Aims at institutionalizing mechanism, which could act as support system for final yearstudents and technocrat entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Development Cell set up at the college is expected to act as a tool to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment amongst technical students as an attractive and viable career option.

With a view to exposing students of academic institutions to various facets of entrepreneurship and sensitizing them to entrepreneurship as an alternate career, Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been formed in S. G. Balekundri Institute of Technology (SGBIT), Since its inception various faculties have undergone for exposure of Faculty development programme of Entrepreneurship Development Cell so that in future they can contribute towards basic objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Objective of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

1. Organizing training on key skills and competencies that help engineering students to transform as entrepreneurs, this focuses on following skills:
a. Problem-solving skills
b. Leadership and management skills
c. Networking and collaboration skills

2. Organizing Awareness programme & visit to start-up industries to improve employ ability skills.

Target Group

Science and technology graduates/diploma holders or those who are doing their final year diploma/degree in engineering / technology / science and other management graduates.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell Team Members :

  • Prof.Narayan AB
  • Prof. Anandreddi N
  • Prof. Suprit M
  • Prof. Manjunath S
  • Prof. Santosh R
  • Prof. Sana Mokashi


The Entrepreneurship cell of SGBIT guided students to start their own ventures .Few such examples of success stories are as below:

  • Mr. Raviraj Patil: S. S. Fabrication (Mobile: 8050424727)
  • Mr. Abhijeet Patil : Fabrication unit. (Mobile: 9880074098)
  • Mr. Sayes Patil: Hydraulic Press firm.

The Entrepreneurship cell tried to help them in all possible ways & the budding entrepreneurs are growing successfully.

Events :

Programs undertaken by Entrepreneurship Development Cell of SGBIT are as followed

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp is organized by SGBIT with an objective to sensitizing students to take entrepreneurship as an alternate career, thus final year students from all the streams of SGBIT have shown the interest to participate in the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp.

The programmes were conducted in association with MSME, Hubli, and VTU and highly appreciated by students to refine their skill as future Entrepreneurs. After successful completion,a Certificate of EDCwas given to the students.


Event Name

Webinar/Workshop/ /Training/STTP/SDP

Resource person and affiliation

Events Date

1 Entrepreneurship Awareness camp • Mr. T. Siddanna, Joint Director, District Industries Centre, Belagavi.
• VTU-Belagavi
6th to 8th of Oct 2016
2 World of Entrepreneurship Workshop • Dr. Poornima Charantimath, KLS IMER, Belagavi. 6 to 8th October 2016
3 My Journey as Entrepreneur Workshop • Mr. Sachin Sabnis, Managing Director, Belagaum Ferro Cast, Belagavi. 6 to 8th October 2016
4 Possibilities in Food Processing Workshop • Mr. Sanjeev, Mr. SD Products Limited, Belagavi. 6 to 8th October 2016
5 Design Thinking Workshop • Mr. C. M. Patil, Chief Executive, SandBox-Deshpande Foundation Hubli 6 to 8th October 2016
6 Vikas Composites Workshop • Kanabargi 6 to 8th October 2016
7 Financial Institutions: Roles of KSFC Workshop • Mr. P. R. Jadhav, Dy. Gen. Manager, KSFC, Belagavi 6 to 8th October 2016
8 MSME in Entrepreneurship Development Workshop • Mr. ArunKakatikar. 6 to 8th October 2016
9 Entrepreneurship & Opportunities Workshop • Dr. C. C. Gavimath, Special Officer, ED cell. 6 to 8th October 2016
10 Entrepreneurship Supporting Institutions and Project Proposal Preparation Workshop • Mr. ShivanandYeligar Asst. Director Training, CEDOK, Belagavi. 05 February 2018
11 SIDBI:Schemes, Facilities and Provisions Workshop • Mr. Kiran Kesari, Manager, SIDBI, Hubballi. 05 February 2018
12 Entrepreneurial attributes Workshop • Mrs. PriyaPuranik, Secretary, Laghu UdyogBharathi-Belagavi. 05 February 2018
13 Modern Entrepreneurship Requirements Workshop • Mr. VithalAsode, HR Manager, Ashoka Iron Works Pvt. Ltd. Belagavi. 05 February 2018
14 Service Sector Entrepreneurship: Possibilities and challenges Workshop • Mr. Rishab Mishra, Proprietor, Mishra Pedha, Dharawad. 05 February 2018
15 Schemes and Possibilities in MSME’ Workshop • Mr. MilindBarapatre, Deputy Director, MSME, Hubballi. 05 February 2018
16 Procedure to register a MSME Workshop • Mr. S. R. Crasta and Mr. MontuPatar. 05 February 2018
17 Electric Vehicle(EV) Technology. Workshop • Mr. Somesh I. Sukalp Tech Department of Heavy Industries(HI) and Sukalp Tech. 17th -09-2020
18 Yuva Entrepreneurship Program Orientation Program • Mr. Vinay Ghodke, Senior Executive, Deshpande StartUps. Hubballi. 10-11/12/2021
19 Visit to Deshpande startup along with students & Faculty Visit • Mr. Vinay Ghodke, Senior Executive, Deshpande StartUps. Hubballi 07th March 2022
20 Gravity Startup 2023 event Product Launch by Startup companies • Deshpande StartUps. Hubballi 3rd February, 2023
21 YUVA Entrepreneurship Program Orientation Programme • Mr. SyedNoor Basha, Deshpande StartUps. Hubballi 08/02/2023
22 Motivational Talk on Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture • Mr. Vishwanath Hiremath,Associate Quality Engineer/HR Professional, Optum Technologies, Bengaluru 19/04/2023
23 World Entrepreneurs’ Day Event Mr. Nagaraj A.Shet, Assistant Manager, YEP division, Deshpande StartUps, Hubballi. 29/08/ 2023
24 Career Guidance & Entrepreneurial Skills Talk Mr. Sandeep Seman, Technical Director & Entrepreneur, i4C organization, Pune
Mr. Vikram Patil, Lead Innovation Officer, i4C organization, Pune.