In keeping pace with innovations in the Teaching-Learning process, S.G. Balekundri Institute of Technology has also ensured the parallel growth of Research and Development. A key aspect of research within the institute is that the research activities are aimed at providing solutions to the most daunting challenges which have interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary domains. The faculty within the institute promote and involve themselves in the research and consultancy activities which fall within the scope of their respective disciplines in addition to the various interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary domains in effect enhancing the intellectual base at the institute.


• To develop and nurture a research culture through the promotion and execution of research in the emerging and the challenging state-of-art frontier areas of Engineering, Technology, and Science.


• To create an awareness of cutting edge Research and Development among the faculty and students.

• To identify potential projects/sources of funds, and communicates the same to potential researchers.

• To assist and encourage the undertaking of research and development funded projects, Seminar/Workshop/FDP /STTP which are offered by various private and government funding agencies.

About R&D

The Research and Development Cell at SGBIT directs an effort towards encouraging research and development at the grass root level which implies an involvement of the undergraduate students at the Institute being involved in the research activities while pursuing studies. This ensures that through research, the institute makes significant advancements to the existing body of knowledge and also enriches the classroom experience which in turn enhances the teaching-learning process. Further, this also helps the students in deciding a career path, and this research orientation that they acquire is also applicable in their future endeavours which require them to be creative problem-solvers.

Currently, the researchers within the institute are orchestrating their collective efforts to bring in new knowledge and innovations in many of the broad themes such as: energy-harvesting, AI/ML enabled optical networks, GIS and Remote Sensing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Electric Vehicle Charging Application, Image processing, applications of Fuzzy Logic, etc.

Understanding the utmost need for a solid research foundation and then the promotion of research, the management and the institute extend complete support for the innovative research and development tasks which are taken up by the students and the faculty in the form of Full/Partial financial support to participate in National/International Conferences, short term courses, Training programs, etc. The Research and Development Cell is thus able to register for patents, copyrights, publications in conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. All the departments of the institute have recognized research centres, and the office of Dean Research and Development provides the formal framework for the research activities which are executed at the respective department research centres.

The R&D Cell at SGBIT can be contacted at: ; 0831-2407521

Team Members





1 Dr. Sidramayya Matad ECE Coordinator
2 Prof. Shivanand Patil CSE Member
3 Prof. Sharanbasav I Marihal EEE Member
4 Prof. Santosh Chikkabagewadi CV Member
5 Dr. S.A.Alur ME Member
6 Dr. Suresh Akkole ECE Member
7 Dr. B. B. Mathad Basic Science Member