HOD Message

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2008, right from the inception of the institution. With a present intake of 60, the department has well equipped laboratories and is spread over an area of more than 900 square meters. The department has dedicated faculty with one doctorate and two of them pursuing Ph.D.

The faculty are actively engaged in career guidance, mentoring, industry - institute interaction and arranging events such as industrial visits, guest lectures, workshops, conferences and guiding externally sponsored projects on a regular basis.

The department has received grants for funded student projects from KSCST, VGST and VTU etc. The students undergo rigorous training for placement right from the second year and get recruited in core as well as IT companies.

The department has also signed an Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with KGTTI and SELCO foundation for skill development of our students and many of our students have been benefitted by pursuing internships.

The changing environment necessitates not only traditional knowledge but interdisciplinary environment which helps our students to work with other technologies. We aim to provide interdisciplinary research. The global climate change and depleting natural resources are requirements which motivated us to offer add on courses with stress on emerging technologies such as Electric Vehicle.

I welcome wholeheartedly our alumni to join hands in supporting our endeavors by all means of interaction for the mutual benefits. Presence of our alumni at various Industries and reputed Universities across the globe has helped our graduates to plan their post graduate and placements off campus. Our doors are always open to Universities, research organizations and we look forward to offer consultancy to utility companies and industries.


"To impart quality Electrical and Electronics engineering education and empower students with technical, innovative and professional skills to compete with rapid changing global challenges".


Mission 1: To develop creativity, innovation, problem solving skills and academic excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 2: To foster research and development activities in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 3: To inculcate leadership qualities and team spirit by encouraging participation in various events in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 4: To encourage development of entrepreneurial skills and professional ethics in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO):

PEO1: Be successful in their professional career, higher studies and research in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing contextually relevant academic environment.
PEO2: Adapt to the changing technologies and market trends in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing appropriate awareness and practices.
PEO3: Present technological concepts and theories in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by enabling logical thinking, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills through effective communication.
PEO4: Practice Engineering profession with ethics to serve the society.
PEO5: Demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills in a heterogeneous team globally.

Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs):

PSO1: Demonstrate in-depth understanding of components of electric vehicles.
PSO2: Demonstrate skills of using higher level languages for VLSI and Embedded systems design to be participatory in multidisciplinary environment.



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Teaching Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe HoD & Professor M.Tech,Ph.D,
2 A.O. Lalitha Tripura Sundari Assistant Professor ,,
3 Mr. Chetan Kudale Assistant Professor B.E,M.Tech,
4 Mr. Basavaraj S. Hugar Assistant Professor B.E,M.Tech,
5 Mr. Sharanbasav I. Marihal Assistant Professor BE,M.Tech,
6 Mr. Pasala Naresh Assistant Professor B.E,M.Tech,
7 Mr. Mallikarjun Bhagawati Assistant Professor B.E,M.Tech,
8 Savita M Bani Assistant Professor B E,M Tech,
9 Jyoti kallimani Assistant Professor ,,
10 Balasaheb Shankar Kolaki Assistant Professor ,,

Technical staff:

# Name Designation
1 Mr. Mallikarjun R. Malenahalli Foreman
2 Ms. Shruti Kurbar Instructor
3 Mr. Rajesh Mulay Instructor
4 Mr. Santosh Badiger Assistant Instructor

Supporting staff:

# Name Designation
1 Mr. Santosh Shigihalli Attender


Placement Details

Placement Details No.s
On Campus Placements 8
OFF Campus Core Placements 2
OFF Campus Non Core Placements
Higher study 2
Entrepreneurship 0
Placement Details No.s
On Campus Placements 4
OFF Campus Core Placements 5
OFF Campus Non Core Placements 3
Higher study 1
Entrepreneurship 0
Placement Details No.s
On Campus Placements 4
OFF Campus Core Placements 18
OFF Campus Non Core Placements 4
Higher study 1
Entrepreneurship 0
Placement Details No.s
On Campus Placements 6
OFF Campus Core Placements 23
OFF Campus Non Core Placements 13
Higher study 3
Entrepreneurship 0
Placement Details No.s
On Campus Placements 2
OFF Campus Core Placements 19
OFF Campus Non Core Placements 1
Higher study 1
Entrepreneurship 2

Industry Interaction

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Hubballi on 18/09/2019 and SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru on 08/01/2021.

