Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2008, right from the inception of the institution. With a present intake of 60, the department has well equipped laboratories and is spread over an area of more than 900 square meters. The department has dedicated faculty with one doctorate and four of them pursuing Ph.D.

The faculty are actively engaged in career guidance, mentoring, industry - institute interaction and arranging events such as industrial visits, guest lectures, workshops, conferences and guiding externally sponsored projects on a regular basis.

The department has received grants for funded student projects from KSCST, VGST and VTU etc. The students undergo rigorous training for placement right from the second year and get recruited in core as well as IT companies.

The department has also signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Hubballi, Shanthala Power Limited, Hubballi, Vishwabharati Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and HESCOM, Hubballi for skill development of our students and many of our students have been benefitted by pursuing internships.

The changing environment necessitates not only traditional knowledge but interdisciplinary environment which helps our students to work with other technologies. We aim to provide interdisciplinary research. The global climate change and depleting natural resources are requirements which motivated us to offer add on courses with stress on emerging technologies such as Sci-Lab for Electrical Engineers, Circuit Simulation using MATLAB-Simulink, MATLAB Simulation for Electrical Engineers and Analog Design System using TI Kit. The Department also offers in-house internship on Circuit Simulation Tools.

I welcome wholeheartedly our alumni to join hands in supporting our endeavors by all means of interaction for the mutual benefits. Presence of our alumni at various Industries and reputed Universities across the globe has helped our graduates to plan their post graduate and placements off campus. Our doors are always open to Universities, research organizations and we look forward to offer consultancy to utility companies and industries.

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has multiple laboratories fitted with up-to-date equipment and conveniences to help students with their practical studies.

BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB KCL & KVL for DC Circuits kit, Measurement of current, power, power factor of Incandescent lamp, Fluorescent lamp and LED lamp, Two way and 3 way control of Lamp kit, Earth tester, Loading Rheostat 3 Phase, 415 V, Decade Resistance Box, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeter’s.
ELECTRICAL MACHINES LAB – I Single Phase Transformers 2KVA, Three single Phase Transformer 2 KVA, DC Shunt Motor, LPF/UPF Wattmeter’s, AC / DC Voltmeters, AC / DC Ammeters, Three Phase Auto Transformers 0-415V, 16A, Single Phase Auto Transformers 0-230V, 16A, Rheostats, Tachometers, Inductive Load, Digital Tong Tester.
ELECTRONICS LAB/OP-AMP & LINEAR IC's LAB Function generators, Dual Channel Oscilloscopes, Digital IC Trainer Kits, Digital IC Tester, Digital LCR Meter, Decade Resistance, Capacitance & Inductance Box, Digital Multimeters, DC Power supply single Channel 0-30V, 2A.
ELECTRICAL MACHINES LAB – II DC Shunt motor, Two Identical DC Series, Shunt Machine, 3 Phase Induction Motor, Single Phase Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor, Single Phase and Three Phase Autotransformers , Ammeters AC/DC , Voltmeters AC/DC , Wattmeter’s LPF/UPF, Rheostats, Loading Rheostats Single Phase/3 Phase.
MICROCONTROLLER LAB MCU Trainer Kits with accessories, Dual DAC Interface, Elevators Interface, and Key board Interface, DC Motor Interface, Stepper Motor Interface, TXDR Interface, Power Supply, and MSP 430 Teaching Kits with accessories.
POWER ELECTRONICS LAB Power Oscilloscopes, IGBT Inverter, DC Motor Control Model With Motor base plate, Digital Firing Circuit, Stepper Motor, SCR Characteristic kit, MOSFET/ IGBT Characteristic kit, Lamp Dimmer, Single phase Firing circuit microcontroller, Half wave & Full wave power circuit, Isolation Transformer, Rheostat, Inductor, Universal Motor, Digital Tachometer, UJT Firing circuit, Single Phase Converter firing circuit.
CONTROL SYSTEM LAB Computers, Printer, Passive RC Lead & Lag Compensating Network kit, Frequency response of Lag Lead Network kit, PI, PD, PID Controller kit, DC & AC Servo Motor kit, Frequency & Time response of Second Order System kit.
RELAY & HIGH VOLTAGE LAB Electromechanical Over Current & Voltage Relay, Negative Sequence Relay, Microprocessor Based (Numeric) Over Current & Over/Under Voltage Relay, Motor Protection against Faults, High Voltage Transformer 50KV AC & HVDC 70 KV With panel Board, Transformer Oil testing Kit, Electrolytic Tank with different modules.
PROJECT LAB IoT Kits, Soldering Guns, etc

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for showing your interest in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

“Science is about knowing; Engineering is about doing”

-Sir. M. Visvesvaraya

The Department believes in the all-round development of students and hence various curricular and co-curricular activities like mini-project competitions, industrial visits, workshops etc. are carried out in the department for the benefit of our students. We conduct regular Parents Meet to keep you informed about the academic performance and collect valuable suggestions for the further development of the department. Our students gain skills not only in core electrical area but also in multidisciplinary domains that provides an arena of options to build their career.

