Dr. Anilkumar C. korishetti

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) is started in the year 2021. In this program Student will learn scientific methodologies, processes and techniques drawn from different domains Such as -Programming, Big data, Distributed Computing and Deep learning. The Course Curriculum offers the Student a rich blend of Theory & Practice, with different Programming tools & libraries, enabling innovative Spirit and Job readiness. Students acquire Skills and an edge that are Vital for managing Big Data life cycle and mining insightful knowledge for building appealing AI & Data Science products for the industry and Society.
AI is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, especially Computer Systems. It is wide ranging brand of CS concerned with building Smart machines Capable of performing tasks that typically require Human intelligence.
Data science is an interdisciplinary field with the ability to extract knowledge from data twinned from multiple sources like Sensors, Images, Video Streaming, Satellite, and Medical & Cloud.
B.E in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science program Consists of 8 Semesters. The Program is approved and recognized by UGC, AICTE and VTU, approved by Govt. of Karnataka.


“To Achieve excellence in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science by empowering students through research, innovation, professional skills and human values for sustainable development of the society.”


Mission 1: To enrich students with quality education and interdisciplinary skill sets to cater the needs of industry and society.
Mission 2: Strengthening the core competence in research and innovation in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
Mission 3: Provide conducive environment through professional skills and ethical practices to motivate students to work in emerging areas of computing technology.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: Develop competency for employability and entrepreneurship in core and interdisciplinary areas.
PEO2: Adapt emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science through continual learning and research.
PEO3: Advance as a skilled team members, accomplishing leadership abilities with trust and professional ethics.
PEO4: Be proactive citizens for progress and complete welfare of the society.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1: The ability to develop computational knowledge in the areas related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Robotics and Natural Language Processing.
PSO2: Exhibit strong professional skills to function effectively in multidisciplinary areas to solve real world problems with growth mindset.

Teaching Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Anilkumar C. korishetti Associate Professor & HOD B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D, MBA (Marketing & Finance),
2 Mrs. Chitrashree Kurtkoti Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D (Persuing),
3 Ms. Sunayana Bisalapur Assistant Professor BE, MTECH,
4 Ms. Megha Upadhye Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
5 Ms. Sneha Khemalapure Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech,
6 Ms. Sana Mokhashi Assistant Professor BE, MTECH,


# Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Aishwarya Anikhindi Programmer B.E ( CSE )
2 Ms. Pooja Shingari Instructor Diploma

Best Practices

• Gold medal and Cash Prize for department topper.

• Cash Prize for University Blues.

• Award for the class topper.

• Students and Faculty are encouraged and guided to complete NPTEL/SWAYAM certification of courses through reward mechanism.

• ICT enabled teaching learning.

• To work with inter disciplinary projects.

• Training on Specialized Soft Skills & Professional Skills for Improving Employability.

• Arranging Guest Lectures, inviting people from Industry for training and placements.

• Earn while learn scheme for deserving students.

• Suggestion boxes are placed to have continuous feedback for improvement.

• With a view to promote curriculum and extracurricular activities, the department has various clubs like Kalpanik (Technical), Sanvad (Non- Technical), SGBIT Hackathon club which go in a long way to boost the innovative and creative mind frame of our students.

• Industrial Tour: This will improve the learning ability of students as they can observe classroom concept practiced in the industry.

• Co – teaching: 20% syllabus is delivered by industry associate. This brings industrial flavor to the course.

• Providing Inclusive Environment i.e. tolerance and harmony towards Cultural, Regional, Linguistic, Communal Socio Economic and other diversities.

• Conducting Hackathons: Participation of students in Hacakthon fosters the mind to ideate and come up with creative new ideas for streaming issues of the industry.

• Gym facility

• Parents meet

• Mentoring


Student Achievements

# Academic Year Sem Name of the Students USN Percentage
1 2023-24 III
Ms. Sonu Mutanal
Ms. Ammara Imtiyaz Desai
Ms.Supriya Ganapati
Ms. Padmaja Patil
Mr. Kalpanil Kanabarkar
Ms.Daneshwari Domanal

Mentor-Mentee List