Fig. MoU with KGTTI, Hubballi

Fig. MoU with SECLO Foundation, Bengaluru

Fig: Shri. Basavaprabhu Hiremath, Director, Shri.Vinod Kumar Panigrahi, Asst. Manager and Shri. Chandrashekhar P., Senior Engineer (Electrical), Dr. Supanna S.Shirguppe and Prof. Basavaraj S. Hugar.
  • • An Industrial visit was arranged to Solar PV Power Plant, Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi for 4th semester students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department on Saturday, 29th February 2020.

  • • 32 Number of Students attended the visit. Prof. Shrivatsav Madabal coordinated the visit and Ms. Shruti Kurbar accompanied the visit.

  • • Site Engineer Mr. Chetan Hajare, gave a brief explanation of the solar power plant.

  • • From generation to transmission, function of equipment’s, technical details, advantages of SCADA and many more information was provided by him.

Fig. Industrial visit to Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi

Fig. Industrial visit to Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi

Alumni Testimonials

Mr. Praveen Sutagatti
Engineer at
KarMic Design Pvt. Ltd,
“I had a splendid experience as a student of the Department of Electrical Engineering at SGBIT. All our teachers are extremely knowledgeable, and they’re always eager to help us in our times of need. They’re kind enough to each and every student. They don’t differentiate between anyone and so we always felt like we had their affection showered on us equally. Not only during studies and labs, but we had their involvement in every aspect of our college life. Also, doing justice to their behavior are our seniors and juniors, so, not mentioning them would be an un-forgivable crime on my part. We were blessed to find such seniors and juniors in our college life. I almost left out my classmates, but then they’re my near and dear ones and we’ll always be together. Like our respected HOD Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe always says, “We are the Electrical Family.”

Mr. Chetan Bhosale
Automation Engineer at
Prudent Solutions WLL
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
“I believe that there exist determination and moral support to achive an initial step of something best in life. The formar part is within us and for the latter there are the people who provide us with utmost help for which, I would like to thank the Training & Placement and EEE Department @ SGBIT. The culture, values and the morale that the college provided for complete development of my work life balance are undeniable”

Pradeep Patil, Electrical
Engineer at D&B
Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Woodbury, New York,
United States
“A better human being, a better problem solver and a dream to achieve something big are all, I hoped for when I joinded SGBIT. I am delighted to say that the faculties have helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Mangement skills. The faculties always inspired me to go above and beyond my capabilities. I am grateful to my faculties of EEE department for helping me achive what I dreamt of”

Preeti Benake,
Embedded Software
Engineer at ASML, San
Jose, California
“I would be failing in my duty if I don’t express my gratitute to our placement officer of SGBIT which helped us to get placed in reputed companies. The technical training played a vital role in developing our technical base as well as enhancing our soft skills. I am grateful for all support and opportunities provided to us”

Mr. Pandurang Mohite,
Layout Engineer,
Sankalp Semiconductor
“The faculty and staff at this insitution are top rate. They all want their students to do well in all aspects of life. SGBIT has many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond words I can say. SGBIT keeps the student first. You will not be let down. I really believe it is a privilege to come to SGBIT and I am so glad I made that decision. Thanking EEE department for their support”

Best Practices

  • • Industrial visits every semester.

  • • Mini project for II and III year students.

  • • Internship during 2nd & 3rd year breaks.

  • • Parents Meet, Alumni Meet, Open day.

  • • Effective mentoring.

  • • Earn while you learn scheme.