We look forward to your cooperation and support in making our students march towards a successful career in electrical engineering.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe
Professor& HOD

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has always believed in imparting quality education that is customized to suit industry’s demands. In its efforts to create industry ready Electrical Engineers, the Department has collaborated with Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Hubballi, Shanthala Power Limited, Hubballi, HESCOM, Hubballi and Vishwabharati Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bailhongal. . These centers mark a new chapter in the Department’s endeavor to provide a natural synergy between academia and industry.

The Department offers In-House Internship on Circuit Simulation Tools.

We also offer Add-on Courses in Sci-Lab for Electrical Engineers, Circuit Simulation using MATLAB-Simulink, MATLAB Simulation for Electrical Engineers and Analog Design System using TI Kit.

The Department has active student clubs i.e. EV student Club and IoT Student Club.

Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe
HoD & Professor, Dept of Electrical & Electronics Engg
Ph No: 9945967252
Email id: hod-ee@sgbit.edu.in

Prof. Basavaraj Hugar
Assistant Professor, Dept of Electrical & Electronics Engg.
Ph No: 7795511791
Email id: Basavaraj.Hugar@sgbit.edu.in


"To impart quality Electrical and Electronics Engineering education and empower students with technical, innovative and professional skills to compete with rapid changing global challenges".


Mission 1: To develop creativity, innovation, problem solving skills and academic excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 2: To foster research and development activities in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 3: To inculcate leadership qualities and team spirit by encouraging participation in various events in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Mission 4: To encourage development of entrepreneurial skills and professional ethics in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: Be successful in their professional career, higher studies and research in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing contextually relevant academic environment.
PEO2: Adapt to the changing technologies and market trends in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing appropriate awareness and practices.
PEO3: Present technological concepts and theories in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by enabling logical thinking, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills through effective communication.
PEO4: Practice Engineering profession with ethics to serve the society.
PEO5: Demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills in a heterogeneous team globally.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1:Associate the gained knowledge to formulate, design and investigate various problems in electrical and electronics circuits, power electronics, control systems and power systems.
PSO2:Validate the behaviour of electrical and electronics circuits and devices and solve problems using hardware and software tools.

Teaching Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe HoD & Professor B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D
2 Mrs. A.O. Lalitha Tripura Sundari Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
3 Mrs. Suvarna U. Karki Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
4 Mr. Chetan Kudale Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
5 Mr. Basavaraj S. Hugar Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
6 Mr. Sharanbasav I. Marihal Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
7 Mr. Mallikarjun Bhagawati Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
8 Mrs. Rekha S Malipatil Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
9 Mr. Santosh Raikar Assistant Professor BE, M.tech,
10 Mrs. K. C. Hanchinal Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
11 Ms. Pravina R. Mali Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech,
12 Ashwini B. Mekkalaki Assistant Professor M.Tech , B.E,
13 Ms. Renuka R. Thakai Assistant Professor M.Tech , B.E,

Technical staff:

# Name Designation Qualification
1 MS. Hemalata Hiremath Instructor Diploma,IT
2 Mr. Mallikarjun R. Malenahalli Foreman Diploma Electrical
3 Ms. Shruti Kurbar Instructor BE (EEE)
4 Mr. Rajesh Mulay Instructor Diploma Electrical
5 Mr. Santosh Badiger Assistant Instructor ITI
6 Mr. Navin Kesti Electrician ITI
7 Mr. Prakash Savadi Electrician PUC
8 Mr. Sanjeev Pawar Electrician ITI


