IPR Cell


The SGBIT-IPR Cell was officially inaugurated and created on December 21, 2020 with a vision to develop human resource in the IPR management as an integral part of the innovation process and the innovation chain in the institute. The immediate aim of the Cell is to integrate IPR within the education process to enhance the quality of thinking, propagate a culture of regard and respect for IPR, ensure speedy and accurate identification and protection of innovations arising out of the research work carried out in the institute, facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology from the institute to industry and enhance the scope of their commercialization. As a long term aim, the Cell aims to offer assistance to the grass root innovators in the North Karnataka Region to realize the commercial benefits of their innovations. Further, as the Cell progresses, it will also aim to act as a think tank on policy matters related to IPR in India with special emphasis on issues relevant to the North Karnataka Region.


Strive towards becoming a world class centre for creation of human resources in the IPR field, and also establish processes to seamlessly integrate IPR in the knowledge chain within the evolving framework of SGBIT.


The cell aims to evolve as a centre of excellence in the North Karnataka region with a focus on the areas related to IPR education, IPR integration within the educational Framework, protection of traditional contribution to the continuous development and implementation of the IPR Policies.

Program Educational Objectives

* The primary object of the Cell is to create IPR literates by exposing the UG students to the operational concepts in IPR.

* For the PhD research scholars from diverse departments of SGBIT, the aim is to make them appreciate the nuances of IPR and the IPR relevance to their research process.

* A linked objective is to provide the students with an opportunity to apply the already learnt concepts to their own research problems, and simultaneously initiate the protection of Intellectual Property created during their research for commercialisation.

* A common objective is to make the students aware of the relevant community level IPR which can then result in socio-economic development within various communities.

Program Outcomes

* The main outcome sought is to sensitize the students to the issues of IPR in an academic setting which will in turn imbibe ethical practices useful for long term professional career.

* To create a platform with a sound foundation for the development of smart human resource with apt training to explore new careers in IPR, innovation management, and entrepreneurs from within the SGBIT system.

* To promote researchers with skills in accessing and analysing patent literature, and further using the same for focused definition of their research problems.

* To create awareness regarding patent non-infringing solutions in turn enhancing the quality of research output and targeting commercialisation.

The IPR Cell committee:





1 Dr. B. R. Patagundi Principal Chairman
2 Dr.Sridhar Iyer R&D Coordinator Convener
3 Dr.Ashok Hulagabali Academic Coordinator Member
4 Dr.R.M. Galagali HoD, Dept. of ME Member
5 Dr. B. S. Halakarnimath HoD, Dept. of CSE Member
6 Dr.Jayashri M Rudagi HoD, Dept. of EC Member
7 Dr.Supanna Shirguppe HoD, Dept. of EE Member
8 Dr.Vijyakumar Devappa HoD, Dept. of CV Member
9 Prof.Vivekanand Khot First Year Coordinator Member
10 Mr.Sanjeev Kakade Accounts Officer Member