  • • Newsletter - ILLUMINE

Internship Companies

Sl. No Company Name Company Logo
1. KPTCL, Belagavi
2. Siddhi Vinayak Transformer Industries, Kakati, Belagavi
3. TCI Tech Foundation, Bangalore
4. HESCOM, Belagavi
6. Ashok Iron Works, Belagavi
7. Hindalco Industries Ltd, Belagavi
8. AEQUS Ecosystem Efficiency, Belagavi
9. Ravindra Energy Ltd, Belagavi
10. Shri Prabhulingeshwar Sugars and Chemicals Ltd
11. Power Tech Systems, Pune
12 Vihaansudhan Technologies, Mysuru
13. Tech Fortune Technologies, Bangalore
14. Shantala Industrial Training and Research Center, Hubballi
15. IFB Industries Limited, Goa
16. Patil Electric Works, Hubballi

Noted alumni for Electrical & Electronics Engineering

# Name Phone No. E-mail ID Organization Name Year of passing
1 Umesh Gayakwad 8951408301 umeshgayakwad@gmail.com Assistant Manager, Tata Marcopolo Motors, Dharwad, Karnataka 2012
2 Ravindra Shiradone 8971948856 ravindrashiradone@gmail.com Senior Verification Engineer, Robert Bosch India 2012
3 Chetan Bhosale 9886956765 chetan.eee012@gmail.com Automation Engg- Sales and Marketing, Prudent Solutions 2012
4 Shreya Deshpande 7411716531 shreyadeshpande41@gmail.com Marketing Manager, Durga Metal Profiles 2012
5 Supriya Kanchan 8088011963 kanchansupriya22@gmail.com Senior Software Engineer, Happiest Minds, Bengaluru 2012
6 Sheetal Sanadi 9738473117 sheetalkumar.as@gmail.com AE, KPTCL, Belagavi, Karnataka 2013
7 Amar Desai 9665049203 amardsai@gmail.com Data Center Operations Engineer at STT GDC India Pvt Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India 2013
8 Shruti B. Yargatti 9606628339 shruti.yargatti777@gmail.com Quality Analyst for Digital Marketing, Deluxe ESI Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2013
9 Preeti Benake +1(408)9315490 preetibnk@gmail.com Lead Embedded Software Engineer, ASML, Wilton, CT 2013
10 Kainath I. Sayed 9945382669 kainathsayed@gmail.com Veritas Softwares- Pune 2013
11 Shradha Mattikatti 8867695388 shradhamattikatti@gmail.com AE, CESC, Hassan, Karnataka 2014
12 Nitesh Ramgana 8088990590 niteshramgana@gmail.com Operating Assistant, South Western Railways, Castle rock, Karnataka 2014
13 Chetan Hazare 8050276373 chethan@dagmanegroup.com Electrical Engineer, Bagmane Green Power LLP, Hirekodi 2014
14 Apeksha L 9902964851 apekshalokare06@gmail Senior Software Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore 2014
15 Sneha Karki 8123469052 snehakarki333@gmail.com Assistant Manager, KVG Bank, Udyambag Branch, Belagavi 2014
16 Pankaj Inamdar 9060864407 pankaj@seconsultants.in Proprietor, Synergy Consultants, Belagavi, Karnataka 2015
17 Vedanjali Gaonkar 7411606105 vedanjaligaonkar@gmail.com Co-owner, Guru Engineering Works, Udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka 2015
18 Poonam Patil 9341771253 poonamsp31@gmail.com NAL, Bangalore. 2015
19 Imaad Quadri 9164078517 9164078517 Senior Executive, Insolare Energy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2015
20 Vinayak Patil 9036145481 vinayakpatil0803@gmail.com Entrepreneur, Belagavi 2015
21 Akshay Joshi 9110878533 akshay.joshi666@gmail.com Engineer, L&T Technology Services Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka 2016
22 Rajesh Narigond 8904220446 rajeshnarigond@gmail.com Senior Engineer-System Integration (Smart Proucts and Services), L&T Technology Services Ltd., 2016
23 Sagar Gudodgi 9663991479 sagargudodagi@gmail.com Entrepreneur 2016
24 Shradha Sutar 8550886621 shradhasutar35@gmail.com Estimate Engineer(Electrical), Vijay Electricals, Belgaum 2016
25 Chetan Malagi 9738825295 malagichetan3@gmail.com Maintenance and Service Engineer, SVT, Belagavi 2016
26 Pandurang Mohite 7204510837 pandumohite007@gmail.com Sankalp Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd., Hubballi, Karnataka 2017
27 Praveen Sutagatti 7795977653 praveeninnet100@gmail.com Analog Layout Engineer, Karmic Design Private Ltd., Udupi, Karnataka 2017
28 Nagabhushan Bhat 9448918126 bhushan54325@gmail.com Trainee Software Engineer QA, Girmiti Software 2017
29 Roopa Patil 8762687958 roopapatil8661@gmail.com Software Trainee, Kou Chan Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore 2017
30 Mallikarjun Kalasannavar 9731170785 malluvinushashu@yahoo.com Engineer- HPML-Moulding, Ashok Iron Works, Belgaum 2017
31 Snehal Dandavati 9658963535 snehaldandavat7397@gmail.com Project Manager, Frontline Electronics Ltd., Pune 2018
32 Soumya B. Marigoudar 8495066530 soumyam530332@gmail.com OG Healthcare, Bengaluru 2018
33 Rahul Gurav 9449209579 rahulgurav944@gmail.com Software Engineer, GL Communications Inc., 2018
34 Shifa Madiwale 9844323328 shifamad5@gmail.com Associate Test Engineer, TestYantra, Bangalore 2018
35 Shrinivas Dolekar 8884256412 shridolekar@gmail.com Shanti Foumach Private Limited, Udyambag, Belagavi 2018
36 Abhishek Dandavati 9113914716 Abhishek.dandavati@kirloskar.com Junior Service Engineer-G1, Kirloskar Oil Engineers Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra 2019
37 Sudhir Yadar 8792107489 yadavsudhir073@gmail.com Project Engineer, Trident Landmark, Belagavi 2019
38 Veena Hiremath 7760364994 veenahiremath7@gmail.com Engineer, Space Systems (Bengaluru), Ananth Technologies, Bengaluru. 2019
39 Rachana Hanamant 7406496151 rk7406496151@gmail.com Prabhu Engineering Works, Kudgi Super Thermal Power Project 2019
40 Sneha Sudi 99868 93618 snehasudi71181@gmail.com Application Development Associate,Accenture, Bangalore 2019