List of Webinars/Workshop/Competitions Conducted

Sl. No Date Topic Resource Person Name & Designation Webinar Posters
01. 21-04-2020 Power System Studies and Opportunities in Power Sector Dr. Sanjeev Kumar R.A, Asst.Prof, PDA College of Engineering, Gulabarga
02. 09-05-2020 Earthing and Earth Mat Mr. Raghavendra V, Asst. Executive Engg(Ele), HESCOM, Hubballi
03. 16-05-2020 Wind Systems and EMC Mr. Aravind D, EMI/EMC Engg, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
04. 15-05-2020 Role of Front End Design in VLSI Dr. Satish S. Bhairannawar, Professor, Dept of ECE, SDMCET, Dharawad, Founder and CEO, Crofting Technologies
05. 23-05-2020 Design of Electrical Vehicles Mr. Rakesh Tapaskar, Asst. Prof, KLE Technological University, Hubballi
06. 30-05-2020 Power System Protection Prof. Pasala Naresh,Asst. Prof, SGBT, Belagavi
07. 15-07-2020 Power System Grid Operation and Challenges Dr. Chandrashekar Reddy Atla,Principal Engineer PRDC, Bangalore
08. 29-08-2020 Career opportunity in upcoming electric vehicles Mr. Ravishankar Korgal, Technical Advisor at Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internaltionale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
09. 12-09-2020 How to Crack GATE and Other Competitive Exams in First Attempt Mr. Ramesh,Senior Faculty, ACE Engineering Academy, Hyderabad
10. 15-09-2020 Role of Engineers towards Sustainable Development of Nation Dr. Harish Hande,CEO, SELCO Foundation, Bangalore
11. 03-10-2020 Growing Energy Demands of INDIA Pavan Kumar Pillalamarri,Market Intelligence Leader, South Asia, General Electric, Bangalore
12. 10-10-2020 Significance of BLDC Motors in Industries Mr. V. M. Bellad,Executive Director, Rajamane Industries Pvt Ltd
13. 14-11-2020 Simulation tools for Electronic Circuit Design Prof. Sharanbasav I. Marihal, Assistant Professor, Dept of EEE, SGBIT, Belagavi
14. 30-12-2020 KGTTI Training and Career Opportunities Mr. Chandrashekar P, Senior Engineer and In charge Manager, KGTTI, Hubballi
15. 01-07-2020
Three Days Online Workshop On Electrical Simulation Studies Using Modern Tools
01-07-2020 Power Systems
02-07-2020 Electromagnetic’s
03-07-2020 Power Electronics
16. 03-08-2020
National Level Online Project Competition for Circuit Branches, Engineering and Diploma
17. 08-03-2021
One week workshop on “Design and Development of IOT Applications”
18. 01-05-2021 Electrical Machine Design and Analysis using Open Source Tools Prof. Pasala Naresh Asst. Prof, SGBT, Belagavi
19. 16-05-2021 Workshop on Building Internet of Things using Arduino Prof. Pasala NareshAsst. Prof, SGBT, Belagavi
20. 17-06-2021 Mentoring the Mentor Mrs. Anjeli S. Pandit Counsellor, VTU, Belagavi Counsellor, SGBIT, Belagavi
21. 25-06-2021 Preparation Towards Getting Placed or Job of Choice Dr. Ambekar S. K Placement Executive, SGBIT, Belagavi
22. 09-07-2021 to 10-07-2021 2nd National Level Online Project Competition for Circuit Branches, Engineering and Diploma
23. 24-07-2021 IoT Architecture Mr. Ranjith C. V Product Engineer, Philips India Pvt Ltd, Pune

