    • Ambient Noise Level Monitoring

    Scope of Services of Client

    • Water Quality Analysis
    • Wastewater Quality Analysis

    Best Practices

    For Weak Students
    Few Pedagogical techniques adopted to improve the academics (Like Quiz, Puzzles, Animations, Student Seminars, Case Study, Demonstrations)

    After each IA test, solving all questions of IA test in the class.

    Expert talks, guest lectures, seminars and workshops are being organized.

    Five minutes meditation during starting of 1st hour of everyday class

    For Bright Students
    Software training to the students such as STAAD Pro & AUTO CAD.

    Providing Internship to UG and PG students through SGBIT Consultancy Services

    Series of webinars on cutting edge technology organized during Pandemic.

    Awarding gold medal every year to the topper of 5th sem. to 8th sem. students.

    Awarding class toppers every year.

    Carrying out mini-projects.

    Industry Institute Interaction
    Industrial site visits, inculcating practical knowledge to the students.

    Consultancy problems are assigned to the students to bridge the gap between theory and practices.

    Arranging Gaansinchan on last Friday of each month from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

    Faculty Encouragement
    Arranging Faculty Development Programmes on cutting edge technologies.

    Motivation to pursue Ph.D. in relevant fields.

    Alumni details

    # Alumni Name Batch Job Role Photo
    1 Balesh Poni
    2010-2014 Land Surveyor
    Survey Settlement and Land Records
    Hailyal ,Karnataka
    2 Miss. Smita Lad
    2012-2016 Assistant Engineer Indian Hume Pipe
    3 Rohit Shinge
    2012-2016 Assistant Engineer Dynasoure Concrete
    Treatment Pvt.Ltd.Mumbai
    4 Amar Tamadaddi
    2012-2016 Owner at Amar Tamadaddi Constructions
    5 Chatira Jadhav
    2014-2018 Entrepreneur
    6 Anushri javali
    2014-2018 Trainee Engineer
    UAS Dharwad
    7 Christopher Francis
    2015-2019 Site Engineer
    AEQUS Sez Pvt.Ltd,Belagavi
    8 Giridhar B Goundwadkar
    2015-2019 Site Engineer
    Patil Associates & Developers Belagavi
    9 Mr. Akash Ashtekar
    2015-2019 Architect / Builders / Consulting
    Structural engineer
    Asmita Infrastructure
    10 Mr. Ajay Patil.
    2016-2020 AARVEE associates Hyderabad
    11 Mr.Kasam Hebbal .
    2017-2021 Assistant Manager
    Loblaw SDM,Brampton,Canada.
    12 Ms. Rashmi Meled.
    2019-2022 Hella Infra. Market Private Limited, Bangalore
    13 Mr. Prajwal patil.
    2018-2023 Hella Infra. Market Private Limited, Bangalore
    14 Ms. Chandrika Yargatti
    2019-2023 Hella Infra. Market Private Limited, Bangalore

    Add-on Course

    Sr. No Course Name Duration Faculty In charge
    1 Training on Advanced Auto-CADD On Going Prof. Shradha Hiremath
    2 Training on Revit Architecture On Going Prof. Padmini Utwale
    1 Latest Trends in Civil Engineering 20 Days
    15-10-22 to 04-02-23
    Prof. Jyoti S. Patil
    Prof. Shweta Vantamuri
    2 Training program on Total Station and E-Surveying 12 days
    01-08-22 to 13-08-22
    Prof. Santosh B. C.
    Prof. V.S. Korishetti
    3 Rain Water Harvasting and Wateshed Management 15 days
    01-07-2023 to 25-07-2023
    Prof. Manjunath Sharanappanavar
    1 Ansys Workbench Software 20 days
    02-11-21 to 22-11-21
    Prof. Anand Bankad
    Prof. Parasharam S.
    2 Software Training on Auto CAD 25 days
    05-05-22 to 30-05-22
    Prof. Anand Bankad
    Prof. Parasharam S.
    1 AutoCAD Software 30 Days Prof. Akshay Umare
    2 STAAD-PRO Software 30 Days Prof. Akshay Umare

    Course Details

    This course includes following software’s :-

    1. 1. AutoCAD: This software is used for architectural detailed drawing as well as for the structural drafting for the design of structural members.
    2. 2. STAAD_PRO V8i: This software is purely used for structural analysis as well as structural design of any type of structures.

    Contents covered in the AutoCAD :-

    • Introduction to the software.
    • How to use the various tools in detail with key words.
    • How to set the paper sizes for drawing by selecting suitable scale.
    • Working on drawing properly using many layers and with proper line weight.
    • Preparation of permission drawing for any type of building using zonal regulation’s.
    • Preparation of working plan which includes placing of columns with their proper orientation.
    • Drafting of structural members by taking the detailed design of structural members.
    • How to take the print of prepared drawing in various sizes of paper with proper scale.
    • How to take the centre line of the building to import in STAAD_PRO software for the analysis and design.

