Civil Engineering Ph.D Program

The department of Civil Engineering has VTU recognized research centre since the year 2016-17. Currently, the researchers within the research centre are orchestrating their collective efforts to bring in new knowledge and innovations in many of the broad themes such as: Earth quake Engineering, Steel Structures, Transportation Engineering, Geo-polymer Concrete etc.

The research centre motivates the scholars and Faculty to register for patents, copyrights, publications in Journals and conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. Further, through thecentral Research and Development Cell, the research centre provides a formal framework for the research activities which are executed at the department of Civil Engineering.

The Department R&D cell in association with SGBIT Consultancy Services offers Design Consultancy and Quality Control & Assurance Testing Services to government organizations such as PWD, KNNL and private establishment.

Currently, the research scholars who are pursuing the PhD degree within the department of Civil Engineering, SGBIT are:

# Name of the Candidate USN Guide Year of Registration
1 Santosh Chikkabagewadi 2BU17PCA03 Dr.V M Devappa 2017
2 Deepak Patil 2KD18PCV01 Dr.Sidramappa V.Itti 2018
3 Amruta Lakade 2BU17PCA04 Dr.B R Patagundi 2017
4 Vidyashree Hosamani 2BU19PCV01 Dr.V M Devappa 2019
5 K V Pramod 2BU16PCJ01 Dr.B R Patagundi 2015
6 Kailash Biradar 2BU17PCA01 Dr.V M Devappa 2017
7 Vishwajeet Biradar 2BU17PCA05 Dr.V M Devappa 2017
8 Priya K Figueredo 2BU17PCS01 Dr. B R Patagundi 2017

The Research Centre in the department of Civil Engineering at SGBIT can be contacted at:;phone No:0831-2407172; Ext:532