Placement Details

# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU19EE003 Ayesha A. Nippanikar Acmegrade Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, X-Workz ODC Ltd
2 2BU19EE004 Bhagyashree S. Patil Acmegrade Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, Vtech Integrated Solutions, Bangalore, X-Workz ODC Ltd
3 2BU20EE410 Omkar Bhatkande Palle Technologies, Bangalore
4 2BU20EE407 Irmanaz Pathan TAP Academy, Bengaluru
5 2BU20EE412 Renuka Maladinni Concentrix Pvt Ltd, Vtech Integrated Solutions, Bangalore
6 2BU19EE002 Archana Sambrekar Josh Mitra Ethnus Pvt Ltd, X-Workz ODC Ltd
7 2BU19EE009 Laxmi Savadatti Josh Mitra Ethnus Pvt Ltd, X-Workz ODC Ltd
8 2BU20EE403 Amruta Salgudi Vtech Integrated Solutions, Bangalore
9 2BU19EE005 Chaitanya Patil Vtech Integrated Solutions, Bangalore
10 2BU20EE401 Akshay Shankar Khot X-Workz ODC Ltd
11 2BU20EE404 Anna Ignatius Naidu X-Workz ODC Ltd, Aideas Engineering Pvt. Ltd
12 2BU19EE012 Mantasha Nesargi X-Workz ODC Ltd
13 2BU20EE411 Rajesh Bhajantri X-Workz ODC Ltd
14 2BU20EE422 Abhishek Sutar Sarfaraz Makandar
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU15EE052 Akshay Teerth Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd
2 2BU16EE027 Sarfaraz Jinabade Centum Electronics Limited, Bangalore
3 2BU17EE023 Soumya Hanji Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd, Bangalore
4 2BU18EE002 Amulya U Kalasannavar TCS, Bangalore
5 2BU18EE003 Apoorva R Chinagudi Capgemini, Infosys & Triveni Turbine Bangalore
6 2BU18EE004 Ayush Oswal Wipro, Bangalore
7 2BU18EE005 D. Akhila Tech Mahindra Ltd, Hyderabad and iOPEX Technologies, Chennai
8 2BU18EE009 Pavan Ishwarappagol Harman Connected Services, Hexaware Technologies
9 2BU18EE008 Manjunath Helavar Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd
10 2BU18EE012 Ramyasree Agali Skolar Edtech Pvt Ltd and Wipro, Bangalore and Tech Mahindra Ltd, Hyderabad
11 2BU18EE013 Riyazulla Sikkalagar Centum Electronics Limited, Bangalore and Kodnest Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
12 2BU18EE014 Rohit Mattikalli Technologics Global Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
13 2BU18EE016 Shilpa Chatti Capgemini, Bangalore
14 2BU18EE400 Abhishek Sutar Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd
15 2BU19EE409 Niranjan Patil Viraj Profiles Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
16 2BU18EE415 Shreya Dugani X-Workz Pvt Ltd
17 2BU18EE417 Subhash Pujari Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd
18 2BU19EE424 Vinayak Nagarale Palle Technologies, Bangalore, Kodnest Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
19 2BU18EE007 Manjunath A. Donur Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
20 2BU18EE011 Praveen S Helavagol Infosys Pvt Ltd
21 2BU19EE403 Ashwini Jambagi Q-Spiders
22 2BU19EE407 Krutika Rayannavar Skolar Edtech Pvt Ltd, TATA Marcopolo Motors Ltd, Dharwad
23 2BU19EE411 Praveen Kagawad Pentagon Space Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
24 2BU19EE416 Rutik S. Patil Q-Spiders
25 2BU19EE417 Saloni S. Kanbarkar Q-Spiders
26 2BU19EE418 Samprita S Laxmikatti NTT Data, Bangalore and Q-Spiders
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU17EE001 Aishwarya Mane Technologics Global Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru
2 2BU17EE007 Gururaj Haval Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru
3 2BU18EE404 Harish Gavimath Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru
4 2BU17EE020 Sayikumar Pattanshetti Elcamino Software Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru
5 2BU17EE003 Anusha Patil Seventh Sense People Development Solutions Pvt Ltd
6 2BU17EE001 Aishwarya Mane Seventh Sense People Development Solutions Pvt Ltd
7 2BU17EE001 Aishwarya Mane Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
8 2BU17EE007 Gururaj Haval Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
9 2BU17EE002 Akshata Naik Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
10 2BU17EE015 Pratik Deshpande Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
11 2BU17EE003 Anusha Patil Microland Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru
12 2BU17EE018 Saniya Jamadhar Verzeo Edutech Pvt. Ltd
13 2BU17EE002 Akshata Naik SiliconMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
14 2BU17EE003 Anusha Patil Test Engineer, LSI India Research & Development Private Limited
