Anti-sexual Harassment Committee/Internal Committee(IC)


The Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee/ Internal Committee has been constituted to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to all students and those working in the institution.


The objectives of the Internal Committee to prevent Sexual Harassment at the Workplace are as follows:
* To develop guidelines and norms against sexual harassment at the Institute.
* To evolve a permanent mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence at the institute.
* To ensure the implementation of the norms and spirit through proper reporting of the complaints and their follow up procedures.
* To uphold the commitment of the institute to provide an environment, free of gender based discrimination.
* To create a secure physical and social environment to deter any act of sexual harassment.
* To promote a social and psychological environment to raise awareness on sexual harassment in its various forms.

Members of Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee / Internal Committee




     Contact No.

     Email id

1 Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe Chairperson (Presiding Officer) 9481682555
2 Prof. Jaya Pattanshetti Member(Faculty) 8884050211
3 Shri. S. S. Dharmatti Member(Faculty) 9880511146
4 Mrs. Sanjana Sambannavar Member (Non-teaching employee) 7090319180
5 Mrs. Anjeli Pandit Member (Non-teaching employee) 9341412744
6 Dr. Sonali Sarnobat Member (NGO) 9632613269
7 Ms. Trupti K. Hawaldar Student (UG) 7019504955
8 Ms. Rachana C. Shivasangayyanavaramath Student (PG) 9482769184
9 Mrs. Veena Puranikmath Student (Research Scholar) 8867129509