Add on Courses

# Course Name Objectives Scope Hardware/Software Required Aproximate cost Faculty Name
01 Design of Earth Mat for High Voltage Substation
  • * Understanding substation grounding system
  • * Identifying the conditions of danger
  • * Understanding the selection of grounding conductors and rods
  • * Evaluating ground resistance
Course is primarily concerned with outdoor ac substation, either conventional or gas-insulated. These include distribution, transmission and generating plant Substation.The intent of this course is to provide guidance and information pertinent to safe grounding practices in ac substation design. CYMGRID Rs 9,00,000/- Prof Chetan Kudale
02 Electrical Panel Designing
  • * To know about the different types electrical components and how to select components.
  • * To design electrical control panel as per the customer requirement
Electrical control panel designing are center for all industrial automation projects and represent a important element in proper working of the systems Hardware: Electrical components are required software: autocad Rs 60,000/- Prof Basavaraj Hugar
03 Electrical Vehicle Technology To understand the new technology of battery operated electric vehicles to replace conventional IC engine. The ever increasing prices of petroleum products and serious environmental pollution problems have accelerated the development of non-polluting electric and hybrid vehicles during last few decades. The new technology of battery operated electric vehicles is likely to +replace conventional IC engine automobile technology soon. Hardware : Chesis, Battery, Parts of vehicles Software: MATLAB Rs 1,00,000/- Prof Mallikarjun B
04 Development of IoT Applications in Electrical Engineering
  • * Understand the definition and significance of the Internet of Things
  • * Discuss the architecture,operation, and business benefits of an IoT solution
  • * Examine the potential business opportunities that IoT can uncover
  • * Explore the relationship between IoT, cloud computing, and big data
  • * Identify how IoT differs from traditional data collection systems
Internet of Things has emerged as a leading technology around the world. It has gained a lot of popularity in lesser time. Also, the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made the automation of IoT devices easy. Basically, AI and ML programs are combined with IoT devices to give them proper automation. Due to this, IoT has also expanded its area of application in various sectors. Here, in this section, we will discuss the applications and the future scope of IoT in healthcare, automotive, and agriculture industries. Hardware:Boards ,acessories Rs 10,000 Prof . Pasala Naresh
05 C sharp programming for Unity To develop learning tools using virtual reality with Unity software. Development of virtual Basic Electrical lab / training Hardware VR Device Rs 40000 Dr Supanna.Shirguppe
06 Python basics Basic knowledge about programming using Python Python supports multiple programs Chosen Language for Artificial, machine language expert IDE 0 Prof Manjula Biradar
07 SCADA Management *Monitoring : Continuous monitoring of the parameters of voltage ,current, etc.. Measurement: Measurement of variables for processing.
Data Acquisition: Frequent acquisition of data from RTUs and Data Loggers /Phasor data Concentrators(PDC).
Data Communication: Transmission andreceiving of large amounts of data from field to control centre’s.
Control: Online real time control for closed loop and open loop processes.
  • * Continuous monitoring of process.
  • * Real time control.
  • * Automation and Protection.
  • * Remote control and operation.
Software : Elipse Hardware : PLC Rs 1000000 Prof. Shrivatsav M
08 Design of DC Power supply
  • * To study various power Supply Topologies
  • * To implement power supply for control applications
* To implement power supply for control applications Software- PSPPICE RS 2,00,000/- Prof.Sharnabasav Marihal