15 2BU17EE011 Megha Bhajantri Assistant System Engineer-Trainee, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai
16 2BU17EE002 Akshata Naik Assistant System Engineer-Trainee, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai
17 2BU17EE001 Aishwarya Mane Centre for incubation, innovation, research and consultancy, Bangalore
18 2BU17EE017 Saddam Yandigeri Karnataka State Pollution Board Control Board, Dharwad
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU16EE002 Komal Ashtekar Qspider, Bengaluru
2 2BU17EE404 Jyoti Babali Qspider, Bengaluru
3 2BU16EE031 Shivani Karate Qspider, Bengaluru
4 2BU16EE040 Toufiq Mulla Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies, Bengaluru
5 2BU16EE022 Rutuja Patil Network Analyst/ Data Center Operator, SmartBrains Engineering, Noida
6 2BU15EE029 Reshma Kadlimatti Trainee, Pentagon Space, Bengaluru
7 2BU16EE416 Rahul T. Patil Graduate Engineer Trainee, Shree Renuka Sugars
8 2BU16EE420 Shivalingappa S. Graduate Engineer Trainee, Shree Renuka Sugars
9 2BU16EE031 Shivani S. Karate CIGNITI Technologies Limited
10 2BU17EE401 Anand S Bharamannavar An Engineer, Mindtree Pvt Ltd
11 2BU16EE016 Pooja Mirji Trainee Engineer, Adisoft Technologies, Pune
12 2BU16EE033 Shreya Jadhav KPMG, Bengaluru
13 2BU17EE410 Shahana Sayyed Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd, Mumbai
14 2BU16EE034 Siddeshwar Mali BigLeap Technologies and Solutions Private Limited
15 2BU16EE032 Shradha Morkar CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd
16 2BU16EE004 Chaitannya M TATA Consultancy Services Limited, Pune
17 2BU16EE012 Laxmi Totagi Associate Software Engineer, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Koramangala, Bengaluru
18 2BU17EE413 Soumya Sontannavar Mindtree Ltd, Bangalore
19 2BU17EE404 Jyothi Babali NTT Data, Bangalore
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU15EE006 Annapoorna N. H. Design Engineer Trainee, Vee Technologies, Bangalore
2 2BU15EE016 Komal Durgude Team Lease, Bangalore
3 2BU15EE047 Uma Desannavar Team Lease, Bangalore
4 2BU15EE021 Mrityunjay Hiremath Customer Support Executive, Elcamio Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
5 2BU15EE002 Abhishek Dandavate Junior Service Engineer-G1, Kirlosker Oil Engines Ltd., Bangalore
6 2BU15EE044 Sudhir Yadav Project Engineer, Litura Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
7 2BU15EE045 Triveni Gavanali Trainee, Latecoere India, Belagavi
8 2BU16EE422 Veena Hiremath Engineer, Ananth Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad
9 2BU15EE025 Rachana Hanamant Trainee, Kudgi Super Thermal Power Project
10 2BU15EE041 Sneha Sudi Application Development Associate, Accenture, Bangalore
11 2BU15EE048 V. Madhu Trainee, CSS Corp Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
12 2BU16EE416 Ramani Bamne Capita, Bangalore
13 2BU16EE408 Ashwini Kulkarni Wistron Infocomm Manufacturing (India) Pvt. Ltd. Kolar Dist
14 2BU16EE402 Akshata Modagi Bharat Petroleum Corporation
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU13EE019 Praveen Sutagatti Trainee Engineer, Karmic Semiconductors, Manipal
2 2BU13EE015 Pandurang Mohite Sankalp Semiconductors, Hubli
3 2BU13EE010 Mubina Parishwad ABC Group, Bangalore
4 2BU13EE007 Gouramma Patil ABC Group, Bangalore
5 2BU13EE009 Laxmi Navalgatti ABC Group, Bangalore
6 2BU13EE034 Swati Nerle Vee Technologies, Bangalore
7 2BU13EE008 Gurudatta Tamburi Designing Engineer, Lokozo Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore
8 2BU14EE422 Sanjeevini Nuli Trainee Engineer-CAD, Wurth Electronics Limited, Bangalore
9 2BU13EE033 Sumeet Hundre Trainee, Ashok Iron Works, Belgaum
10 2BU14EE411 Mallikarjun Kalasannavar Engineer- HPML-Moulding, Ashok Iron Works, Belgaum
11 2BU14EE425 Sheefa Hosamani Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Limited, Bengaluru
12 2BU14EE433 Sushmita Patil Design Engineer, Magcore Lamination(India) Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
13 2BU14EE423 Sarveshwari P Shivapur Engineer- Electrical, Tractebel Engineering Pvt Ltd Gurugram. (PMC of Belagavi Smart City Ltd)
14 2BU13EE013 Nitin Walki Engineer, Whirlpool of India Ltd., Pune
15 2BU13EE027 Shivakumar Kakamari Technical Consultant, Unisoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd
16 2BU14EE436 Virupakshi Biradar Trainee Engineer (Electrical) Ravindra Energy Limited
17 2BU14EE404 Ashok A. Lingashetti NEEM Trainee, MPTA Skill Training Foundation
18 2BU12EE035 Shivanand Bhandi Trainee Engineer (Electrical), Ravindra Energy Limited, Belgaum
19 2BU14EE405 Harish Patil Junior Engineer, Creintors Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20 2BU13EE012 Naveen Bendigeri Shantala Power Ltd. Hubballo
21 2BU13EE016 Pavan T. Hadgal Junior Engineer, Sodexo Technical Services India Pvt. Ltd.
22 2BU12EE429 Shridhar Kittur Operator, Shrishakti Enterprises, Belagavi
23 2BU14EE4 Naveen Kabbur Service Engineer, Eco Medlines, Bangalore
24 2BU13EE405 Basavaraj S. Benakatti Micron Electricals, Bangalore
25 2BU14EE406 Ishraq Naik Junior Training Officer, M. K. Kangalgouda Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Belagavi
26 2BU13EE007 Gouramma Patil Junior Engineer, Altran Technologies India Private Limited, Bangalore
27 2BU13EE009 Laxmi Navalgatti Member Technical Staff, Saankhya Labs, Bangalore
28 2BU12EE028 Ruheelahmed Ritti Trainee- Testing Engineer, Shantala Power Limited, Hubballi
29 2BU12EE028 Savitri Nagaral Lecturer, Jain Polytechnic, Belagavi
30 2BU13EE017 Pooja M. Koujalgi Annotation Executive, Livewire Technologies, Bengaluru
31 2BU13EE011 Nagabhushan Bhat Trainee Software Engineer QA, Girmiti Software
32 2BU13EE021 Roopa Patil Software Trainee, Kou Chan Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore
33 2BU13EE003 Arpita V. Hardi Data Analyst Trainee, Yukthi Datasoft Pvt. Litd.
34 2BU13EE023 Sandhya Mitlakod Data Analyst Trainee, Yukthi Datasoft Pvt. Litd.
35 2BU13EE018 Prafulla Hotti Business Operations New Associate, Accenture , Bangalore
36 2BU13EE026 Shidramayya Javalimath Special Reserve Police Constable, Karnataka Government Police Department
37 2BU12EE006 Gorisab Dodamani Operations Executive, Iruve Lifestyle Creations Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
38 2BU12EE013 Dayanand Barki Sunrise Biztech Systems
39 2BU13EE404 Basavaraj L. Allikatti ISEE Staffing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
40 2BU13EE032 Sudha Tuppad Recruiter, Aasaanjobs Pvt. Ltd.
41 2BU13EE010 Mubina Parishwad Engineer- Trainee Testing, Pelatro Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore
42 2BU13EE034 Swati Nerle Software Engineer, HCL Technologies, Bangalore
# Student USN Student Name Employer / Company Name
1 2BU12EE033 Shahnawaz Qspider, Bangalore
2 2BU12EE030 Sagar Gudodgi Qspider, Bangalore
3 2BU12EE005 Akshay Joshi Engineer, L&T technology services, Bangalore
4 2BU12EE045 Vinayak Patil Trainee Data Analyst, Unilog Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
5 2BU13EE400 Abdul Khadar M Jhalegar Junior Support Analyst, Netzary Infodynamics, Bengaluru
6 2BU12EE012 Chetan Malagi BOAT Trainee, Ashok Iron Works, Belagavi
7 2BU13EE431 Yashwant A Khanapur Engineer, Suzlon Global Services Ltd., Pune
8 2BU13EE419 Rajesh Narigond Electrical Engineer, DSK Enterprises, Bangalore
9 2BU13EE427 Vinayak P. Mestri Electrical Design EngineerCADMAXX Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
10 2BU12EE015 Kaveri I. Pattenshetti Junior Engineer, Altran, Bangalore
11 2BU13EE425 Sowparnika P. Bellodimatt Design Engineer Electrical, JES Design Consultants, Bengaluru
12 2BU12EE043 Swati Birje Techno Commercial Engineer, Kalpa Electrikal Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
13 2BU12EE038 Sneha Monisha Mohan Engineer- Technical, Digiflic Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
14 2BU12EE034 Shantala Rawool Trainee, KPCL, Bangalore
15 2BU13EE422 Shradha Sutar Estimate Engineer (Electrical Engineer), Vijay Electricals, Belgaum
16 2BU13EE416 Jotiba L. Naik Gr. Trainee Engineer, Suzlon Global Services Ltd., Pune
17 2BU12EE402 Bhimanagouda B. Biradar Trainee Engineer(Electrical Dept.), Shri Balaji Sugars and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. , Vijaypura
18 2BU12EE031 Santosh Halluri Site Electrical Engineer, Rajashri Enterprises, Bangalore
19 2BU13EE413 Kishor S. Muragude Facility Executive(Tech.), Compass India Support Services, Gurgaon
20 2BU12EE006 Anand Nargund Senior Engineer Marketing, Kalpa Electrikal Pvt. Ltd.
21 2BU13EE421 Sachin Gr. Trainee Engineer, Suzlon Global Services Ltd., Pune
22 2BU13EE420 Reshma Patil Counseller, IRA Kinder House LLP, Pune