    Course Pamphlet



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    Research Center and R&D Details

    The department of Civil Engineering has VTU recognized research centre since the year 2016-17. Currently, the researchers within the research centre are orchestrating their collective efforts to bring in new knowledge and innovations in many of the broad themes such as:
    Earth quake Engineering, Steel Structures, Transportation Engineering, Geopolymer Concrete etc.

    The research centre motivates the scholars and Faculty to register for patents, copyrights, publications in Journals and conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. Further, through the central Research and Development Cell, the research centre provides a formal framework for the research activities which are executed at the department of Civil Engineering.

    The Department R&D cell in association with SGBIT Consultancy Services offers Design Consultancy and Quality Control & Assurance Testing Services to government organizations such as PWD, KNNL and private establishment

    Currently, the research scholars who are pursuing the Ph.D degree within the department of Civil Engineering, SGBIT are:

    Sr. No Name of the Candidate USN Guide Year of Registration
    1 K V Pramod 2BU16PCJ01 Dr. B. R. Patagundi 2015
    2 Santosh Chikkabagewadi 2BU17PCA03 Dr. V. M. Devappa 2017
    3 Amruta Lakade 2BU17PCA04 Dr. B. R. Patagundi 2017
    4 Kailash Biradar 2BU17PCA01 Dr. V. M. Devappa 2017
    5 Vishwajeet Biradar 2BU17PCA05 Dr. V. M. Devappa 2017
    6 Priya K Figueredo 2BU17PCS01 Dr. B. R. Patagundi 2017
    7 Deepak Patil 2KD18PCV01 Dr. B. R. Patagundi 2018
    8 Vidyashree Hosamani 2BU19PCV01 Dr. V. M. Devappa 2019
    9 Monica Shinde 2BU20PCV01 Dr. V. M. Devappa 2020
    10 Yogesh D Kumbhari 2BU21PCV03 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2021
    11 Eknath P Salokhe 2BU21PCV02 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2021
    12 Desai Gaurav Ravindrai 2BU21PCV01 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2021
    13 Vivekanand Korishetti 2BU22PCV04 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2022
    14 Anand Bankadi 2BU22PCV01 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2022
    15 Parashuram Sawanth 2BU22PCV02 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2022
    16 Siddika Kazi 2BU22PCV03 Dr. B.R. Patagundi 2022


    The Research Centre in the department of Civil Engineering at SGBIT can be contacted at
    Dr. K. B. Prakash
    Professor and Head of the Department
    E Mail : hod-civil@sgbit.edu.in
    Phone : 0831-2407172
    Head of the department Extension : 532

    PG In Structural Engg.

    Realizing that post graduate programme would add value to under graduate programme in terms of human resources, better infrastructure, laboratory and library facilities and to cater to the needs of students aspiring to pursue post graduation, M.Tech. in Structural Engineering was introduced in 2014-15 with an intake of 18. The department is proud to have academically well qualified and professionally experienced faculty with categorical commitment and dedication to the principled profession. Three faculty members with PhD within Structural Engineering are present in the department with an average experience of 25 years.

    Recognized Research Centre :

    Research environment was initiated by establishing “Research Centre” under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi to offer Ph.D. and M.Sc. Engg. (by Research) in the Civil Engineering Sciences. Currently, the Centre offers research opportunities in the domains of Earth quake Engineering, Steel Structures, Transportation Engineering, Geopolymer Technology and Concrete etc.

    All about Lab :

    All the laboratories are well equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities, not only to meet the university curriculum but also the industry.

    Consultancy Services:

    The PG department offers Design Consultancy and Quality Control & Assurance Testing Services to government organizations such as PWD, KNNL and private establishments.

    Department Committee


    Objectives :

    1) To enhance the photography skill of the students.
    2) To make students participate actively in all event to capture the memory through photography.
    3) To conduct various workshops of photography to enhance the photography skill of the students.

    Faculty Adviser :

    Name : Prof. Anand S. Bankad
    Email ID : bankadsa@gmail.com
    Cell No : 9535479851


    Objectives :

    1) To enhance the art and painting skills of the students.
    2) To make students participate actively in all event.
    3) To conduct various workshops of art and painting to enhance the art and painting skill of the students.

    Faculty Adviser :

    Name : Prof. Vivekanand Korishetti
    Email ID : vskori55@gmail.com
    Cell No : 9591499071


    Objectives :

    1) To encourage towards subjects by concentrating on various important models.
    2) To learn and demonstrate the concept through models.
    3) To showcase the model in department gallery.

    Faculty Adviser :

    Name : Prof. Akshya Umre
    Email ID : akshay.umare.91@gmail.com
    Cell No : 7892599142


    Objectives :

    1) To make the students aware of social responsibilities.
    2) To conduct various social awareness programmes and activities in and out of the campus.
    3) To maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in and out the campus.

    Faculty Adviser :

    Name : Prof. Manjunath Sharanappanavar
    Email ID : sharanappanavarmanju@gmail.com
    Cell No : 9964411143

    Social Media