List of Webinars/Workshop/Competitions Conducted

Sl. No Date Topic Resource Person Name & Designation Webinar Posters
01. 21-04-2020 Power System Studies and Opportunities in Power Sector Dr. Sanjeev Kumar R.A, Asst.Prof, PDA College of Engineering, Gulabarga
02. 09-05-2020 Earthing and Earth Mat Mr. Raghavendra V, Asst. Executive Engg(Ele), HESCOM, Hubballi
03. 16-05-2020 Wind Systems and EMC Mr. Aravind D, EMI/EMC Engg, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
04. 15-05-2020 Role of Front End Design in VLSI Dr. Satish S. Bhairannawar, Professor, Dept of ECE, SDMCET, Dharawad, Founder and CEO, Crofting Technologies
05. 23-05-2020 Design of Electrical Vehicles Mr. Rakesh Tapaskar, Asst. Prof, KLE Technological University, Hubballi
06. 30-05-2020 Power System Protection Prof. Pasala Naresh,Asst. Prof, SGBT, Belagavi
07. 15-07-2020 Power System Grid Operation and Challenges Dr. Chandrashekar Reddy Atla,Principal Engineer PRDC, Bangalore
08. 29-08-2020 Career opportunity in upcoming electric vehicles Mr. Ravishankar Korgal, Technical Advisor at Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internaltionale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
09. 12-09-2020 How to Crack GATE and Other Competitive Exams in First Attempt Mr. Ramesh,Senior Faculty, ACE Engineering Academy, Hyderabad
10. 15-09-2020 Role of Engineers towards Sustainable Development of Nation Dr. Harish Hande,CEO, SELCO Foundation, Bangalore
11. 03-10-2020 Growing Energy Demands of INDIA Pavan Kumar Pillalamarri,Market Intelligence Leader, South Asia, General Electric, Bangalore
12. 10-10-2020 Significance of BLDC Motors in Industries Mr. V. M. Bellad,Executive Director, Rajamane Industries Pvt Ltd
13. 14-11-2020 Simulation tools for Electronic Circuit Design Prof. Sharanbasav I. Marihal, Assistant Professor, Dept of EEE, SGBIT, Belagavi
14. 30-12-2020 KGTTI Training and Career Opportunities Mr. Chandrashekar P, Senior Engineer and In charge Manager, KGTTI, Hubballi
15. 01-07-2020
Three Days Online Workshop On Electrical Simulation Studies Using Modern Tools
01-07-2020 Power Systems
02-07-2020 Electromagnetic’s
03-07-2020 Power Electronics
16. 03-08-2020
National Level Online Project Competition for Circuit Branches, Engineering and Diploma
17. 08-03-2021
One week workshop on “Design and Development of IOT Applications”