Faculty Achievement

Prof. Lalitha Darbha guided a Final Year Project which received funds of Rs.40,000/- by Vision Group on Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka (VGST) in the year 2012-13.
Prof. Suvarna Karki guided a Final Year Project which received funds of Rs.38,000/- by Vision Group on Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka (VGST) in the year 2013-14.
Prof. Lalitha Darbha received Indian Academy of Sciences fellowship from Indian Institute of Science in the year 2016-17.
Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe, Prof. Lalitha Darbha, Prof. Pasala Naresh and Prof. Savita Bani have published technical papers in reputed journals/conferences during the years 2019-20 and 2020-21.
7 NPTEL Course Certifications by Faculty.

III Semester
# USN Name Percentage
1 2BU21EE021 Spoorthi Koujalagi 83.38%
2 2BU21EE004 Apoorva C. Mudakagoud 82.00%
3 2BU21EE010 Kavita S. Dandu 78.50%
V Semester
# USN Name Percentage
1 2BU21EE409 Simaran S. Patel 66.00%
2 2BU21EE405 Musharraf Shilledar 62.00%
3 2BU21EE406 Nagaveni S. Naik 61.89%
VII Semester
# USN Name Percentage
1 2BU19EE002 Archana Sambrekar 85.13%
2 2BU20EE406 Hazarath Ali D. Khatib 80.75%%
3 2BU20EE414 Sanket Ambadagatti 80.25%
# Name of the Student USN Sem Title of the Course Date of Registration Date of appearing for examination Result
1 Ms. Apoorva Chinagudi 2BU18EE003 4 Power Electronics 24th July 2020 20th Dec 2020 50%
2 Ms. Shivani Karate 2BU16EE031 8 Electric Vehicle – Part 1 11th Feb 2020 10th May 2020 49%
3 Ms. Komal Astekar 2BU16EE002 8 Electric Vehicle – Part 1 11th Feb 2020 10th May 2020 66%
4 Ms. Jyothi Babali 2BU17EE404 8 Electric Vehicle – Part 1 11th Feb 2020 10th May 2020 54%
# Name of the Student USN Sem Course Completed Date
1 Manjunath Donur 2BU18EE007 6 Industry 4.0 17th April 2020
2 Manjunath Donur 2BU18EE007 6 Google Analytic for Beginners ---
3 Manjunath Donur 2BU18EE007 6 RTL Design using HDL Feb 2021
# Name of the Student USN Sem Name of the Course Course ID Start Date End Date Duration of course in Week
1 Ms. Spoorthi Koujalagi 2BU21EE021 3 Network Analysis noc23-ee54 23/01/2023 14/04/2023 12
2 Mr. Om Kanguri 2BU21EE013 3 Network Analysis noc23-ee54 23/01/2023 14/04/2023 12
3 Ms. Apoorva C. M 2BU21EE004 3 Network Analysis noc23-ee54 23/01/2023 14/04/2023 12
4 Mr. Prajwal K. P 2BU21EE015 3 Network Analysis noc23-ee54 23/01/2023 14/04/2023 12
5 Ms. Tejaswini Patagundi 2BU21EE022 3 Network Analysis noc23-ee54 23/01/2023 14/04/2023 12
  1. 1. Ms. Rutuja Patil - University Blue in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

  2. 2. Mr. Suresh N & team - 1st place in the VTU Intercollegiate kho-kho Tournament in 2019.

  3. 3. Mr. Faizan A Rajgoli - Silver Medal at the University level Body Building Competition-2016.

  4. 4. Mr. Prasad Thorat – India’s got talent in 2016.

  5. 5. Ms. Yasmin & team - 2nd prize in Intercollegiate Project Expo competition for the Project: Green mind solar city in 2019.


# Name Designation Remarks
1 Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe HoD & Professor Completed
2 Mrs. A.O. Lalitha Tripura Sundari Asst. Professor Pursuing
3 Mr. Sharanbasav I. Marihal Asst. Professor Pursuing
4 Mr. Basavaraj S. Hugar Asst. Professor Pursuing
5 Mrs. K. C. Hanchinal Asst. Professor Pursuing

Industry Interaction

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), Hubballi on 18/09/2019, Shantala Power Limited and Shantala Industrial Consultants Training and Research Centre, Hubballi,on 25/03/2022, Hubli Electricity Supply Company LTD, Hubballi on 16/02/2022 and Vishwabharati Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 01/09/2022

MoU with KGTTI, Hubballi

MoU with Shantala Power Limited, Hubballi

MoU with HESCOM, Hubballi

KGTTI, Hubballi conducted training and internship for our students

Activity is carried out through SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru.

  • An Industrial Visit to 220 KV Substation, KPTCL, Hindalco, Belagavi was arranged to 3rd Semester Students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department on Wednesday, 07th December 2022. 28 Students Accompanied by Prof. Mallikarjun Bhagawati, Prof. S. I. Marihal and Prof. Basavaraj Hugar Visited the Substation. Er. A. Sutar (AEE) and Er. Sanjay S (AE) was explained the 220 KV Substation.

Industrial Visit to 220KV Substation, Hindalco, Belagavi

  • An Industrial Visit to Varahi Hydro Electric Power Plant, Hosangadi, Dist: Udupi was arranged to 6th Semester Students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department on Thursday, 22nd June 2023. 19+ Students Accompanied by Prof. Mallikarjun Bhagawati and Prof. S. I. Marihal Visited the Power Plant.

Industrial Visit to Varahi Hydro Electric Power Plant, Hosangadi

  • An Industrial visit to Solar PV Power Plant, Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi for 4th semester students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department was arranged on Saturday, 29th February 2020. 32 Students accompanied by Prof. Shrivatsav Madabal and Ms. Shruti Kurbar visited the solar plant. Site Engineer Mr. Chetan Hajare, gave a brief explanation of the solar power plant from generation to transmission, function of equipment’s and their technical details, advantages of SCADA etc.

Industrial visit to Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi

Industrial visit to Bagmane Green power LLP, Hirekudi, Chikkodi Taluk, Belagavi

  • An Industrial visit to substation was arranged to 7th semester students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with the support from Belgaum Electricals.

Visit to Substation, MK Hubballi

Best Practices

  • • Industrial visits every semester.

  • • Mini project for II and III year students.

  • • Internship during 2nd & 3rd year breaks.

  • • Parents Meet, Alumni Meet.

  • • Effective mentoring.

  • • Class pe Charcha.

  • • NPTEL Course Certifications.

  • • Earn while you learn scheme.

  • • Newsletter - ILLUMINE

Noted alumni for Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Sl.No Name Organization Name Year of passing
1 Umesh Gayakwad Assistant Manager, Tata Marcopolo Motors, Dharwad, Karnataka 2012
2 Ravindra Shiradone Senior Verification Engineer, Robert Bosch India 2012
3 Chetan Bhosale Automation Engg- Sales and Marketing, Prudent Solutions 2012
4 Shreya Deshpande Marketing Manager, Durga Metal Profiles 2012
5 Supriya Kanchan Senior Software Engineer, Happiest Minds, Bengaluru 2012
6 Sheetal Sanadi AE, KPTCL, Belagavi, Karnataka 2013
7 Amar Desai Data Center Operations Engineer at STT GDC India Pvt Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India 2013
8 Shruti B. Yargatti Quality Analyst for Digital Marketing, Deluxe ESI Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2013
9 Preeti Benake Lead Embedded Software Engineer, ASML, Wilton, CT 2013
10 Kainath I. Sayed Veritas Softwares- Pune 2013
11 Shradha Mattikatti AE, CESC, Hassan, Karnataka 2014
12 Nitesh Ramgana Operating Assistant, South Western Railways, Castle rock, Karnataka 2014
13 Chetan Hazare Electrical Engineer, Bagmane Green Power LLP, Hirekodi 2014
14 Apeksha L Senior Software Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore 2014
15 Sneha Karki Assistant Manager, KVG Bank, Udyambag Branch, Belagavi 2014
16 Pankaj Inamdar Proprietor, Synergy Consultants, Belagavi, Karnataka 2015
17 Vedanjali Gaonkar Co-owner, Guru Engineering Works, Udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka 2015
18 Poonam Patil NAL, Bangalore. 2015
19 Imaad Quadri Senior Executive, Insolare Energy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2015
20 Vinayak Patil Entrepreneur, Belagavi 2015
21 Akshay Joshi Engineer, L&T Technology Services Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka 2016
22 Rajesh Narigond Senior Engineer-System Integration (Smart Proucts and Services), L&T Technology Services Ltd., 2016
23 Sagar Gudodgi Entrepreneur 2016
24 Shradha Sutar Estimate Engineer(Electrical), Vijay Electricals, Belgaum 2016
25 Chetan Malagi Maintenance and Service Engineer, SVT, Belagavi 2016
26 Pandurang Mohite Sankalp Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd., Hubballi, Karnataka 2017
27 Praveen Sutagatti Analog Layout Engineer, Karmic Design Private Ltd., Udupi, Karnataka 2017
28 Nagabhushan Bhat Trainee Software Engineer QA, Girmiti Software 2017
29 Roopa Patil Software Trainee, Kou Chan Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore 2017
30 Mallikarjun Kalasannavar Engineer- HPML-Moulding, Ashok Iron Works, Belgaum 2017
31 Snehal Dandavati Project Manager, Frontline Electronics Ltd., Pune 2018
32 Soumya B. Marigoudar OG Healthcare, Bengaluru 2018
33 Rahul Gurav Software Engineer, GL Communications Inc., 2018
34 Shifa Madiwale Associate Test Engineer, TestYantra, Bangalore 2018
35 Shrinivas Dolekar Shanti Foumach Private Limited, Udyambag, Belagavi 2018
36 Abhishek Dandavati Junior Service Engineer-G1, Kirloskar Oil Engineers Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra 2019
37 Sudhir Yadar Project Engineer, Trident Landmark, Belagavi 2019
38 Veena Hiremath Engineer, Space Systems (Bengaluru), Ananth Technologies, Bengaluru. 2019
39 Sneha Sudi Application Development Associate,Accenture, Bangalore 2019

Add on Courses

1. Sci-Lab for Electrical Engineers.

2. Circuit Simulation using MATLAB-Simulink.

3. MATLAB Simulation for Electrical Engineers.

4. Analog Design System using TI Kit.



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